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Today in the closet of many the ladies have a scarf a stole and it is not surprising, because he's still not out of fashion. This accessory is not only beautiful, but comfortable, especially on a cool day, which is in such high demand. How to tie a tippet on the neck

It Often happens that the knotted tippet on the neck, but it can easily be used as a headdress. This accessory can dramatically change your image. Usually, this accessory is used in order to make a competent and eye-catching accent in the form of a woman. It can be used to make your outfit something bright, thus attracting the attention of others. Now manufacturers offer a huge range not only in size, fabric, but also texture and color.

Often, However, the question arises: “How to tie a tippet on the neck?”. This is what will be discussed next. the easiest way to wrap the product around the neck, and the ends to tuck under the collar. However, do not overtighten the product is too tight, make a loose loop, leaving a slight negligence. This option can also change, throwing one end over the back.

How to tie a tippet on the neck otherwise? The following method is very simple - just fling it on the shoulders. Of course, have to “donate” the top part of your outfit, so think carefully about all parts of the image. This option will look more elegant, if your scarf has the original edge.Scarf tippet

There is a youth version: loop both ends of the forward and the waist fasten the tippet strap. However, be careful that the scarf is not sticking out from under the belt, because otherwise you will look sloppy.

How to tie a tippet on the neck original? Fold the item in half, place it on the shoulders and slip the ends in a loop. In this case, the node is possible to loosen or tighten under the neck (if your scarf has a small width). To beat outfit and brooch. Again, a word of advice: if your tippet has bright colors, should not “hung” it is still a huge brooch, it should be reserved for plain handkerchief.

Silk scarf tippet can be tied on the neck in a bow. To start, place the appliance on the shoulders, leaving one end longer than the other. Then tighten the loose knot. Longer the end gather in the accordion and tie it short, while hiding the tails. The scarf can be tied in a loop (it must be long). neck TippetFold it in half and loop on the shoulders. One end of the thread in the passage formed, and then deploy the “design” and pass into it the other end. If you have a shawl with fringe, try to fold it in half and throw on the shoulders, and then collect the ends into an accordion and tie their fringe. And in the end just pull the resulting “flower” in the loop.

Hope this insight helped you in this difficult matter, and to puzzle over how to tie tippet on the neck, no longer have. And most importantly – don't be afraid to experiment, to invent their own new versions. After all, imagination is better than any lessons.

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