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 Finance enterprises include monetary, economic relations arising as a result of the movement of money and cash flows associated with the operation of the funds.

Finances are the Foundation of the financial system of the entire country. It companies represent the main link economic complex of the state. They make up an entire sector of the financial system.

In the sphere of material production are different financial relations, which differ in character. In their composition includes such a relatively homogeneous Financial trends and monetary relations. It is the relationship between the founders while creating the company and PowerSUM management of his property; between enterprises in the process vnutrikorporativnye distribution of funds between parent companies and their units to establish financial responsibility and financial incentives; between the enterprises associated with the production and its further implementation (vendors, customers, etc.); within the separate financial and industrial groups, associations and holdings, which includes the company; relationships with staff (salaries, benefits, dividends, material assistance and compensation for damage, taxes; between enterprises and the state during payment of taxes and payments to the budget, the provision of benefits and payment of fines; between organizations and insurance companies; between companies and investors, etc. foreign Currency financial relations arise at the enterprises with foreign partners.

The largest volume of listed groups Is the group of relations between enterprises, associated General processes of production, redistribution, sales of products. This includes all financial relations of organizations with customers, suppliers, construction companies, transportation organizations, the Telegraph and mail, customs, foreign trade organizations, enterprises of foreign countries.

Relations between the companies in this group are associated with product sales and the acquisition values of tangible plan for doing business. The role of this group of relations is primary, because it creates national income. In the field of material production enterprises have revenues and profits.  Financial relations in this area have a direct impact on the final results.


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Each of the above groups has its own special features and individual scope of application. They are characterized by a bilateral nature. Their basis is the movement of money. The cash flows involved in the formation of capital, they begin with the circulation of funds, the formation of funds, etc.

The New financial relations are developing in the field of redistribution and the formation of capital in cases of mergers and divisions of organizations. Financial relations include the processes of distribution and subsequent redistribution of domestic product and national income. Relationship occur in the process of creation, use or distribution of the financial resources of individual enterprises.

Financial resources are included all sources of funds that are available to the company. They are constantly in motion, maintained turnover. Expressed financing from cash income, reserves, funds, capital of the company.

Thus, the financial relationships come into existence in the process of circulation of funds in the form of cash flows that are generated by different activities. All relationships in Finance are regulated by the state.

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