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Despite the fact that most of us used to work on a standard schedule and leave work no later than 18.00, some specific production-enterprises in the services sector require their employees work on several different conditions. How harmful to work at night, whether to agree to such jobs for a higher compared to daily wage?

Of Course, to refuse night shifts, some companies simply can not. This is especially true of industrial complexes, in which there is equipment, stopping is impossible. Night shift at the steel factories or enterprises for the production of metal – it is inevitable. Modern cities are also unlikely to refuse to become so popular with convenience stores, places of entertainment and catering. Consequently, night work will eventually become more and more popular.

For many people, this type of employment becomes the ideal output, not only in connection with higher pay. Often a conflict situation at home or in the same “day” version of the team force a man to prefer going to work in the night. Question about transferring to a different shift each person decides for themselves depending on those or other vital circumstances.

But it should be remembered that, according to doctors, such employment should not be systematic. Recent studies have shown that working at night leads to the development of cancer. This is due, primarily, to the fact that development is a very important hormone melatonin, which helps the body fight not only with aging but also with the development of cancer cells, occurs exclusively in the dark. So finding a night in a lit room can stop the operation of the pineal body and make the body vulnerable to cancer. In addition, no benefit and a sharp change of circadian rhythms. The night work is harmful to humans, so if it is not avoidable, you need to make every effort to ensure that she did not have systematic character. It is advisable to compose a special work schedules, trying to make one and the same person had the opportunity to work not only at night but in the day.


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It is Worth noting that night-time employment as the work on weekends is paid at higher rates than normal day-shift at the same company. But not always the employer goes towards its employees and pays fair night. In order to be able reasonably to defend its position in this matter, is to pay attention to studying the peculiarities of labor legislation on the subject.

Payment for work at night: the main provisions of the Labor Code

Night work in Russia is considered to be work after 22.00, it is from this time begins the night shift, and increases the normal wage. According to article 154 of the Labour code, hourly rate night work must be above a similar work in the daytime. The minimum amount that should raise wages for night shifts, established by the Government of the Russian Federation. With regard to each specific enterprise, the more clearly the percentage should be stipulated in the collective agreement with the enterprise or local (local) regulation.

In any case, night work requires advanced payment and the employee is entitled to demand an appropriate recalculation of his salary.


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