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What to import? It is imported into the state of goods, works or services into the customs territory from abroad with no return of export. There is another concept – re-import, which is the import of the goods exported previously but not processed. Recently gaining its momentum imported goods in Russia. This is primarily due to the increasing demand for domestic consumers and also attractive in price and quality to them. That is why in this article this issue will be given special attention.

Benefits of importing

By buying goods abroad, you can get a great income. For example, some brands of cars so can be much cheaper (often twice) than their counterparts in the domestic market.this is imported To positive can be attributed to the fact that the imported goods – this position in the market, the acquisition of which is subject to certain discounts, which is a mandatory component of the wholesale procurement.

Another plus – the buyer acquiring the product directly from the European manufacturer, thus protecting against counterfeiting both himself and his companions. They have the opportunity to obtain real branded goods.

It is Impossible to forget about such negative factors as inflation, as imported goods – this is an effective tool to combat it.

Location – an important factor in imports

Economists noted that in Poland and Lithuania, the prices almost never change, and the system of discounts for the goods imported is a constantly evolving tool of the trade. Mainly of these States is the importation of food, the price of which is 20% lower than domestic peers. But under the influence of inflation in Russia benefit from the import of products will only increase for some time.


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The Russian businessmen is advantageous to carry out procurement in European countries. Referring to official statistics, it is necessary to note essential growth of volumes of import of products from France.

Where to store the goods imported?


This is a fairly important issue in the implementation of this activity.
So, imported goods are very beneficial to store in the warehouses, which is located in Kaliningrad region, which borders with European countries. If payment of VAT and duty is the sale of goods, when the customs clearance there is an opportunity to save, for example, on working capital.

We Cannot forget about the human qualities that can be an advantage in business of this kind. In this case, a large investment is not required, but you must have diplomatic skills, interpersonal skills and luck.

The successful start

imported goods into the Russian

To the beginning of the business to be successful, you must decide the following issues:

  1. Where and what to buy?
  2. On what basis to select suppliers and how to cooperate with them?
  3. How imported goods will be transported and how customs clearance?
  4. What will be the cost?

Also, the entrepreneur needs to have at least a basic knowledge of the regulatory framework governing the import of products from abroad.

Gradual development of the business import products

As mentioned above, this type of business does not require significant start-up capital. You can start having access to the Internet and the phone at hand.

what to importThe First step is the development of a range of necessary contacts. However, you also need to take care of the business cards and letterheads of the company.

The Second phase – selecting the range of goods for the purpose of importing in the future. This important question can help solve the Embassy of the Russian Federation in other countries. It is through them you can get complete information about the companies having high reputation and solvency. At this stage it is necessary to conduct full monitoring of prices of various foreign Internet-stores. Also very important results may be the analysis of the European market.

The Third step – to determine the Bank that specializiruetsya at work in the field of international business. Such financial institution may provide the budding entrepreneur with useful information about foreign markets.

Reliable foreign manufacturer found, supply contracts signed, so you can move to the last step – immediate implementation of its activities. Paid imported goods – this is only the beginning of trade, it still needs to be transported to Russia. Today there are types of classic transportation: air, road, rail and multimodal. Each of these types is characterized by their timing. It is also necessary to pay attention to the location of the points as the destination, and send.

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