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Among the fans of heavy music excitement, because this summer it is expected the concert on the site of the Olympic their favorite band "Metallica". To buy tickets better to think in advance not to miss this great event in Moscow. To learn more about the time of performance, availability, etc., you can by clicking the link Http://

History of the group “Metallica»

“Metallica" appeared 34 years ago. Ten years later she first came to the territory of the Russian Federation and performed in Moscow. Then in 1991 among those who prefer this style of music as thrash metal, was heated discussion and excitement. Fans of hard music could not believe that I will see their idols, live. Over the intervening years, they came to Russia a few times, and each visit of famous musicians caused a stir. The performance of a team was always a significant event for their fans.

“Metallica" is different from the other artists playing heavy music, the fact that it has its own style, which combines the AIDS, hard-n-heavy and thrash. During its existence, the group has recorded not so much albums: their only 10. But they were made in huge numbers. The team “Metallica" has numerous music awards (9 Grammy awards, 2 awards Americanmusic Awards). It is recognized as the most successful band in the history of hard music.

Where to buy tickets for the concert “Metallica" online?

The Intense rhythm of life in big cities leaves at times and a minute of free time working citizens. Working from morning to late evening, it is difficult to get out for a couple of hours for visits to places of sales of goods, tickets, etc. Therefore, among the inhabitants of large cities so popular services of Internet-shops, offering the population a prompt and timely delivery of products.

To Buy tickets for significant events, including the concert band “Metallica" can be made online from the comfort of home or being at workplace. To purchase tickets without charge offers On this web-site, always available tickets for events that are difficult to find in other places.

Now to plan a good time, not exerting this much effort and without wasting time to stand in line at the cashier. Web resource the long-awaited show, a play or concert will not be passed from such common problems as the lack of tickets.

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