How to get root access at home?


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Increasingly popular smartphones based on the Android operating system. This system is free, which is why many smartphone manufacturers are creating devices that is in “green robot”. Also the system is very simple to use. But the creators only support a newly minted models, and those that came more than a year ago – stay with the old version of Android. So was invented the firmware and kernel to your smartphone was the new axle. But for this it is necessary to produce simple actions. What? This will be discussed. I will teach you how to get root to get root rights

Let's see what these rights are generally needed. There are such things as custom and stock firmware. First – those that were made by ordinary people. In fact, unofficial. And the second go together with a machine. They are made by programmers of the manufacturer. Most often custom variations made from stock. This means that it is based on a custom version and make stock. The beauty is that, for example, for the smartphone Sony you can put a OS from HTC or any other smartphone. Now, as root you need to install the most cherished firmware.

The Most important thing in the question of how to get a root-rights - decision on what firmware you need. Today there is a huge number. Make them both foreign and domestic masters. Before to install anything, read the instructions carefully and user reviews. As a rule, before any written statement that the responsibility for action with your smartphone rests solely with you and no one to root

But back to how to get root rights. It is very simple. For example, it used to do, had “dance tambourine" and today, all done in a couple of clicks away. It is very difficult to write, how to root all smartphones, because the base are different, and the actions have to produce, of course, somewhat different. But the essence is the same. You need to install the driver on the computer for your device. Then “crack” through special programs. Usually, after these steps you get super user rights (superuser). This is necessary in order to manage system files. After that, download the firmware and change what you to rootShould Also know that a firmware require custom kernel. This means that some settings you can make only when will put a special database. The main advantage of this kernel is that you can extend the functionality of a smartphone. In addition, it will be possible to "overclock" the processor. This will make the device more powerful.

To Make all of these operations are best on the laptop. If you do on a desktop computer, that is, the probability that light is turned off. But if the operation is interrupted unexpectedly, your smartphone can become a "brick". The chances that he will survive is very small.

It is Recommended to backup (save the file). Save data as you can on the card and on any cloud service. But if any important documents you have not, then do nothing.

You've learned a bit about how to obtain root-rights. The most important thing in this business is to read the instructions very carefully. If you do everything as written there, then nothing bad will happen. However, you will likely lose warranty. But it is easy to return if you put the stock firmware and bring it back to factory settings.

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