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In every woman's wardrobe should be basic pieces that will never go out of fashion and at the same time look perfect on the figure. One of such garments is a cashmere coat. It wins the hearts of fashionistas for many years. And designers and then present a new model of cashmere for spring, autumn and winter periods. Let us consider a model range of cashmere coats and manufacturers who offer ladies their own design.

History cashmere

People always love cashmere for its soft and warm structure. It is made from fine goat down. Initially, this material began to produce in the region called Kashmir-a territory between India and Pakistan. Once the cashmere has appeared a couple of centuries ago, it instantly gained wide popularity in European countries. The demand for it has not lost its relevance in our days thanks to its special properties. Matter is easy to handle, soft. Obtained from it are very warm items of clothing, in particular boots and winter coat.

Long cashmere coat


As designers and fashionistas converge in opinion, that cashmere coat creates an elegant and sophisticated look. What are its basic styles? Cashmere coat can be single-breasted and double-breasted. In the first case, a single row of fasteners (buttons, rivets), in another – two and several rows. Also different floors – the single breasted, they just touch and double breasted “come” each other. Consider the most popular to date models cashmere coat.

The English style, or Charms

This feature is inherent in the lack of seam on the shoulder, while the sleeve has the name “Raglan”. Charms is also a stand-up collar, which has always been the synonym of mystery. Classic types of coats are produced mainly in three basic colors (white, gray, black), since this is the natural colouring of animals.

Autumn cashmere coat

Duffle coat

Cashmere coat style duffle coat, like the first option is considered to be the invention of the British. It's more sporty variant of the coat, as comfortable to wear, allows you to move actively. This is especially encouraged by the lovers of sports. What are the characteristics deflate? It is the presence of a hood, loose fit and the sleeve length three-quarters.

Cashmere cardigan

Instead of buttons there are mainly build long zipper, and the product has a decent neckline. Most cardigans are sewn with a MIDI length and side off a variety of decor.

Cocoon Coat

The Product is a boxy, narrowed towards the bottom, resembling a cocoon. It has no marked waist and the waist, length is average. Although the style is free, it's a perfect fit on any body type, except for too fat women.

what combination of cashmere coat


The name of the model is obtained thanks to the similarity with Bathrobe – be sure to include a belt. It can be of different widths, depending on the ideas of the designer. The model is made as the average length and the length of the floor ideal for various situations. Girls and women of different height can safely opt for this coat as it is absolutely everything.

Coat with hood

This option is very useful in windy and rainy weather, as it allows you to instantly protect your health. Currently designers give preference to large, oversized hood types.

Winter coat

Modern fashion designers offer ladies to wear in the cold period of the winter coat cashmere. It is no less warm than fur or sheepskin, and in addition does not pass wind. Spectacular winter options with a fur collar look solid and expensive. As fur producers use trim Alpaca, Fox, mink, sable and so on.

Cashmere cardigan

Offers fashion

In this season to replace bright, flashy colors the designers of many brands it is a romantic mood, and with it a calm tone. So popular now milky, black, beige, brick shades, and chocolate pearl. In addition, some designers looked at the calm and green, pastel pink and pastel bluecolors. Romantic nature will like this kind of fashion, but do not despair lovers of bold images. So, some of the fashion house has launched a new product – multicolor coat.

The New trend of the coming season will be a cashmere coat with a colorful floral print. Such fashion houses as Moschino, Eudon Choi, Dolce&Gabbana, offer fashionistas the drawings on the coat in the shape of small flowers. Another direction for future spring season will be silver color, Golden color and turquoise and green. For example, well-known brands Rochas, Paul Smith, Temperley London show similar shades in their collections. Considerable attention is paid to applications and embroideries.

How to wear a cashmere coat

Coat brand Milhan

The Company Milhan also bet on cashmere coats, as it relates to the products of the highest standard. The assortment of the brand includes products for business women and products for romantic encounters: from cropped coats to long styles. Not bypassed designers with their attention to the classics and the latest trends in the fashion world. In this season, the company is pleased with the fashionistas with their warm models and released winter coat women cashmere. With the fur it looks more subtle and elegant, and gives the image warmth.

As for the color palette, the company produces coat all pastel tones, neutral (black, white, grey), as well as rich: crimson, mustard-colored, Burgundy, Marsala, purple, blue, etc.

The buyers of goods of this company, here is a good ratio of "price-quality". Besides, ladies of all ages can pick up a model according to your taste and figure.

Winter cashmere coat with fur

Reviews about coat Gepur

One of the most famous in Europe and CIS countries, brand Gepur also offered the ladies a choice of several variations cashmere coat. Among the models, especially loved by young girls, is to provide a coat with an asymmetrical hem and single-button closure. On the collar there is fur that comes off easily and the product already looks different. About this model on many websites, leaving only the positive reviews, which speak of good quality material, comfortable fit, unusual cut. Besides, ladies are changing the way, picking up this coat different scarves or stoles. The number of faults recorded only low-quality fur.

What combination of cashmere coat

To look decent, you need to properly combine things like in color and in structure. Slender ladies can easily choose a short coat made of cashmere. This model will make a good pencil skirt or a dress in this style. A more practical option might be, if you replace the skirt, tapered trousers or denim jeans.

Classic was a combination of "black warm pants plus cashmere women's coat with fur", and any color. Of course, this image is suitable only for the frosty time of year.

Long coats less of a problem, as it is suitable for almost any garment, with the exception of flared or sports pants.

There was a particular need choice scarf and headpiece. For example, women's cashmere coat (winter) can be combined with fur hood or warm set. Here, however, must take into account the colour of the cashmere.

Short cashmere coat

As for shoes, the classical models coat look appropriate boots or shoes with high heels, including stiletto heel, high platform or wide heels. But if the lady used to wear shoes with flat soles, it is better to wear a sports version of the coat.

The style stand collar suit long earrings original earrings. Individual focus can be a handbag. Her coloring should be either similar to the color of the headdress, scarf, or Vice versa – have a bright color and stand out against the background of the coat. Cashmere with fur robe also looks good with shoes and accessories made of genuine leather.

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