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The Crisis of the 1990s years is well remembered by residents of Russia – a drop in production, rampant inflation, unemployment and hopelessness. But even in this difficult time appeared, the company managed to rise in the production of high-tech products. One such example - the holding company "Incotex". Currently, the company produces a wide range of commodities – a variety of commercial equipment, tachographs, led lamp, car alarm and more. But fame and popularity, the firm brought cash "mercury".

"Incotex" – the market leader in cash registers

When the company "Incotex" just released its first model – "mercury 112", the market was very busy. Of the domestic producers was popular Kursk "Schetmash", producing adding machines, even with 50 years.

cash register mercury 130К

The Company "Pro-Sam" – is also the manufacturer with the experience. The older generation certainly remember the Soviet cash registers "Oka 400". Popular Korean model Samsung ER-4615 Samsung ER-250 – reliable and trouble free. They still can be found in the shops, despite its large size and noise.

Description of the model range

Cash registers "mercury 112", despite fierce competition, managed to occupy its niche in the market. And a little later appeared the following development - "mercury 115". The algorithm works on the new machine remains the same, but the dimensions are greatly reduced, the opportunity to work from the battery, and the new printer is allowed to print checks on a wider tape. Appearing in 1998, "mercury 115" has become a truly national company. Trading in Moscow was 90% equipped with this apparatus. The drawer was easy to use and reliable as a Kalashnikov rifle, which gave rise to its long life – until now in Russia it is the most common cash register.


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cash registers mercury

The Following appears a cash register "mercury 130К". The main highlight of this model – appearance. The manufacturer has released a model is not just reliable but also the most comfortable and pleasant appearance. The next model, "mercury 140", did not find wide distribution. The device has enhanced functionality, a large screen of the buyer, but the price was too high.

And the last cash register line – "mercury 180K". All the possibilities inherent in the previous model, it was retained, in addition, it has a record-small size. This drawer easily fits in the palm. It went well to entrepreneurs whose business is connected to constant traveling. The device is easily mounted on the belt at any time possible to break a check. Cash register "mercury", the price of which on the average is lower than his peers, willing to buy not only in Russia but also in most CIS countries. Let us dwell on the two most successful models - "115 mercury" and "mercury 130".

"mercury 115"

The shape and size of this device, that is, brick by brick. But the rest of "the mercury 115" is the best choice for small shops. For 17 years, this cash register multiple times improved - instead the matrix has a thermal printer, charger was more compact and added the ability to work with departments.

cash register mercury manual

A Powerful 6-volt battery with a capacity of 3.2 A/h is enough for everything to work during the entire shift. The rubber keypad protects the PCB from getting any liquid inside. In the header and the end of the receipt can be programmed up to 6 lines of text - on this parameter "mercury 115" surpasses all the other counterparts.

In addition, you can choose one of eight fonts, so in addition to the details of the organization in the check fit and promotional information. The screen of the cash register led, so they will be comfortable to use even with a lack of lighting. Working with a cash register "mercury" operators usually does not cause difficulties.

"mercury 130"

"mercury 130" has expanded function compared to the "mercury 115". First of all, is the com port through which you can quickly program the cash register. You can connect a bar code scanner or to download a product database from a computer. The new model has also added a customer display. "Mercury 130" looks like a calculator – a large square and flat. This made keys are large and convenient.

working with a cash register mercury

The circuit design of the machine is preserved from the previous model. Compared with the "mercury 115" in the new machine is installed the smaller battery capacity, used liquid crystal display, therefore, for extreme conditions the 115th would be preferable.

Features the work of the cashier

As already mentioned, cash registers "mercury" is easy to operate. The algorithm is described in 4 steps:

  • Turn on the machine, make sure the correct date and time.
  • Enter the cash mode (press 3 times press it).
  • Punching check (enter the price, press P and it).
  • At the end of the day to remove replacement report (click 2 times. 2 times of it).

cash register mercury price

Practice shows that we should not just show the cashier all the capabilities of the device - it often leads to errors inwork. In addition, the employee should be aware of the major mistakes that can occur when working with a device such as a cash register "mercury". The manual gives a description, 56 errors, indicating action in the event of their occurrence.


No matter How great the device was, in the process of exploitation are always identified deficiencies, weaknesses and shortcomings in his work. Cash registers mercury - is no exception. Shortcomings are not critical, but to see them not hurt.

  • Rubber keyboard "mercury 115" very thin and careless handling has a tendency to break.
  • Charger in older versions of the devices were relatively heavy. Under the heavy blows of the transformer may damage the circuit Board, so handle it with extreme caution.
  • The Tray under the receipt tape in "mercury 130" has a very small tolerance, so when uneven winding of the coil it may get stuck in the socket. When you print the check lines will fit one on top of each other. This can be avoided if the installation of the new coil to check whether it is freely placed in the tray. Otherwise, you have to hit something hard on the end of the tape to align it.
  • Main Switch on "mercury 130" is located on the front panel. If the store has to sell loose goods, the switch often gets clogged, clean it can only be a specialist person. To avoid this, you need to seal the switch with tape or close the film.

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