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In the 50-60-ies on the streets of London often to be found representatives of youth subcultures, who called themselves mods. It was the glory days of the Beatles, so young men of that time borrowed their style: dressed "to the nines", listened to music, read books. They were careful and moderate in everything except something new, which they absorbed with great enthusiasm and even with a certain obsession. In particular, mods have taken to British fashion and the English brands, so one of them quickly entered and Fred Perry, the clothing which you often see on the mod.

No wonder that football fans also in a short time, appeared the clothes Fred Perry. With mods they are United by the same obsession and passion with which they were given favorite activities. For football fans it was a sport. First and foremost, they have chosen parks Fred Perry as the most practical, but at the same time stylish outerwear, it fully met their requirements, because football fans are not less attention to fashion than the fashion. So, Fan men's parka had to be name brand, because it guaranteed stylish design, unprecedented durability and longevity of the products. Why was it so important to fans? Yeah because in the stands from time to time there were fights, and the clothes suffered from these fights first and foremost.

Fan Park Fred PerryFan parks now meet the requirements of the time: they are comfortable, practical, comfortable and can be worn in any weather, regardless of the presence of precipitation. The top fabric always corresponds to the properties of moisture resistance and strength, and inside almost always have either a warm lining, or reliable insulation, especially for winter. However, in the collections of the brand found even Spring Park Fred Perry, and it means that it is made of water-repellent materials, including on the hood, but she may not be the heater, because in the spring it is not always necessary. One of these spring models became Park "fishtail" hem which is elongated and somewhat in the shape of the tail of a fish. This style looks very original, especially since this Park is a transformer and can be easily redone in the classic style with buttons.

Fans, no matter what they fanateyut from music or football attached to their passions, and therefore the brand Fred Perry is an integral part of their style. The reason for this long relationship lies in the careful attention of the brand to your fans. It takes into account their needs and wishes, but because parks Fred Perry are the ideal solution for those looking for a signature style. It is always excellent quality, excellent style, practicality and relevance, following fashion trends. Parks Fred Perry are the epitome of masculine style, a reflection of the trends of modern fashion, while in their collections, everyone feels a commitment to tradition. That's why they appreciate the older generation that caught the 60s, and young people.

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