The exchange of freelancing for the beginner: overview of the market. Earnings in the Internet


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Long ago, Freelancing has become a separate business area, which involves millions of people. With the advent of telecommuting and data transfer capabilities for the Internet industry to the services provided by the network, has developed at an unprecedented scale, involving millions of people. Designers, programmers, copywriters and other professionals had the opportunity to earn an income from home, working with customers around the world. This became real due to such thing as a remote freelance marketplaces.


the exchange of freelancing for newbie

The Positive aspects of such forms of employment several. They are connected mainly with the possibility of every person, regardless of his education, origin or age to get more work, is able to pay for his existence (and not only). You will not be asked whether you have children, do not look at the appearance and will not be treated special because of nationality or religion. You – the contractor, which requires one – a quality result in the form of completed tasks.


The Second point – the ability to work wherever and however you want. We all know that many people do not like the road to the office, I hate to get up early and sometimes not happy with my team at work. All this does not involve the exchange of freelancing. For the beginner it is difficult to imagine how this could be, but working remotely, do you build your schedule yourself. And it kinda gives freedom to the performer.


the exchange of freelancing for beginners

Third advantage possessed by the freelance marketplaces (for beginners –) is an opportunity for professional growth. More detail we'll talk about it in another section of our article, but for now just note that a freelancer can make more money by developing their skills in searching for other customers, completing more complex projects. In this area there is fair competition, but there is no boss who will tell you that all the seats are occupied and you have no opportunities for career growth. On the contrary, as a specialist, you are going to take new challenges and, as a result, start to earn more.


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However, the exchange of freelancing for a beginner can conceal negative aspects. First – it is referred to the competition. Every website that hosts a portfolio of the performers, contains hundreds of thousands of questionnaires. In each of the niches there are hundreds of specialists, thereby to obtain interesting order is very difficult. Your way – to develop your portfolio, look for clients that will leave about you opinion, working for smaller amounts – but to earn some credibility.

The Second shortcoming – need to work at home. In fact, it is not always so easy to work through freelance marketplaces. For beginners it looks very cool when no one is forcing you to rush to the office to tackle the problem, whip and not oversees. In fact, this is often not enough for many of us – to some external factor stimulated us to carry out their work more efficiently. Not only that, the house we are in for a lot of these “distraction” from labour occupations, such as food, sleep, communication with family – so also in the home is missing a factor of socialization – when you communicate with colleagues, discuss the latest news and the like. Without this, believe me, to work too hard.

How to begin?

a marketplace for freelance Russian

The Exchange of freelancing for a beginner can be a great platform contributing to the further development. And to begin its operations, it is not so difficult – enough to have the account of the contractor and to take the first order. As you know, from a technical point of view, it's very simple.

And Another thing – it is a necessity to possess certain skills to be able to perform the tasks set by the customer. We recall in the next section. But if it is short, so to speak – these experts will necessarily be assessed on exchanges in value, whereas people without the necessary skills simply create yourself and others a lot of problems. Hence the Council – before registering on the stock exchange, be sure that you possess the skills that are required in a particular job.

Do Not have to be a guru in the field where you would like to try their hand. Any exchange of freelancing for the beginner provides the same chances of getting successful order, and the professional. However, to improve your skills you need. It can be done, first, with the help of practical tasks (doing more than simple orders, over time, increasing their complexity); and secondly, through the study of theoretical material, in particular, watching video tutorials, reading articles and the like. It can be absolutely free – on the same Youtube you can find hundreds of thousands of lessons on any subject. The main thing-the desire to learn, and then the best freelance marketplaces will be you on the shoulder.

Scheme of work

If you have never dealt with such services, then, of course, you will be interested to know the General principle works. Therefore, in this section reveal the basis of user interaction with the site. So, suppose you've created your artist account, and then want to take the order. Make it simple – most services has a special section, consisting of orders from customers. Answering them, you become a potential responsible party if you choose the author order. When it happens – you have to get to work.

When the job is done, you need some way to inform the system, and then begin the procedure of verification of the work performed. The customer is given to this specific term, after which it is pays for your work. The money comes, as a rule, on account – in the future you will be able to order them payment on e-wallet, card or in any other way.

the exchange of freelancing Ukraine

Of Course, certain specific actions may differ in their nature, or for order in General; but it works. Exchange one of the largest in Runet, is a proof.

Remuneration within the framework of exchange

If you have no experience with the exchanges, you are probably interested in the issue of payment. As already mentioned, they are held in the form of electronic currency, card and other ways. Also it should be clarified that it all depends mainly from the geographical origin of the audience share, on which you earn.

For Example, any exchange of freelancing (Russia and CIS) adopt the most popular in this region e-currency-Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi – and making payments to them. That is, you can point your wallet and confirm it in your account.

Payment “separate”

In some cases, the exchange of freelancing (Ukraine has such a service as who can become a shining example of what we're talking about) may do only a “mixed” the customer and after which all interactions are regulated directly between them. This can be a bad decision for the reason that by far less protection against non-payment of remuneration on completion of the activities. Therefore, it is recommended to work with services where there are indicators of reputation, which gives at least some hope of success, for example,

Payment in other payment systems

The ways of your withdrawal, as you know, relevant in our country and some neighbouring. However, this is not all such resources. There is still an English-speaking audience. So, it is, in fact, foreign exchange of freelancing, which pays funds, either directly to the credit card of the recipient, or working with systems like PayPal or other online services (common in the West). A lot of them, but those are the most popular around the world.

Specify the methods of withdrawal before you they earn – to avoid any problems in the future.


In fact, the prospects and possible ways of further work in the field of freelancing just unlimited. This schedule, and development of it technologies, work with texts, and so on. All this and much more is available to everyone – we can start to earn good money. The main thing-the desire to learn and a bit of rational thinking. To understand this, demonstrate what the exchange of freelancing (Russia) is noteworthy. For example,, (one of the oldest), (a very famous project)

International services

By analogy with domestic sites, you can find foreign – where the work provided by the foreigners. There are paid, of course, more. For example, is an American,,, and others. All these exchanges have a generic profile, but there is constantly present a great number of people, what to order here is not so simple. There is a narrow exchange, for example where I work exclusively with translators.

Also worth mentioning is the interesting Ukrainian services, for example

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