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Modern mobile technology in the form of a smartphone or tablet it is hard to imagine without it not took advantage of all the opportunities that are now offering such devices. First and foremost, we are talking of course about the Internet. Next, let's talk about how to configure the Internet for “Android”, because the device running this operating system are the most popular around the world. By and large, for Apple-gadgets installation connection settings through the services of the operator are identical and differ only in the ways of access thereto and the names menu.

How to configure Internet for “Android”: General techniques

First, let's look at the connectivity options. Set the parameters and options will depend on which connection method is selected in each case. Only two options:

  • Using access points Wi-Fi
  • Connection via mobile operator.

Despite the limited number of methods of organization connections for each of the options you can use some additional methods, each of which, as a General description, it is suggested to stay as detailed as possible.

How to connect Internet for “Android” through Wi-Fi?

So, the first and most simple method of access to the world wide web is to connect to the access point created on the router (router or ADSL modem operating in the appropriate mode). The wireless connection of this type, however, has a number of significant restrictions on the number of simultaneously connected devices, as well as the range of the routers themselves, the excess of which leads to a weakening or even complete loss of signal.

But the advantage of this connection is that the speed of the Internet for “Android” the recommended distance to the router and the minimum number of connected devices can be quite high. And it's not just the usual browsing sites, but activated in the moment downloads.

But how to connect Internet for “Android” in this way? Easy! In the settings turn on Wi-Fi (you can also use the top bar on the home screen).

Connect via wifi

Tap the connection bar to display all available networks, select if required, enter the password and click the connect button.

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It is Clear that the inclusion of free Internet for “Android” only need to know the password combination, which you can specify, for example, the administrator or the bartender. Sometimes it is even not required because the login password is not set initially.

Activate WPS

Along with wireless connection Wi-Fi should consider how to configure the Internet for “Android” so that you do not enter a password, and the name of the network even for secured connections. Yes! This is also possible!

advanced Wi-Fi settings

To do this, first you must activate the appropriate function on the mobile device using the transition in Wi-Fi settings connection advanced setup through pressing the button marked with three dots in the upper right corner.

the Activation of the WPS button

Then need to tap on the item of the WPS button, then you will receive a notification that the same button in for one minute you have to press on the router. The result will be absolutely free on the Internet for “Android”, plug-in password-less mode.

Automatic setup of Internet connection via operator

However, only such methods is not limited. After all, not the same at every corner you can find giveaway Wi-Fi. You can also use the mobile Internet. “Android” is used or another operating system on the smartphone or even the primitive telephone has the function of Network access - it doesn't matter. In this case we are talking about how to connect to the Internet using standard services provided by the mobile operator.

Just note the supported connection type (GPRS, EDGE, 2G/3G, LTE-4G). The essencesettings automatically is to submit a connection request to the operator serving the SIM card, gaining access to the voice menu corresponding to a combination of numbers with a subsequent call. A few minutes after sending a request to the device comes a special Push message, you simply tap to save the automatic settings.

Note: for “Android” the best Internet connection – 4G (only if the operator supports this standard). On some phones permit the receipt and activation of the automatic Push notifications, you must configure manually. In addition, to obtain the quick settings you can use the voice menu and SMS messages with specific codes, know which operator.

Manual setup Internet access

Finally, see how to configure the Internet for “Android” if the automatic settings are not set or use this mode on mobile device is not provided. To perform these actions in the options menu you must use the point of connection or mobile network, go to line other networks to enable data transfer and enter the settings under create a new access point.

Manual connection setup

Here are the Basic settings, authentication type and APN. They must be installed as shown in the image above. In the connection name you normally enter the name of the operator, the access point registers the Internet address of the appropriate server. We then introduce username and password, after which the connection can be used.

Note: proxy is usually not activated. The specified APN type not selected from the list and manually entered. If the port configuration is not provided, the field fill them can not touch. The savings to install a more stable connection, better to disable. All necessary parameters can be found directly on the official website of the operator or an appropriate support service.

The nuances of the settings of the 3G connection

It would Seem that this type of connection is also configured automatically. Alas, not always, and some parameters must be set independently.

setting up a 3G connection

In settings select network mode should be set to GSM/WCDMA, and on some device models and in different versions of the operating system “Android” to remove the tick from use to connect to only 2G mode.

VPN Issues

Another important question is to not only correctly configure the Internet connection, but to get full access to the resources, which for some reason may be blocked (for example, at the state level in Ukraine, North Korea or China).

To bypass such restrictions, you can install special software in the form of the VPN client. You can use three types of applications:

  • Browser extension;
  • TOR browser;
  • The client for the entire system.

The Third option is most preferable, because it allows not only to surf the Internet, but also to ensure the performance of applications that require a connection, but the sites of their respective developers or major functionality may be blocked. For example, this applies to client health Mail.Ru Agent for which basic service resource Mail.Ru Ukraine is locked.

Instead of an epilogue

Actually, that's all that concerns the main methods of configuring Internet access from a mobile device. As for the practical use, of course, the preference should be given to connections based on 3G/4G as they have the maximum access speed and stability, but again, only under the condition that the operator supports such technology.

The Disadvantage is that this connection can be charged for traffic, but many operators offer starter packs, which initially is the use of a certain free limit. In this respect, a connection via Wi - Fi seems to be more acceptable.

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