Financial, commercial and foreign economic activity of the enterprise.


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Any company parallel performs different types of activities. Each of them has its own peculiarities and distinctive features, as well as goals and objectives.

At present the foreign economic activity of the enterprise attracts the attention of various departments, associations and enterprises. It is a set of some of the functions of the various production structures (commercial, production and economic, organizational and economic). 

More recently, foreign trade, specifically import of goods and services, was under the exclusive influence and control of the state, but now the Russian Federation leans towards the liberalization of foreign trade, organisations, enterprises and other economic entities are free to participate in it. 

Foreign economic activity enterprise  is not that other, as one area of economic activity that is associated with the international scientific-technical and production cooperation, import, export of various products, as well as the output of a particular enterprise to the vast external market. 

Foreign economic activity of the enterprise has its purpose. First and foremost, it aims to find different aspects of enterprises with foreign firms and organizations, as well as to evaluate promising aspects of foreign economic activity in General. It seeks to change the volume of import and export, to provide all the necessary resources (energy, raw materials and so on, to change the ratio of prices (import and export). To achieve these goals, foreign economic activity of the enterprise solves some of the problem. First, studying the methods and techniques of the trade policy of different countries. Second, studying the methods of international pricing. Thirdly, studying the technique and organization of various foreign operations.


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A Special place in the management ranks and financial activity of the enterprise. This refers to such activities which are intended to provide the company with financial resources and achieve specific goals for social and economic development. The financial activities of any company solves some of the problem. First, it is designed to provide ongoing financial, investment, operational activities of the company with the necessary resources. Secondly, its task is the search of reserves to increase earnings, revenues and profitability. Thirdly, it is necessary to enforce the financial obligations of the enterprise to business partners, trust funds, budget. Fourth, objectives of financial activity of the enterprise includes financial support for its social and productive development. Fifthly, the control over the use and efficient allocation of all financial resources.

Among the important factors that ensure the effective functioning of the economic system, includes the business of an enterprise. It affects production efficiency, as well as different performance indicators are: the level of commercial costs, sales volume, turnover ratios, and so on. Commercial activity has the main goal - profit. She decides to venture some tasks. First, it is the purchase of equipment, raw materials, materials, organizations and enterprises of different sectors of the economy. Secondly, the planned volume of purchases of all kinds of goods, given the planned level of profit. Thirdly, the planned range and sales of all products in industrial enterprises. Fourth, in the commercial activities of selecting and searching the best partner. Fifth, the objectives of commercial activities are wholesale and retail trade.

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