The rating of reliability of banks: what has changed?


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The Rankings, which you can see the most reliable banking institutions are upgraded every quarter. There is nothing strange, as you must be aware of the latest changes taking place in the banks. These ratings can become crucial factor when choosing a particular financial institution.

Ratings of banking institutions

the Rating of reliability of banksIf you compare the third quarter from the fourth, the rating of reliability of banks practically did not change. Leading positions «Sberbank», «the country», «VTB”, “ROSBANK”, «agricultural Bank», etc. All of these facilities are able to provide a full range of services. In addition, it should be noted that the Bank began to pay more attention to those customers that are corporate.

Services provided by the banking system, primarily the most dynamic sectors of the economic sphere, namely small and medium business. It should be noted that every year the number of interesting proposals for such customers is increasing more and more. Recently in the medium and small business there has been a growth trend and we can safely say that these varieties of entrepreneurship started to develop.

The Changes that has undergone the rating of reliability of banks compared with the third quarter relate to the appearance of new favorable terms offered to corporate customers. Enterprises in the country, which will cooperate with banks, you can go to other tariffs with maximum efficiency, especially for your business.

the rating of reliability of banks of Russia 2014To choose a particular Bank, it is necessary to review all the options available and to assess the benefits of cooperation. Do not forget about integrated service, about how it can be useful. It is necessary to consider in more detail the reliability rating of banks of Russia in 2014.

The Largest banking institutions of Russia

Sberbank today is considered the largest Bank of our country and CIS countries. It arose in the early 21st century. Today «Sberbank» is a partner, whose reliability is not in doubt. Branches are available in all cities of Russia. In addition, this banking institution is available in China, Germany and India. All addresses can be found on the main information portal of the Bank. «Sberbank» carries out the work with absolutely all types of customers. Corporate clients are offered investment, credit, cash management, consulting and financial services.

the Rating of reliability of banks of Ukraine 2014One of the leading institutions, which for several years does not leave the rating of reliability of banks, VTB is the. It was organized in 1990. To use the services of the Bank on the territory of 20 countries of the world. On the Russian market, VTB group is in second position in the ranking. Work is carried out mainly with corporate clients. The Bank also can offer a comprehensive solution for all entrepreneurs.

The Unique structure of “Gazprombank”

If we talk about the degree of diversification, the «Gazprombank” is considered an institution with a unique structure. The basis of this structure is one of the largest banks in our country. Customer service is carried out under the guidance of professionals with high qualifications. They know all the nuances of the Bank's activities, and therefore operate with maximum efficiency. Corporate clients are offered services, which you can use to simplify their financial matters. The Bank cooperates with secondary and small businesses. In addition, among the customers of this financial institution, there are those businesses that are able to boast multi-billion dollar.

Activities «Alfa Bank»

soundness of banks

Launched back in 1990, «Alfa Bank» managed fairly quickly to get to the rating of reliability of banks. It is a universal institution because it is able to provide its clients all kinds of financial services. But it should be noted that the main activity of the Bank is cooperation with corporate clients. «Alfa Bank» is able to Finance the business. It should also be noted that the Bank has the largest branch network not only in Russia but also in CIS countries. On the main portal of the Bank it is possible to learnaddresses of all branches.

Changes in the Ukrainian ranking

the Rating of reliability of banks of Ukraine 2014In that moment, when Ukraine left Western banks, has changed the entire financial sector. All the money of the population concentrated only in the domestic Russian financial institutions. Ceased its activities in the country of the British, German, Czech, Dutch, Korean and Swedish banks. All these changes have had a strong impact on the reliability rating of Ukrainian banks. 2014 was marked by the fact that some financial institutions have soared in the leading position. For example, in fourth place is "Creditagricole", which previously held only 16 position. The second place took off, "Raiffeisen Bank Aval". The third position is occupied by "Ukreximbank". In the first place is the state "Oschadbank."

Other banks included in the rating, provide all the necessary services

The Above banking system are the main. They are most prevalent in the cities of Russia and in other countries. But there are still a large number of different banks whose reliability is also not in doubt. They are able to provide a list of services for corporate clients and individuals. In addition, they can provide a comprehensive service and support of entrepreneurship. Some banks spetsializiruyutsya more on the development of rural economy. Accordingly, they participate in those state programs that are associated with this sphere of activity.

All the banks that are represented in the ranking, is able to provide a complete list of services and all necessary software, by using which you can simplify the cooperation with small and medium business. In addition, Bank employees are constantly working on creating new services to attract more number of customers in different categories.

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