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Although atomic weapons in the history of mankind for combat purposes was used only twice (in 1945), the rest of the period of time the military strategy of States and international diplomacy were under the strong influence of the steadily developing plans for nuclear war. Thanks to the wild imagination of writers and Directors "nuclear winter” have come on the cinema screens repeatedly. Films about nuclear war and its consequences are quite high popularity among the audience.

films about nuclear war

Effective form of cultural influence

We All know that the products of the global film industry is not only for entertainment. It carries a decent cultural and ideological load. Movies about nuclear war as a propaganda tool is able to provide a sufficiently high emotional impact on impressionable viewers. They actively create in the imagination of the beholder illusory picture of the world in the same way in which it is required. Often the propaganda impact on the layman is seamless and hidden, out of his personal psychological control, on an emotional level. Actively uses control perceptions of accuracy and fairness Hollywood.

films about post-nuclear war

Promotion of US values

Films about nuclear war always unobtrusive, but clearly correspond to a pressing foreign policy of the state. In the past decades produced pictures of the nuclear bombing of the United States (the film “next day" released in 1983). On the screens of the movie characters like James bond fought with employees of the GRU and the KGB (tape “From Russia with love" of 1963), the good guys repelled the attack of the North Koreans and even aliens (movie “Battle for Los Angeles” and “transformers”). All the pictures of a Hollywood production, already classic or modern, show the world the perfect the US army is able to save mankind from destruction. This is the most effective and very beautiful method of propaganda values, of the might and power of the country. Movies about nuclear war, a list of which is presented below, made in the USA. Not all of them have a strong propaganda message, although hints are present in each the film

  • “Panic in year zero" (ray Milland, 1962);
  • “next day" (N. Meier, 1983);
  • “miracle mile" (Steve De Jarnatt, 1988);
  • “Nuclear dawn" (Jack Sholder, 1990).

films about nuclear war list

Ongoing “dialogue”

The European cinema is in the ongoing “dialogue” with the us, which remains the benchmark, the flagship and a source of identity. Soviet and European filmmakers aspired to national art, at the same time continuing to grade their work from the perspective of all famous American model. Movies about nuclear war are very often the product of the joint creative activity of European countries, Australia and the USA. Examples can serve as ‘Day one" (Giuliano Montaldo, 1986, USA, France, Canada, Italy) and the sequel “On the last shore" (2000), and the original “On the shore” (1959, USA, Australia).

Rejection stamps

Some of the masters of European Cinematheque brings together the rejection of the stamps, the monotony, the commercialization of the movie. Their pictures – a more social orientation. They are few “grounded”, they contain more appeals to the life and fate of the common man. Even European films about nuclear war was not addressed in the process, the fate of the characters during this terrible tragedy:

1) “the Hosts of darkness" (Leon Klimovsky, 1972, Spain);

2) “war game" (dir. Peter Watkins, 1965, UK);

3) ‘runway" (Chris Marker, 1984, France);

4) “Threads” (Michael Jackson, 1984, UK).

arc light film about nuclear war


Separately, a truly brilliant creation of the national film industry – film Director Konstantin Lopushansky “Letters from a dead man" (1986), which can be put on a level with the works of the masters of classic Russian literature, invariably differ special attention to the inner world of the characters and humanity. The film tells the story of elderly scholar Larsen, Nobel laureate, barely survived the death of loved ones in the fire of nuclear Apocalypse, which have a direct bearing on his research. He tries in vain to understand the reasonwhat is happening and to find the hidden foothold, in order to make sense of continued existence, a hope for survival. The explosion in the picture is similar to the process of lighting the “electric candle" with another name – arc lamp. The film about nuclear war differs sharply from that of their Western counterparts.films about nuclear war

Think about it

If our planet happens the explosion of nuclear warheads, the resulting thermal radiation and deadly radioactive fallout, even of a local character, will cause irreparable damage. Subsequent indirect effects: the destruction of communication systems, customary social foundations of civilization will lead to serious problems. Movies "after a nuclear war" usually tell of its variations the development of post-nuclear Apocalypse. Traditionally in films going all the generic memory of the genre, but in different concentrations. The viewer is accustomed to see clothed in cans of bikers on vintage vehicles, comic graphic matches the Central characters, picturesque and impressive rags, the remnants of gas stations, supermarkets and the vast gray-brown landscape until the horizon. However, some films like ‘Book of Eli” and “Mad max” it is possible not only to collect all the usual cliches, but to have them scraped up to a blinding Shine. The following movies are the best among their own kind:

  • "Akira" (1988);
  • "Battle for the planet of the apes" (1973);
  • "Terminator" (2009);
  • "Malevil" (1981);
  • "Radioactive dreams" (1984);
  • "Creepazoid" (1987);
  • "Equalizer 2000" (1987);
  • "the Last warrior" (1975);
  • "Mad Max: the road Warrior" (1981);
  • "Six-string samurai" (1998);
  • "the Book of Eli" (2009);
  • "the Road" (2009).

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