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German cars occupy a leading position in the global market. However, the Volkswagen Golf 3 tuning for some motorists relevant, because there is no limit to perfection. To perform the modernization of the machine is quite accessible on its own, without considerable financial means. But there is another alternative – to focus on the vehicle in order to receive exclusive racing cars. Consider the possibility of self-modernization.

volkswagen golf tuning 3

Block transmission

As a rule, the owners start tuning Volkswagen Golf 3 conversion transmission unit. The problem with the clutch start after two hundred thousand mileage. If obvious signs of faults, no, it does not mean that they pass by. It is advisable to pay attention to the following details:

  • Main clutch disc;
  • A basket;
  • Clutch release bearing
  • Rope transmission.

Alternatively, you can replace these parts with more modern counterparts the type of SAHS. This will allow to achieve the desired effect and save the quarter of the financial resources compared to the original elements.

Native node will be several times higher with identical performance capabilities. The main thing - to choose the counterparts, which have corresponding quality certificates. Additional uniqueness adds exclusive color and trim in 3D. In addition, the uniqueness will give original stickers and airbrush the image.

Improvement of light elements

Tuning Volkswagen Golf 3 appropriate in relation to the headlights and lighting elements. The best option is to install xenon lamps, which by their superior to the “galogenki”. First, the lamp is not as susceptible to heat. Second, reduced electricity consumption, and the lighting covers 25 per cent more territory.


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To perform a tuning Volkswagen Golf 3 their hands in terms of lighting, enough to buy a set of Hella with a pair of special lenses and blocks.

volkswagen golf 3 tuning your hands

Instruction to improve the headlight

Observing the following recommendations, you can transform the exterior of the car beyond recognition in part light elements:

  1. Completely disassemble the headlight, remove the glass with a hair dryer so as not to damage the hull.
  2. Separate the reflector from the frame by unscrewing the fixing screws.
  3. To Make the groove for the new optics, removing the size by measuring the dimensions with calipers.
  4. To Perform a tentative fitting to ensure no obstacles on the part of other elements.
  5. Install lenses in the middle position, to adjust the flow of light according to the height of 450 millimetres from the ground.
  6. Adjust the position of the blend relative to the main details.
  7. Glue the glass and install them on regular seats.
  8. Can be adjusted to emit a light beam.

You can then use the updated headlights, while enjoying their possibilities and beauty.

Tuning Volkswagen Golf 3: upgrade the engine

With the use of the recommended oil and its timely replacement of power unit without any upgrades will last a decent time. As finalized, the experts advise to regularly change the old rings and connecting rod bearings, to avoid excessive fouling and deterioration of the functionality of the whole Assembly. In addition, you must monitor the condition of seals, seals trembler and tension the timing belt.

tuning volkswagen golf wagon 3

Maintenance allows you to maintain the engine at the proper level, consists of such manipulations:

  • After removing the pan, replace all the gaskets;
  • Check for a worn chain gear oil pump;
  • Tighten all fixing bolts using a torque device;
  • Check all mating parts for leaks.

Tuning Volkswagen Volkswagen Golf 3 (estate) proves that the diesel engine car is quite efficient, unpretentious to quality of fuel and spends about six liters of diesel per hundred kilometers. After the establishment of a resource of the motor is converted into scrap metal. Therefore, it is better just to replace it with a new version suitable for the General settings.

Convertible dashboard

Consider how to make the colored illumination of the working panel of the vehicle. The procedure consists of several stages:

  • The acquisition of six LEDs with nicked flask and the same number of resistors (resistance – 850 Ohms) and five white Candela;
  • Stitching on the upper pair of elements of the lens to the desired size;
  • The inner cone rastaquouere using drill bits;
  • A place for fixing is filled with a suitable adhesive;
  • LEDs are placed in cartridges and the flap;
  • Bar and a safety visor is removed;
  • Labeled control placement of arrows;
  • Rod is gently detached from the led, a sharp object to wash the old coat of paint;
  • Using tweezers, stick a blue or other color film;
  • Made Assembly in reverse order.

Tuning Volkswagen Volkswagen Golf 3 (photo above), will eventually bring about this result.

tuning volkswagen golf 3 photo


Chip tuning a car – one of the fastest ways to improve some of its characteristics. This procedure allows to increase the maneuverability of the car, to reduce fuel consumption, improve dynamics. Correct and high-quality stitching adds at least ten per cent of the power vehicle. Having the necessary skills and equipment, the operation can be performed independently. In the presence of the ABS procedure it is reasonable to, if the setting of the injection advance angle of fuel supply and aggregation will yield tangible results.

Basically, the engine with sixteen valves and two camshafts can microchip without hesitation. Motors with lower rates will bring more trouble than real effectiveness.

tuning volkswagen golf 3 91 97

In conclusion

Tuning Volkswagen Volkswagen Golf 3 (91/97) will eliminate the weaknesses of the car, which is not so much. The main alteration is directed to the external equipment through the installation of additional kits. As for the internal equipment, is often exposed to the transformation of the transmission unit. Parts to upgrade to pick up easy. Functioning lots of companies that sell licensed items for all models of German cars.

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