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Mortgage as a phenomenon has attracted as much attention and social disturbances, how much once was paid to privatization, vouchers and other such state changes.

After hearing many opinions, stories from friends, promising news from the banks, everyone has an opinion of this kind of loan. But the main question that many have not been able myself to answer – whether to take out a mortgage – still waiting for objective assessment of the situation. Ask for it not to specialists of banks not to the citizens who have received a refusal or an approval, after which the circumstances have changed suddenly for the worse. Each of these people can not give an objective answer. Contact the people who deal with mortgages every day, and not only aware of all her advantages, but also challenges the issuance and repayment of debt.

Such a person is the mortgage broker or expert in mortgage lending. He does not give a clear answer to our question – whether to take out a mortgage, – and tell in which situations it is worth, and what is not.

Let's Start with the most pleasant situation, which in our country is rare. People take out a mortgage, if not their homes, and the income allows you to repay the monthly payments in the amount of from 15 to 20 thousand rubles, without prejudice to the family budget. This is the ideal Bank to the borrower, and it occurs once per 100 customers (if not less).

Whether to take out a mortgage if there is no property, but you do an excellent job with a rent of 9-10 thousand rubles, but no more? Monthly loan payments will be about the same if you rent one-room apartment in the new house (the Builder or the investor – as long as it's legal person). This is the best option mortgage program. If you are a bachelor, or young couple or single-parent family with one child – mortgages for you the best output, than renting an apartment.

Also, take a Mortgage to improve their living conditions, move to another district or city. In this case, a large amount of money, you do not need, you need only the difference between the cost of apartments sold and purchased (as a rule, the amount of 300 thousand rubles). And you may well get large nepotisim loan. Although the rates on this loan higher, but the repayment period is much less than requirements to the borrower.

To Get a mortgage in the Bank is quite difficult. This would require a list of documents, a lot of patience and time. The Bank declines the mortgage quite often. And the main causes of failure are a bad credit history, a criminal record, the lack of income you could somehow prove. But there are programs more loyal. For example, the Bank provides a mortgage even with a bad history, but on the condition that the delay was not more than 1 month and do not exceed more than 5.

A Mortgage is not worth taking, if your life significant changes: retirement, divorce, change of job, waiting for the addition in the family. And if your source of income is unreliable: in the event of a loss will arise overdue payments, and then you can lose the purchased apartment. Then you will be left with nothing.

If after this you are still unable to determine whether or not to take out a mortgage, then you should consult with a specialist.

In cities of our country there are many brokerage firms, in almost every real estate Agency have specialists in mortgage lending. Advice on mortgages is usually free of charge. But if you don't trust the intermediaries, you can always contact the Bank employee in the mortgage Department. But don't be limited to consultation only in one Bank. For a complete picture it is better to bypass all offices in your city, and may in the regional center in your area. Only then you will know if the mortgage for you and whether will give it to you. It is always better to know than to regret that missed opportunity.

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