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Nowadays, many of the concepts that were relevant centuries ago are still incomprehensible to the inhabitants of cities. Those who are interested in the peculiarities of rural life, will certainly be interesting to know what threshing. This issue and will devoted article.

General information

Threshing – it is an agricultural operation, in which the grain separated from the chaff or allocated seeds from the ears.

In our days, this kind of work is performed using harvesters or threshers. And in the old days, threshing was done manually.

So what is a threshing in a General sense, becomes clear. But the process has many nuances that will be discussed further.

what is threshing


The ancient Slavs threshing was the final stage of the agricultural cycle. At this time, performed rituals that were supposed to increase the yield.

The South Slavs did threshing with animals-oxen, horses, etc. These "assistants" trampled the sheaves, and workers manually separate the wheat from the chaff.

There was another way of threshing, when we used the flails. What are threshing using flails? This process uses a simple tool called molatelo. Tool for threshing could still be called a flail. But all these names are talking about one and the same desktop tool.

The Instrument consisted of two sticks connected with each other. One stick was long – up to two meters, and the second – short, to 80 cm Long part served as a handle, and the short was working, it hit the grasses. Between these two poles located the leather layer. Later Tsepov appeared edged weapons.

an instrument for threshing

Machines for the implementation of the threshing work began to appear only in the XVIII century. They were called threshers.

The perfect time to start

So, what is the threshing, we now understand. But this is not all the intricacies of such an operation. Played a significant role in the time of the described process.

Our ancestors believed that the favorable days to start such type of work can be Monday or Thursday. These days were considered the most light. But Tuesday and Saturday is not recommended.

The First day of the threshing work was called “samoloty”. On this day, the master to provide a good harvest, fed the workers gruel, brewed from different grains.

Some Slavs in the first day of threshing was to sacrifice a cock, or at least chicken. In the same way and ended work – the offering of sacrificial birds.

Other beliefs

A major stage in the spreading of the bundles entrusted to a woman who had many children, or who was expecting a child. Such status was considered a favorable sign.

In some areas, the head of the family collected on the wheat making a cross with a spade, it drove away the unclean spirits.

At the end of threshing works are arranged tumultuous feast with the obligatory dish of poultry or any animal (pig, sheep, lamb). Eastern Slavs have finished threshing a feast with dishes from cereals and chicken.


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the waste during the threshing

The process

Threshing or beating grain from the ears, often performed after the crop dries out a bit.

During threshing flails sheaves punched on both sides, turning them several times. The more turned over, the cleaner thrashing. However, the process was slow.

If trampled grain animals, it occurred faster, as with carts and rollers.

The Waste during the threshing (chaff, chaff) consists of small particles of ear and other plants, different films, scraps etc. Chaff kept under eaves or in the shed to protect from rain. Used as fodder for cattle. To make it more soft, chaff often zaparivayut boiling water and then feed the animals. Otherwise (dry) it can lead to dangerous consequences, including death of cattle, due to its natural rigidity.

That's all about the concept of threshing.

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