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Clothing has always been considered the best. This excellent quality and fashion trends in one. But today, to buy clothes and shoes of famous brands not everyone can afford. To the rescue came the discount clothing in Moscow. There you can find and buy high quality stuff for ridiculous money.

What is the discount center?

Located in the discount clothing stores in Moscow, the buyer has the opportunity to buy quality branded items at much less price than they cost in retail stores. In other words - this is the collective boutique, which presents things from 20-40 brands.

How does the drain?

The Remnants of past collections from high-end boutiques sell at low prices in stock stores or distribute the discount centers. The cost of things, shoes and accessories in these boutiques has a price in two or even three times lower than the original. The only disadvantage of the store is that you can't always find all sizes of one model. But having a wide choice of models, discounts of clothing in Moscow does not lose customers. Here everyone can choose their clothes according to the desired size and individual preferences.

Where to look for DC?

Discount clothing in Moscow can be divided into five main centers:

  • "Olympic";

  • "Ordzhonikidze";

  • Outlet Village

  • "Savelovskaya";

  • "Avtozavodskaya".

"Olympic" DTS

One of the largest Metropolitan discount centres is in SK "Olympic". To find the entrance into it easy. Those wishing to visit the drain, you will need to focus on the sign shop Calvin Klein and Mexx. The first section presents a good selection of dresses and handbags. The latter can be purchased for almost nothing on the window sills of the second hall. For only 600 rubles, you can buy delicious clutch bag an expensive brand.


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discount clothing stores in Moscow

To Buy underwear in the basement of a discount. For example, in Oasis. Walking up the stairs, the buyer enters the discount clothing firms Part Two and Inwear. Chic dresses with 80% discount can cost up to 1000 rubles, with a starting cost of 6-10 thousand.

A Small boutique Crocs, which is near offers inexpensive high-quality shoes in the average of 1200 per pair.

To get to DC is easy. Near the metro station "Prospect Mira" SK "Olympic" it is easy to notice!

discount Primark

DTS na Ordzhonikidze

For those who are looking for discount sportswear in Moscow and not only, is to go to a huge building on Ordzhonikidze. In the premises of the former machine tool plant on Leninsky Prospekt, you can get lost among the abundance of clothes. So you should pre-plan their purchases.

Sports equipment can be found in huge discount Sportmaster. Discounts there is minor - only 20-40%. But in the boutique has a rack of clothing from the category of "total sale". In this place you can buy quality equipment from Nike, Puma or clothing with a discount of 70-80%. If you need casual clothing (discount Moscow), go to the People, Lawine, Savage, Paninter. There you will find trendy sweatshirts, bright blouses and stylish dresses for 200 rubles. Kapricci discount offer cheap shoes all kinds of styles at an affordable price.

clothing discount Moscow

"Savelovskaya" DTS

It is in "Zavalevska" you can deal exclusively with shopping. The building stores you don't have to admire the architecture of the room, to consider the items of furniture or household appliances for the home. More than 1000 shops of clothes and shoes arranged one behind the other around the perimeter of a discount center. Allowing you to enjoy shopping at the "Savelovskaya", not switching attention to another. Ample Parking allows to Park the car right outside DC. Also convenient to get to the "Savelevskaya" from the underground.

discount sports clothing in Moscow

The best deals from Magazinov:

  • Adidas;

  • Puma;

  • Reebok;

  • Colin's;

  • Mascotte;

  • Lacoste;

  • SOHO;

  • Savage;

  • Superstep;

  • Tommy Hilfiger and others.

The savings may reach 80-90%. This means that things are given for nothing!

"Savelovskaya" is also the discount children's clothes in Moscow. Whole rows of shops for children, in which all that is required kids of all ages. This:

  • Strollers, Cribs, diapers, baby food - for infants;

  • Car seats, toys, bikes - for preschoolers;

  • Stationery, school uniforms for schoolchildren;

  • Clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, designed for children of all ages.

DC is within walking distance from the metro station "Leninsky prospect".

Outlet "village" in the suburbs

The Outlet "village Belaya Dacha" shopping center similar to European outlets. Perfect building discount hides a series of glamorous shops with contrast discount. Here you can always buy jeans Levis at half price. But to buy a luxury bag before the last collection of Michael Kors will have no more than a concession of 20-30%. Boutiques Mango, Villeroy & Boch, Accessorize, La Perla, Furla considered to be most beneficial.

discount children's clothes in Moscow

This DTS is not far from Moscow at the address: g. Kotelniki, Novoryazanskoe highway 8.


The Discount center for Masterkova, 4 called "Avtozavodskaya" offers a wide variety of boutiquessports and casual clothing. Here you will meet good "benefits" for apparel brands:

  • Ecco

  • Adidas

  • The Reebok.

Discount store "Kangaroo" offers all the necessary products for expectant mother and children of different ages. The maintenance of the boutiques and reasonable discount will not leave anyone without attention. Store "ECCO" you can buy high-quality modern shoes for each day at the price twice and even three times lower than the original. Shopping "Adidas" and "Reebok" will delight buyers of sportswear year-round discount of 40%.

DC is the metro of the same name "Avtozavodskaya".

discount stores in Moscow Avtozavodskaya

As you can see, the discount of clothing in Moscow is varied and available to almost all buyers. Almost all of them are within walking distance from the metro and public transport, and to get there is with your family to make a profitable shopping in a big way. And in between - to visit cafes and restaurants to recharge. For restless shopaholics the age of 12 in discount centres nurseries. Large selection of clothing brands which can be purchased at incredibly low prices, every day attracts Moscow residents and guests in the capital of the discounts.

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