What are the key journal "virus" and how are they used?


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Coffee keys, called license from the official developer, the term of which lasts up to 45 days. There are many such solutions, however, the activators may differ. That is why, before proceeding to the choice of keys, you should familiarize yourself with the main provisions that will help to determine what solution suits a particular situation best. Coffee keys "Kaspersky" download is easy, but the choice should be approached wisely. For this we recommend to study this material.

For what magazine key? "The virus" (2014): features key usage

coffee keys KasperskyToday, software producers use the term “magazine key” as synonymous. For many developers it is a way to force the potential buyer to purchase their product. Initially offering “free” license, they try to induce the customer to install their software. Of course, in terms of a temporary use such keys provide an excellent opportunity to try before buying. Coffee keys "virus" was created for that purpose.

The main advantage is the ability to legally use the software. The limitation appears only in the term of access. In most cases it is one month, however, many manufacturers in promotions and offer other solutions. Sometimes it gets tempting. Antivirus "Kaspersky" – one of the most popular offerings today.

The Types of the log keys

magazine key Kaspersky antivirusBefore you decide to use the coffee key, you should weigh all «over» and «against». So, the average cost antivirus for a year is about 1000. Some developers offer more favorable (or Vice versa) solution. If we proceed from this figure, we can easily calculate that the cost of anti-virus usage per month is about 90 rubles. For this amount the user gets the guarantee and confidence, but if finances still tight then you should think about installing a coffee key.

At the moment there are 3 ways to activate the anti-virus software

This methods such as:

- purchase a license;
- temporary activation using the log key;
- update program, using illegal keys.

Of Course, each user has the right to make a choice. However, it is not recommended to use keys that are illegally proposed by some resources. This is due to many factors. There is no guarantee that antivirus software will not fail in the crucial moment. No one can give guarantees and that the compromised program will not harm the system. Of course, there is the possibility to check the keys on other machines, but before you will be discovered a suitable option that might be damaged several systems. The game simply is not worth the candle.

Within which the term operates coffee key? "The virus" (antivirus): debunking the legends

magazine key Kaspersky 2014

There is a lot of speculation regarding this. You should not believe the information that many coffee keys "virus" is able to work for several years. First, the period of operation of the system should not be this amount of time. Annually, the OS needs to be updated. This helps to maintain machine operation. Is too old system is always to function poorly, which would have no been set.

As for the antivirus, the validity of the log key lasts less than a month (or specified by the manufacturer term). No burglars will not help to change that.

The validity of the license key – no more than two years. No manufacturer produces a license in excess of this figure. Coffee keys "Kaspersky" is no exception.

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