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Table of contents:

70 the account is designed to summarize all data on remuneration of employees. It takes into account the various bonuses, allowances, reflects the operation of pensions, and to pay profits on securities of the company. In this publication the reader will learn a lot of interesting information about the account “the payments to employees in the wage”, correspondence, balance, and master the material will help the examples.

What is reflected by 70 loan

70 Credit account "payments to employees for remuneration,” captures the following:

  • The accrual of salaries to employees;
  • Funds accrued due to the formed reserve for vacation pay (Д96/K70);
  • Assessments due to transfers to the Fund of social protection of citizens and other similar amounts (Д69/K70);
  • The profit arising from participation in the capital of the company (D84/K70).account 70

The Debit of account 70

70 the debit account reflects cash paid out, which may include benefits, bonuses, wages, and profits from investments in the capital of the company. This takes into account taxes, payments under Executive documents and other deductions. By fixing the amounts accrued, but not paid in a certain period because of absence of the recipient (Д70/K76.3). Analytical accounting under the account is conducted on each employee of the organization.account 70

Mailings debit

70 account "payments to employees for remuneration,” interacts debit the following accounts:

  • "cash" (50);
  • "a current account" (51);
  • The"Currency account" (52);
  • "Special accounts in banks" (55);
  • "Settlements on taxes and duties" (68);
  • "Calculations on social insurance and social security" (69);
  • "Calculations with accountable persons" (71);
  • "Settlements with personnel on other operations" (73);
  • "Calculations with different debtors and creditors" (76);
  • "Intra-organizational settlements" (79);
  • "Shortage and loss from damage of values" (94).

invoice transactions 70

Example of business operations

To better understand what you can make using a score of 70 transactions, you should familiarize yourself with several examples.


The payment of wages (cash) personnel in accordance with the relevant documentation.


On the Bank account of the employees gross salary (based on extracts)


Salary special Bank accounts


The Repayment of the cost of workwear by the employee according to the statement.


Results branded clothing to staff

Д70/K68 personal income tax

The Operation of income tax deductions an organization


A donation of clothing to the courier enterprise


The Reflection of deductions from salaries of the guilty citizens


The Absence of debt on payment and account closure

Correspondence loan

Account 70 interacts on loan from the following accounts:

  • "Investments in non-current assets" (08);
  • "Primary production" (20);
  • "production costs" (25);
  • "General expenses" (26);
  • "Serving the production and economy" (29);
  • "selling Expenses" (44);
  • "Calculations on social insurance and social security" (69);
  • "Calculations with different debtors and creditors" (76);
  • "Intra-organizational settlements" (79);
  • "Marriage in production" (28);
  • "retained profit (uncovered loss)" (84);
  • "other income and expenses" (91);
  • "provisions for liabilities and charges" (96);
  • The"deferred Expenses" (97);
  • "Profit and loss" (99).

credit account 70


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Examples of commercial loan operations

In an accounting practice account 70 is used in different cases. In the table are considered part of them.


The Operation of payroll employees, performing the actual repairs


Write off the cost of investments in non-current assets


Accounting for the costs of the enterprise, associated with purchase of fixed assets


Accrued cash employees, engaged in service production and of different types of farms.


The Recognition of expenses for restoration of fixed assets as future expenses


And money Transferred to employees providing sales


Accrued cash salary people involved in dismantling of equipment


The Implementation of expenses for payment of labour

Account Balance

In most casesthe balance of the account 70 credit means debt of the enterprise before staff. According to the structure in the General case, the account is passive and is reflected in the relevant section of the balance sheet. In practice, however, there are situations when the cash advance is greater than the accrued wages for the month. This may be the result of a confluence of particular circumstances or arithmetic errors (incorrect calculation and transfer of salaries), then the employee will have to return the money, and the balance is recorded in the debit.

account balance 70

Calculation of remuneration of staff in the system 1C

Calculate a salary correctly in the program «1C: Salary and Personnel” possible while respecting the sequence of the location of all the required data in the database. The calculation results are recorded in a payroll register. Some organizations give salary on account cash warrants, which are discharged on each worker. To avoid errors, users of the system 1C, it is recommended to count all the numbers in the payroll, and grant money on the required documents.

For the compilation of accounting documents in the program 1C need to open the menu “Reports” and choose the appropriate option. The document can be in the whole enterprise or within a specific division and group staff. The order of reflection data in the calculation sheet:

  1. Is the sequence number of the entry in the column No. 1.
  2. In the columns No. 2-5, enter information about the employee. It can be viewed from the section "Reference" (personnel number, surname and initials, title or occupation, the wage rate or salary).
  3. Based on the register of working time, in column No. 6 of recorded data on the number of actual days in the period, and No. 7 worked in the holiday time and weekends.
  4. Displays information about the charges for the current month for the types of payment (section 8-12), as well as the calculation of deductions from amounts.
  5. In the column No. 13 is the amount of tax payable in the present month.
  6. Collects data on other deductions from the salary of the worker (column No. 14): the repayment of the loan, alimony, Union dues, etc.
  7. In column No. 15 concludes.
  8. In column No. 16 it is shown the company's debt (debt of the employee) on the results of previous calculations.
  9. If there is a difference between the results of count No. 12 and No. 15, it is shown in column No. 18 “payment”.

The article discussed in detail the 70 account "payments to employees for remuneration”. Knowing his features, the young professionals will be able to correctly perform the required financial transactions.

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