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Mismatched earrings can not only to age or not to approach the color of the hair, face, eyes, but sometimes even cause irritation, headaches. That is a responsible approach to the choice of these decorations, regardless of whether they buy themselves or for a gift. On what criteria you should pay attention to when buying earrings?


Of Course, the most valuable are the earrings made of gold and platinum, but here it is important to consider and test. If it is higher 585, it means that the alloy has a 58.5 per cent pure gold, this ornament will not interact with the skin. Platinum – gold 950, there's no such thing. If a sample of gold earrings 585 below, these products can leave a mark on the skin, to oxidize from her and turn green or turn black. It is believed that the higher silver 925 a beneficial effect on the skin, it even disinfects the water, but sometimes this kind of metal may cause irritation if closely connected with the earlobe. Any jewelry made of precious metals you can choose for the service Http:// The value of the earrings depends not only on the sample of the metal, but the weight of the decoration.

Jewelry can not be worn on a daily basis, especially earrings. Beautiful massive necklace with variety of stones may be appropriate for a specific celebration, but every day they are not suitable because they irritate the skin.

The Castle

It so Happens that the girl is passionate about appearance earrings, but pays no attention to castle. Easy to wear earrings with English lock, omega, ring, but the stud lock can RUB the lobes or released, if the suspension is massive.

Metal Color

Along with the traditional yellow gold jewelry, jewelry can have red, black, white shade metal. It all depends on the alloy, which is used to give color.


Sometimes the stone in the earrings is more expensive than its socket. The value of a stone is determined by carats and transparency. Than the more turbid stone has, the less valuable. The earrings are most commonly used such stones when making – pearl, Topaz, tourmaline, diamond, amethyst and others.

It is Worth noting that pearl will not be transparent, and the value of it is determined by the fact that it is artificial or cultured. Artificial pearls after a short period of time gets scratched, it becomes dull. Cultured pearls are bred in the same way as a real one, on special farms, mostly in Asian countries. It is durable and does not differ from the present.

One of the most valuable stones is the diamond. A few small pebbles will cost ten times cheaper than the big one. In the domestic diamond grading there are 6 groups of purity, each of which represents an ideal stone, or it could have defects. To influence the price and quality of the cut.

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