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The Primary female task, as did our ancestors, is the spiritual care of the family nest and all its inhabitants. The husband was working in the fields of material well-being worried. And the wife was home. But she not only worked on the farm. Still warm your wounds healed, strength restored to all those who overcame the obstacles of the outside world, provide food for the family. That's what built prayer for her husband. Here are some of the principles it originates. What words how to read them, for what? Let's deal.

The current realities and historic traditions. Conflict?

prayer for husbandToday women are trying to find out what the prayer for her husband, when they lose a spouse. We are accustomed to God to come with troubles and problems. We think it is natural. Who else will protect, if not the heavenly Father? But it is not as previously thought. To help you the Lord obey his commandments, do not neglect debt. And now what happens? Beauty fully plunged into the world of men's problems. Job, property, finances – all of this became their area of interest. Proud to get a lot of money. All are striving to do. And that soul work on the genus is necessary, somehow forget. Think this is a pointless exercise. And as the family begins to disintegrate, so just looking for prayers on the family of her husband. No, so the question to ask is: ‘what am I spouse to give, what does he lack?”. Clearly, from the heat, a man will not run. He comfortably and calmly. Why look for another? Prayer for my husband, if it is not only at problems to remember, it is this warmth of soul creates.


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When everything is OK

Before the mother of their daughters, of marriageable age were taught. Prayer of the wife for the husband's needs always in mind to be. Rise with the dawn, remember, are sent to the works of the blessed-these words accompany, go and lie down – don't forget about them.

the prayer of a wife for her husband

Now it is recommended to write them with his hand on a clean piece of paper, but in the bedroom place. May prayer for my husband to be around all the time. And craftswomen trying salary beautiful words that need to embroider (or beading thread), and other ways of decorating the set. So, framed that prayer to hang on the wall. Will remind you that in the hustle and bustle of the debt of souls should not be forgotten.

Prayer of the wife for her husband

“Jesus Christ, son of God, Pristava Mary, the intercessor! From heaven to our family You are watching Yes pogledate. Help us in the labors, the hardships of earth. We Vocalise the name of the Lord, to live with each other, as Holy Angels, be near in happiness and distress, help in everything and everywhere! The husband and wife don't cook, reviled not swear words. Lord! By Your grace we are comforted, Angelic singing moved Through ever-virgin Mary enjoy. Give peace to us and peace forevermore, that never happened between us words offensive, shameful deeds, dark enchantment, dirty svar! Let Chad in the genus appear, God was moved. Give us a long summer to never forget the oath! And protect me from shadows of black, from the thoughts, the devil imposed from diseases and passions, of bad things and news! Not put to the house nor hell fire, nor the lightning of heaven! Save and protect! Amen.”.

When her husband is gone

prayers for the family of her husbandThat prayer, above given, we must not forget from the wedding day. It will not allow to break the sacred bond, marriage to destroy. And when trouble has already happened, then that text should be taught. There is an old Slavonic prayer for the return of her husband. Here's the text of it: “On Vsebuje! I appeal to you as the Progenitor of all of heaven and earth, the entire Universe! Glory and honor to you pay! Please help and share my fix! Guide me and the wife on the right path! To come down again, so was love. To keep the family together! To share happy again was mine! Let strong as rock, be my husband! Let his faithfulness will be hefty! Let him firmly in the life standing on his feet! Let you Sebaie, soul, thanks! Give, please share my! Her husband deeply love! Amen.”. To read these words every day at dawn. Become so that the rays necessarily the first you fell on the face. Pronounce the words, and take the hands of the wife thing, which he used himself, or photo. Yes, don't forget that you need to have a word of prayer love and not hurt to invest. Then return to your beloved.

prayer for return of husband

Another option for the return of fugitive from icy soul

Slavic prayer is very strong. Not only every woman to use them will be. His nuances are or prejudices. For those who are inclined Orthodox texts to appreciate recommended kind of prayer. The husband came back, Yes, resentment forgotten, has again become sweet and tender, go to the monastery. There book prayers for the beloved. The monks will read about the health ask. And do put a candle mother of God, Yes, apologize to her, an intercessor. Tell us everything, what the soul is. Maybe some resentment remained or errors in your own behavior saw. Finally, read the prayers «our father” Matrona of Moscow – the patron of family ties. The icon of the Holy meanders bring home from that parish, where he prayed. To it and contact all the forty days, while the monks will be for your husband to pray. And there, with God's help, everything will work out!

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