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The Feature is considered to be a document that is required for the device to work, for presentation to the military, police or other official structures. It describes personal qualities that are important in each case. This document can be official (with school, work, internship) or household (place of residence, neighbors, etc.).

How to write a feature, you need to know the staff faced from time to time with this responsibility, mostly working in the personnel Department, or supervisor. Depending on further usage this document is divided into external and internal. The latter species may need within the organization, for example, when transfer of an employee from one Department to another, when it is promoting or, on the contrary, the imposition of a disciplinary sanction against him, and in other situations.

The External features of the person is made on his request or the request of other institutions (e.g. the military, the Bank in obtaining credit, etc.). Often this document is needed when applying for a new job. Structure how to write characterization in most cases.

In the header of the details or address of the organization issuing the document. Later in the middle of the page indicate the title of the document (in this situation, characteristics). The first paragraph is devoted to personal information about the employee. Specifies the fully-his surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, obtained education. The following describes the working career of the man that when he came to this institution, how many here have worked, some have achieved significant results, career, etc.


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In the following section speaks directly about the personal qualities of the employee. They can be expressed his attitude with the team, the level of General culture, etc. Here usually point out such traits as punctuality, friendliness, sociability, ability to compromise, and others.

Speaking about how to write a feature, you need to remember that it should be listed business qualities of the employee, especially if this document is intended to read a future employer. In this paragraph, describe the level of knowledge of the professional field, the ability to self-education, orientation in unusual (stressful, difficult) circumstances, etc.

Performance is assessed by several factors, including the ability to make rational use of time, organize the labor process, to take responsibility for results. It is important to note, whether a person can exercise Executive functions, to control the execution of the work.

If you write a feature that is required from the place of internship to the student, it also describes the personal qualities inherent in him, and which he showed at the time that there was. The document, compiled for students, indicated by their achievements during the period of study (participation or victory in contests of various levels, etc.). To provide this information to the military enlistment office or the traffic police should write a quality characterizing the person from the other side, which is necessary for these institutions.

In conclusion, the prescribed objective, which is made of this document (this item is for exterior features). For example, “this for presentation at requirements”. Before you write the evaluation, you should carefully consider its contents. It is not enough just to insert the General information into the existing template. It is important here to make something of their own that will emphasize the individuality of the person that compiled the document. No need to worry that the resulting text would be too long. If he was asking, so I'll read it.

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