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What tricks do not go to modern ladies, a beauty, ljubuški-dear, trying to look original, bright, stylish, glamorous! One of the most effective tools to create a memorable image – manicure. But a different kind of Frenchy, artificial gel and acrylic nails with sophisticated design and print can already be considered outdated.

Manicure "caviar"

caviar manicureThe Know-how that offer is now the leading stylists of the West and the speed of a tornado extends from the us, can be described in two words: caviar manicure. At the same time on nails, in addition to conventional base coatings and varnishes, are applied with special small beads. Mean they really resemble eggs. This produces beads of different colors. And he caviar manicure can be done as plain, and all the rainbow hues at the same time. It is particularly interesting and looks spectacular combination of beads and lipstick of the same colour. manicure gel lacquerMoreover, these nails seem to be sprinkled with caviar beads. Impressive! But the advantages of the new method of nail decoration does not end there. Such a design also well protect ladies ' nails from damage and emergency breakdowns. Covered with beads, they're like enclosed in armor. Here it is wonderful, the caviar manicure!

Technique of

On the positive side everything is clear. It's time to take action and try know-how to impose on themselves. You can go to the salon, and can try to cope on their own. So, how to make a caviar manicure yourself? caviar manicureFirst, you need to buy beads. Suitable small beads of round shape. The British company, which has developed a new trend, released pearl shining balloons black, silver and other colors. You can buy particular colors or mix. Still need a basis, any appropriate nail Polish and clear coat or a top coat. By the way, is a manicure with gel Polish too. Shall we? Traditional start: clean nails from old nail Polish and make baths for hands. technology caviar manicureTo Handle cuticle correct nail shape, Polish the surface. Then two coats should be applied as a base followed by any opaque Polish. It is necessary to completely hide all the flaws of the nail plate. In addition, lacquer is used as a backlight for beads. So advice: in light of the “eggs” pick up or bright shades of nail polishes (same color as beads) that will emphasize the tenderness nail Polish, or contrast – it will strengthen the visual effect. sprinkle beadIn Advance on the table, spread a soft cloth. When nails are painted, pour them from a bottle of beads, trying to cover the surface completely. After that a clean dry finger of the free hand touch beads on each finger, so they got stuck. Wait about 20 minutes. Now take a transparent nail Polish or hardener and carefully paint mascara on your freshly baked charms. Better twice. Wait for paint is dry. Ready, you can proceed to the second hand.manicure photo galleryCan't decide what color varnish manicure? Photo gallery, article will help you to make a choice. Success, be beautiful!

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