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Many abbreviations are multivalued, their interpretation depends on the context of use. An example of this is the abbreviation OOS. Let's look at its values, and identifying the transcripts - both common and obscure.

Deciphering abbreviations OOS

Today there are four importance of reducing OOS:

  • Official national website of "Public procurement".
  • Reverse the negative chain of electronics.
  • Feature-oriented scanning (in scanning probe microscopy the so-called method of measuring the topography of a surface).
  • Environmental Protection.

We Now turn to the parsed values.


In the field of environmental protection are measures aimed at reducing the negative impact humans have on the environment. These include:

  • Limiting the amount of waste.
  • The Creation of national parks, nature reserves and parks to preserve natural systems.
  • The Ban on hunting, fishing.
  • Limitation of emissions into the hydrosphere and atmosphere with the aim of improving the overall environmental situation.

FOS is the protection of land, protection of soils. These include the entire complex of agronomic, institutional, economic, reclamation, technical, economic, legal measures aimed at eliminating and preventing processes that degrade land condition. It is also a struggle against cases of violation of the right of operation of land.

OOS: deciphering abbreviations

Forest guard - is also an integral part of environmental protection. Activists fight against fires, concentrated fellings, plant diseases, windblown, pollution of forests, the use of individual selection selection, which impoverishes the species diversity of trees.


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Environmental protection measures

When developing such a complex of events responsible professionals should:

  • To Perform relevant standards and regulations.
  • To Define the parameters of sanitary-protective zone.
  • To Assess the magnitude of risk of harm.
  • To Make the forecast of development of emergency and its consequences.
  • Measure radiation, noise, discharge of harmful chemical substances.
  • Calculate the volume of formation of gaseous, liquid and solid waste.
  • To Determine the adverse factors in the activities of the entity, the company can harm the nature.
  • In conclusion, make a big set of measures for the protection of the environment, which will also include alternative solutions.

FOS is and eliminate the threat. For example:

  • The transition to the new fuel, which is particularly fewer emissions.
  • Using the new or the improvement of old equipment.
  • Installation of waste recycling system.
  • Introduction powerful systems of decontamination, cleaning, disposal.
  • Organization of complex secondary processing.
  • Set the locking and control systems, special sensors, and so on.
    How to decipher the abbreviation OOS

Project for the protection of the environment

The Organization of environmental protection at the company is the following:

  • Protection of the atmosphere (the air environment).
  • Competent use of land resources, mineral resources, soil cover.
  • Rational exploitation of water resources. Protection of aquatic resources.
  • Events on the placement of hazardous waste and their disposal.
  • Protection of flora and fauna.
  • Measures to protect the population from the negative factors of production - physical impact, noise and so on.
  • Other measures that protect the environment and humans.
  • Minimize the risk of accidents.

The Project's environmental venture, in addition, also contains detailed graphical part, which includes:

  • Situational plan a certain area with the boundaries of the sanitary protection zone.
  • A map with the limits of environmental risk.
  • Schematic map showing locations of rare plants and places of residence of animals in the red book.
  • A Diagram showing the boundaries of possible environmental pollution due to accidents, improper business activities.
  • Tables with the calculations.

This part of the project is based on topographical and General plans, memoranda, project of engineering networks, assess the impact of the facility on the environment and so on.

Official all-Russian site

FOS is the official resource of the Unified information system in procurement. In other words, the procurement website. Tenders (public procurement) tender form publication orders for the execution of works, rendering of services, delivery of goods for state or municipal institutions under certain terms and volumes. Competition here should be based on three principles: efficiency, fairness and competitiveness.

environmental enterprise

The result is a contract with the supplier who offered the best conditions for municipal (public) companies. Thus, public procurement is to satisfy the needs of the state in a wide range of works, services and goods. The practice of tendering beneficial effect both on the economy and on business development.

Today a member of public procurement can be both legal and physical (SP) face. The procedure regulates the Federal law №44 "On contract system in the sphere of rendering of services, acquisition of goods, execution of works for municipal and state needs".

Types of public procurement on OOS

According to the mentioned law No. 44 all public procurements can be found on the resource OOS. Also he is the source for all other sites, informants in this field.

Look at the types of public procurement:

1. Non-competitive - from a single vendor without tenders.

2. Competitive:

  • Open: an electronic auction, request for proposals, request for quotations, open tender, tender with limited participation, competition in two phases.
  • Closed: a closed competition, closed auction, the 2-stage closed competition, restricted competition is closed.
the Organization of environmental protection

Major criteria for the placement of public procurement

All auctions are held through the EP must meet the following criteria:

  • Equally fair to the parties - all providers observed equal rights, equal access to information, equal chances of participation in the contest.
  • Transparent, open process - the customer is obliged to inform on tendering on EP, and other media.
  • Economical use of taxpayers ' money.
  • Liability - only accountability. In particular, a detailed justification of the fact why the winner chosen is the person. Controls the process of the FAS. For conspiracy and the contractor and customer are responsible.
environmental protection measures

So we understand what does the acronym OOS. In Russian language it has 4 values. The most common for today - the protection of the environment and the all-Russian official site (or the website of public procurement).

Article in other languages:

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ZH: https://tostpost.com/zh/finance/25832-oos---what-is-it-deciphering-abbreviations.html

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