Polyurethane primer: types and properties


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In the implementation of the finishing works is very important to observe the technology. According to the General rules decorative coating applied to the surface after the primer. This step is very important because the correctness of its implementation depends on the flow and quality laying finishing material. The best part for surface preparation is considered to be Polyurethane primer. Consider its features in detail. polyurethane primer

Benefits of

Polyurethane Primer is considered a universal part. It can be used for training grounds with different absorbency of various materials. Perfect Polyurethane primer for concrete, metal, wood, etc.

The mixture can be applied on a warm floor. Other priming mixture will not give the necessary adhesion to such a surface.

Polyurethane Primer are equally effective for both internal and external works. The consumption of the composition of the minimum – between 0.2-0.5 kg per sq. m. It will depend on the depth of absorption. Consumption of most primers is about 0,8-1 kg per sq. m.

An Important advantage is the durability of the coating. Restoration of the surface Polyurethane primer 'll need soon. The composition provides reliable protection.


Have Polyurethane primer a few cons. In the first place, dries the coating is relatively long, about 3-5 hours. For most primers, this period does not exceed 2 hours.

In addition, the cost of the polyurethane composition is quite high. However, experts argue that to save on the primer is impractical. The cheaper part, the more likely you will need to update it. polyurethane primer for concrete

One-component mixture

In the composition of the primer includes a polyurethane and different solvents. However, depending on the substrate material, its location (inside or outside the premises), in the mixture can be added to specific components. Polyurethane Primer can be one or two component.


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The First consists of the basic substance and solvent. Suitable one-component's Polyurethane primer for MDF, concrete walls, wooden surfaces. They effectively strengthen the base, align it and increase the adhesion with the topcoat.


They are available as 2 vials. The first polyurethane mixture, the second – the hardener. The contents of the vials are mixed immediately before application to the surface. This composition has a high strength. However, it is less viscous because it has a hardener. polyurethane primer elakor

One of the most common two-component compounds is considered to be Primer polyurethane "Elakor". For concrete this mixture is ideal. Especially often it is used for flooring with high traffic.

If a mixture has zinc component, it can be coated on metal surface. Such a composition will provide reliable protection from corrosion.

Two-component Polyurethane primer for wood rarely used.

In some areas the primer is the only way of dying (for example, when finishing the floor of a workshop or garage). In these cases it is recommended to apply the primer-enamel. It will strengthen the base and protect it from destruction.


Priming compositions are:

  • Acrylic. They are usually single component. These primers are used mainly for processing MDF and wooden surfaces. Due to its ductility they penetrate deep into the material, fill the pores and level the base. These properties are particularly important when applied to laminirovannye MDF. Acrylic solutions are effective and in the processing of concrete bases inside the building. An important advantage of the mixture is non-toxic.
  • Alkyd. These solutions are used for exterior finishing of wood, MDF. Such compositions protect the material from destruction. If you want to emphasize the texture of the base, is it better to use priming enamel. It will be both finish.
  • Epoxy. Such compounds are used primarily for the treatment of metal surfaces.

polyurethane primer for concrete elakor

Recommendations for selection

Despite the fact that polyurethane coatings are versatile and can be used to handle almost any surface you need to consider:

  • The Location of the surface. The choice of structure affects the location of the base (outside or inside), what factors it is exposed to (rain, wind, etc.), humidity and temperature.
  • Material Features of the surface. It should be remembered that the mixture suitable for wood or MDF, will be bad to lie on a metal base.
  • Environmentally friendly. For finishing indoors need to purchase a non-toxic mixture. Recommended to choose compositions of polyurethane with acrylic. These primers are perfect for the processing of concrete and wooden surfaces. These materials are most often used when constructing walls and floor.


Technology of polyurethane grounds the soil is almost the samethe methodology used for the other compounds. The difference is that the structure of such compositions are not suitable for application using a spray gun. polyurethane primer for wood

Treat the surface with a mixture of polyurethane, you can:

  • Rollers in different sizes. This tool allows you to quickly cover a large area.
  • Brush. They are recommended for use as auxiliary tools. For example, can not do without brushes when applying the primer in hard to reach areas. Covering a large surface area takes a lot of time.

Surface Preparation

The Primer may be applied to the crude base. However, for better adhesion, the surface should be:

  • Clean the base from dust and the remnants of the previous coating.
  • Rinse.
  • Dry and degrease.

If the surface has large cracks should be repaired. Small defects can be left, as the mixture will fill them.

Features of the application

Using a roller, the solution should be spread on the surface evenly.

The Second layer is applied after full drying of the first (3-5 h).

It is recommended to Work crosswise. This means that if the first coat was applied vertically, the second time the surface is covered with horizontal movements of the cushion. This ensures uniform absorption of the composition into the surface.

The Third layer is usually not applied. After drying of the second layer begins finishing. polyurethane primer for MDF

Primer Polyurethane "Elakor"

This structure is available in different types. Some primers are used unique components that provides a wide range of tasks when decorating.

For Example, a polyurethane composition "Eco soil" is used in the treatment of surfaces permanently in contact with drinking water and food. "Lux primer" is used for finishing the surfaces of a transparent coating. It is non-yellowing, resistant to direct sunlight.

Primers "Elakor" differ depending on the required penetration depth. The most profound composition, for example, is used for processing porous surfaces: polymer, magnesia concrete. The mixture can be applied to damp (not wet) concrete surface. The processing base can be performed at 10-12 days after pouring.

Polyurethane primer increases the durability of the surface by about half.

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