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Many believe curly hair is a gift of nature. But the owners of this show I know firsthand how much of a hassle bring cute at first glance curls. So how do you know what kind of shampoo for curly hair will make them shiny and bouncy?

General care

The winner of the curls often complain about the naughty stuff hair and face dry at the ends and greasy at the roots Shine. In order to avoid these unpleasant moments by professional barbers and stylists recommend girls to start to properly care for their curls. We are talking about the right shampoos and other cosmetics.

Curly hair needs to be washed slowly, it is desirable to carry out this procedure at least two times. In the first stage should be a cleansing, and the second involves washing with massage to improve the blood circulation of the scalp.

shampoo for curly hair

The hair is dry, experts recommend to abandon all means, where the label says "2 in 1". Do not skimp on the purchase of a separate balm, as the environment is not only perfectly neutralizes lye shampoo, but able to retain moisture inside hair.

Since we are talking about the structure, it should be noted that curly and kinky hair is very fragile, so the drying step for them is no less important than the wash. Never RUB your curls with a towel as this contributes to the destruction of the keratin layer. Otherwise, it will bring the ends to the cross section, and the hair becomes unruly and starts to get confused. The right way – natural drying without using a hair dryer.


In their composition, it is desirable that the following natural oils:

  • Shea butter;
  • Olives;
  • Jojoba oil
  • Grape seed.

Equally important is the availability of herbs and herbal extracts

  • Ginger root;
  • Sage;
  • Colors white Lotus;
  • Fuck.shampoo for curly hair reviews

The Main purpose of all shampoos – removing dust and dirt from the surface of the skin and hair. To facilitate purification manufacturers add surface-active components. Therefore, choosing a shampoo for curly hair, always look at the label, where the composition must show the presence of collagen, phospholipids, ceramides and keratin.


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A Paradise for curls will be a means of using natural cleaning components. We are talking about sulfate-free shampoos that retain the moisture balance of the scalp and are hypoallergenic. Also, the composition must be moisturizing ingredients in the form of glycerin and hyaluronic acid, to give a natural Shine suitable horse keratin, taurine, proteins of pearls and collagen.

Selection Rules

Shampoo for curly hair, having in its composition UV-filter protects hair from negative effects of sunlight.

It is Not recommended to buy products that gives volume. The components included in their composition, form on the surface of the hair film, which becomes a cause of visual weighting hairstyles.

Beware shampoos "2 in 1". The health of the curls they will not add, but can dry up in a jiffy.

Shampoos for curly hair. A rating of the best producers

The Cosmetic market is filled with different care products for the hair, but the owners of the curls to make the choice much more difficult. To facilitate searches, we propose to consider the most effective and best shampoo for curly hair different cosmetic brands.

  • Gliss Kur "Asian smooth". A rating of popular means it is impossible to imagine without this brand, as its products are focused on owners of curls. The line of products of this series not only nourishes and regenerates the hair structure, but also gives smoothness for 24 hours.

best shampoos for curly hair

  • Shampoo and Curl Definer with ginger-citrus scent brand "Londa" is composed of microcapsules with extracts of olive oil, which makes the curls supple and elastic.
  • Company Loreal has always been quality, so it is not surprising that in the ranking of the best shampoo Professional Shine Curl. It has everything that you need to care for curly hair: grape seed oil, ceramide and natural minerals.

Farmavita Smoothing

Designed shampoo for dry curly hair. Due to the presence of glucose and green tea extract the tool softens the hair, thus making them light and smooth. Also, the shampoo has thermopolymer that protect the hair structure from the negative effects of hot air coming from the dryer and other heat styling appliances. This latest development plays an important role during the procedure of straightening of curls using a flat iron.shampoo for dry frizzy hair

Special attention is given green tea extract, which has long been regarded as an excellent antioxidant, has cleansing properties. Done a few years ago research found that contained in green tea tannin fights free radicals and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

As for glucose, it is responsible for the volume andwet the hair, and the glycerine leaves curls soft and gives them luster.

Iconic Curls

This shampoo for curly hair ("Manager") reviews the buyers only gets excitable, thereby attracting even more attention. The consistency of the tool is quite thick, making the product economical to use. The fragrance is light and unobtrusive, and in the opinion of the buyers is a big plus. The tool is contained in a plastic bag with a volume of 250 ml.

shampoo for curly hair reviews faberlik

To Apply you need to first shampoo on the palm, diluting a small amount of water. Ladies women's forums noted that if you do not, then your hair will be matted. The first result is noticeable after first use: frizz shove, retain their firmness and not get too dry.

It is Also worth noting that the presence of soft components makes the shampoo suitable only for curly and frizzy hair, therefore the owners direct to expect a miracle is not necessary.

Sulfate-free shampoos – a gift for our hair

The Composition of sulfate-free shampoos based on natural ingredients, so they are more expensive. Agree that to natural extracts is much harder than creating the chemical component.

Why experts advise to use sulfate-free shampoo for curly hair? Reviews owners of curls indicate the presence in it of natural ingredients. They do not wash out of the cuticle oil and removing moisture. Straight hair can do without the use of sulfate-free shampoo, but the curly – unlikely.

what kind of shampoo for curly hair

The advantages include preventing split ends, dandruff and allergic reactions. But before you expect from sulfate-free shampoo miracle, pay attention to 2 factors:

  • First time using seem fruitless. First, the hair will become gray and dull. This is a normal reaction, as sulfate-free shampoo during this period will relieve the curls from the generated by other means silicone layer.
  • When washing hair, there is practically no foam.

A professional sulfate-free shampoo for curly hair

Kapous Smooth – a brilliant representative of the sulfate-free products, ideal for repairing dry and damaged hair. The uniqueness of the tool lies in the deep hydration that prevents curly hair shining and confused. As practice shows, after several applications the customer has to notice the results: the curls are well-combed and retain their shape.

shampoo for curly hair rating

The shampoo based on wheat proteins and silk in harmonious Duo return lost tresses the Shine, vitality, restore water-lipid balance and does not cause itching and flaking of the scalp. Kapous Smooth –a boon for the hair and for best effect it is recommended to use together with balm.

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