How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?


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The Rear bushing front arm – one of the constituent elements of the vehicle chassis. He refers to the guide elements of the suspension together with the levers endures tremendous stress with wheels. However, with this this item, there are many differences. What – further in our article.

back hob front lever

Why silent?

In English the “silent” means “quiet”. And this name was given to him on purpose. The fact that the main function of this part is the damping of oscillations that are transmitted from one node to another. Thus, reducing the power of resistance, it promotes quiet and smooth running car. The car, which is out of service rear bushing front arm, begins to emit a heart-rending sounds. Hear annoying creaking – it's time to change detail.

What is it?

The Bushing is a steel sleeve 2, between which is placed a rubber insert. Actually, because of this design it got its second name - the rubber hinge. Tremendous stress suffer both components, so the rear bushings of the front lower arms never repaired and repair kits for them. They are changing it.


If the interior of the bushings is made of steel, the outer is made of durable polyurethane. The composition of the rubber each manufacturer is different, so the price and the life of every detail relevant.

replacing the rear bushings of the front lever


The Rear bushing of the front arm can be very long, up to 100 thousand kilometers. But now on the market a lot of low quality parts that don't last more than 50 thousand kilometers. After that, the need to replace the rear bushings of the front control arm. But in General, the service life of the part is in the range from 70 to 100-110 thousand km.

rear bushings of the front lower arms

How to determine the current status of the part

To determine the serviceability of the bushings, not necessarily go to the station and seek the services of professionals. Examination and diagnosis this part can be done independently. Usually Russian motorists check the condition of the bushes every 50 thousand kilometers. Provided the state of our roads it is the maximum amount I can hold out some details, usually cheap. So, the first step is to make a visual inspection of the device and verify the integrity of the joint. On silentbloc should be formed no rubber peeling. Next, check for looseness of parts. If the rubber on silentbloc foliated or the mechanism of lyftet, you must make an urgent replacement. The installation process is not very difficult, except pressing. Here you need to apply special knowledge, tools and skills. Otherwise, everything should go easily and quickly. But after you press new rear bushing front levers and assemble all the parts into place, do not forget to make alignment of the wheels.

Ignore the replacement of this part is not necessary, as the consequences may be not only heart-rending creak while driving, but also uneven wear of the tires.

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