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Handbags Valentino – the ultimate dream of many fashionistas because the Italian brand is synonymous with luxury and femininity. It is a stylish accessory that can emphasize an elaborate way to Supplement it, be the final touch.Valentino bags

Valentino Garavani

Handbags Valentino Garavani can rightly be called a classic, in front of which is powerless time. This legendary Italian designer, more than half a century, creates the joy of the people. His talent is amazing: everything he touches, turns on the highest level. Whatever he created, be it clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, everything is like demanding public.

The designer passionately in love with the fashion, but also interested in architecture and painting. Valentino studied in Milan, then in Paris, where he earned a victory in the prestigious competition International Wool Secretariat and met Jean Dessaix. Own brand of genius was founded in 1960, and the first store opened on Via Condotti-the famous shopping street in Rome.

The famous Valentino Garavani? Impeccable taste, courage, femininity, elegance of form. In the midst of the mega-popular mini-skirts he is a fashion model Maxi length, black-and-white contrast and dress the color of blood – bold and outrageous as he is. They still are popular with not only celebrities, but ordinary girls all over the world.bags Valentino Orlandi

Handbags Valentino

The Legendary, the wizard creates a collection of accessories for another. They can find like a miniature clutch bags, and enormous trunks. He is not afraid of experiments with design, size, decor and color. Its products are made from the finest materials: genuine leather and suede as well as rare leathers with an unexpected print or trim. Hardware only the best quality: it will last long, always in a good marketable condition and to fit perfectly into the concept of bags.

The accessories of the legendary Italian brand still has one big disadvantage-the high price. Fortunately, for many fashionistas there is an alternative in the form of a copy of handbags Valentino. If they are high quality, little inferior to the original, and sometimes to find the differences between them only by a professional. But the cost of the replicas are quite inexpensive, so to afford such a product can each girl. There are shops which spetsializiruyutsya by selling copies of branded products and offer a really worthwhile product.copy handbags Valentino

Valentino Orlandi

In 1974 the world saw bags Valentino Orlandi. The name of this Italian designer is not to be confused with his legendary namesake. This man entered the fashion industry sure step and immediately fell in love with their creativity. This brand includes an amazing leather stuff: accessories, bags, shoes and other accessories.

It is Worth noting that the emergence of this brand was natural, as the family Valentino Orlandi for many years engaged in tanning, and knew about this process, everything. Valentino, in addition to this knowledge, possessed talent of a fashion designer, so every thing from him like a miracle. Factories used the old methods of skin treatment, apply the secrets that have been passed down from generation tanners to a new generation. Also, the company is not complacent and is continuously looking for new, improve process, introduce innovations.Valentino bags

Instead of an epilogue

Handbags Valentino – it is definitely a classic of the genre, the desired object of millions of women the planet and elegant gift for your favorite ladies. When looking for the perfect accessory, the ladies quickened heart beats, eyes light up, a smile itself is assembled on the lips. She becomes like a Queen, and it's truly amazing.

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