Komsomolets submarine, which was not supposed to drown


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«Komsomolets" of the submarine, which is written very much. The submarine had a large number of technical innovations in comparison with analogues. For example, its designers decided to abandon the huge loading hatch, which reduced the strength of the vessel. In addition, there was a system purge tank due to the gas generators, which significantly accelerated the rise from great depths. «Komsomolets» submarine, set a world record of immersion, which amounted to 1032 meters and not surpassed to the present day. To ensure the safety of the crew, the submarine was equipped with a rescue chamber that could emerge from depths of a mile and accommodate all the staff. Moreover, all of the seven compartments has received a extinguishing media, and in the second and third organized a rescue zone.the Death of the submarine Komsomolets

Despite the serious measures that were taken by the builders, 7 April 1989, occurred the death of the submarine «Komsomolets». It happened in the Norwegian sea, approximately 180 km from Bear island. As a result of this tragedy, managed to rescue the 27-member crew of 69. All the rest died. To investigate a government group that was supposed to shed light on the causes of the incident. However, the result of this work was the conclusion that the Soviet record was drowned in connection with a banal wiring fire, which led to a fire in the aft compartment. Now the ship is in the same place at a depth of about 1600 meters.

Along with this, many scientists are still trying to understand why everything has drowned submarine «Komsomolets». The mystery of the death of the submarine and is now a matter of active controversy throughout the world. The pilots involved in the rescue work, said that initially, they saw two life rafts floating near the crash site. Sailors were thrown an inflatable boat, which they found already the next day. Moreover, capsized one of the rafts, and 17.08 the ship completely disappeared under water. After about half an hour after that, a floating fishing base was raised the first part of the crew. Others were removed from the cold water one by one.submarine Komsomolets the mystery of the death

«Komsomolets" of the submarine's loss has caused a real information war between the representatives of the military and industrial sectors. There are a number of documents, according to which the sailors discovered serious flaws already during the first dive. For example, the water pressure tore off rescue chamber, which then had to be found at the bottom and redone. According to the builders, this resulted in only the actions of the crew of the submarine, which was wrong.Komsomolets submarine

From 1989 to 1998 in the area of the loss of the submarine, there have been seven expeditions that use to dive manned submersibles “World”. The purpose of this work was the sealing of certain compartments, which houses the torpedoes with nuclear heads, as well as installation of measuring equipment. During the last dive of recording and measuring devices were found. They are left only anchor with traces of neat slices. There is reason to assume that they were removed due to robots. And, most likely, is the handiwork of Western intelligence agencies. Whatever it was, «Komsomolets" of the submarine, the date of death which in Russia became the Day of memory of the perished submariners.

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