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The First national Russian plastic card was released in December of 2015. However, still many are unclear of where to obtain the national payment card "the World". Devote this article a detailed answer to this question.

About the map "World"

NPCs ("national system of payment cards") was established as a reaction to failures in the service cards of "Visa" and "Master Card" in 2014, what was the reason for the imposition of sanctions against Russia. Objectives the NPS is simple and meaningful at the same time:

  • Trouble-free processing cards of international payment systems in Russia.
  • The Creation of a national payment card "the World", which would give its owners the assurance that the foreign situation will not affect their access to their savings.

where to get a map of the world

With the plastic "Peace", you have the following:

  • Deposit and withdraw cash at the ATM.
  • Transfer savings from "World" to another card or Bank account.
  • Make the payment in the terminal, online banks, mobile applications of any goods and services.
  • Transfer funds to all the existing e-wallets.
  • Shop online.
  • To Pay for goods and services abroad (if you have kobegenova card has the logo "World" and other payment system in place of your trip).

where can I get a map of the world

The Creators cared about the guaranteed safety and absolute protection against counterfeiting, so an increasing number of citizens wondering where to get a map of the "World" of the national system. The security elements include:

  • Modern chip securely stores information about the owner.
  • Brand hologram "Peace".
  • The ruble Sign, visible on the map in ultraviolet light.
  • The Signature of the card holder on the back.

Card is accepted 1.5 thousand ATMs and more than 100 thousand terminals throughout the country. Almost every point it is already possible to pay with it. After 2-3 years, the creators plan to bring your product to the world market.


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Pros and cons

Before you tell me where to get the card "the World" will introduce you to its main advantages and disadvantages.


Free emission.

In some credit institutions a small fee for the service "Mobile banking".

The prevalence of service points - including in the Crimea.

The Independence of access to their money from foreign political situation, sanctions, etc.

Card comes out cheaper for the same "Visa" or "Master Card", and some banks even more.

Not in all settlements there are ATMs, which accept the card, and outlets ready to take her for payment.

In addition to kobegenovich, the rest of the cards are useless abroad.

The Currency in which to store savings, only the ruble.

Reviews of many users suggests that the system is still somewhat "raw" - not all ATMs accept the card, can happen failure, error etc.

Talk a Little bit about the development prospects of the national payment system.

"World" in the future

In the near future, the NPS is planning the following:

  • Integration with the leading banks of the CIS countries.
  • Global expansion of points of reception and service of cards in Russia.
  • Release cards.
  • Free payroll cards.
  • The Ability to order obtain plastic through the Internet.
  • The Launch of a special partnership program for attracting new holder to the owner of the card "the World" will earn certain bonuses.
  • Introduction of technology 3D-secure to pay for virtual items.
  • Introduction of options, the cash back return 10-15% of the amount of purchases on your card.
  • Access to the international market.

payment card world where to obtain

Currently Available types of cards

Interested in where to obtain maps of the "World" will show you what kinds of are available for registration today:

  • Debit: it can be prepaid and debit. Transactions are made only in online mode. If you wish, you can order the "impersonal" version (without owner information).
  • Classic: together with the standard version available "Privilege" and "Privilege". The owners opened a complete package of operations including purchases in stores and online stores.
  • Premium: in addition to access to its cash accounts, to make purchases in conventional and virtual stores, the owner also gets an impressive amount of privilege - cashback, extra bonuses, free SMS notification, personal support.

Are made as well pension, private payroll (monthly interest accrued on the balance).

national map of the world where to obtain

At points where you can get the card "the World", it is also possible to order cabading version, released in collaboration with national an international system. These cards allow you to settle abroad. Currently available options:

  • UnionPay;
  • JCB;
  • Master Card

Where to get a map Mir: list of issuing banks

Today produces and maintains the "World" 131 Russian Bank. Among thisnumbers:

  • Sberbank of Russia;
  • "Tinkoff";
  • "URALSIB";
  • "Alfa-Bank";
  • "the Ural Bank for reconstruction and development";
  • UniCredit;
  • VTB;
  • "Mail Bank";
  • "Binbank";
  • "home Loan";
  • "Snezhinskiy";
  • "Open"
  • "VTB 24";
  • "Gazprombank"
  • "SMP-Bank";
  • "MTS-Bank";
  • "Sovkombank";
  • "Swazi-Bank";
  • "Rosselhozbank";
  • "ROSBANK";
  • "Rajffajzenbank";
  • "Promsvyazbank" and mn. etc.

Banks-participants of the program "the World" (national service card) 356, which is slightly less than 60% of their total number.

 map of the system of the world where to obtain

Consider the conditions and the procedure for obtaining a cards using the most common example is Sberbank. In other credit organizations described proceeds in a similar way.

Get the card in Sberbank of Russia

Sberbank is one of the credit organisations, where to obtain payment card "the World" easier. The future holder must meet some simple requirements:

  • To Be older than 14 years.
  • Be a citizen of the Russian Federation. Foreigners, too, can become owners of a card, but statements from them are considered individually.
  • Have a permanent registration on the territory of Russia.
  • When making a social card to receive pension to have the appropriate documents.

 where to get a map of the world national system

So, where to obtain the national map of "the World"? This can be done in the nearest branch of Sberbank of Russia.

Order of the cards in the savings Bank

As we mentioned, the procedure for obtaining a similar algorithm process at all banks-issuers. Once you have decided where to map "the World", you need to do the following:

  1. Contact the Bank with your passport. If you need a social security card, you additionally have to have a certificate of accrual pension provision.
  2. Data provided By the employee, make and print a statement. The task of the client to check the correctness of entered data and certify it with his signature.
  3. Making maps - a matter of only 1-3 days. About her willingness, the future owner will notify the SMS message that will be sent to the mobile number specified in the statement.
  4. IN the TEXT will indicate the date when the card will be delivered to the Bank. This usually occurs 3-7 days.
  5. In the given day to be a Bank, always with a passport.
  6. Be prepared to come up with a PIN you will need to enter for card activation. Be sure to remember these figures. I do not advise them anywhere to write, and especially to disclose to third parties - even to the employees of the Bank!

where to get national payment card world

If you ordered a card online, then you need to follow the given algorithm, starting with the third paragraph.

Service Tariffs in the savings Bank

Imagine the table highlights relating to service conventional and social cards, "Peace" in the savings Bank.

Name serviceFor a regular card, RUBFor social security cards, RUB
First year750No charge
Subsequent years of service450No charge
Daily withdrawal limit150 00050 000
Monthly withdrawal limit1 500 000500 000

In Sberbank ATMs - free of charge.

In other ATMs - 1.25% of the amount.

Cash withdrawal

Before reaching the daily limit - free of charge.

If the limit is exceeded - 0.5% of the exceeding amount.

Withdrawal other ATMs - Commission in 1% of the amount (social card).

Re-issue the fault of the owner15030
Account statement15No charge

Where to obtain the card "the World"? In one of the 131 Russian banks. Every month their number will increase. Also become a cardholder at any branch of the most common "green Bank."

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