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The savings Bank of Russia – this is perhaps the most popular financial institution in the banking system. And the reason for such state of Affairs with the public trust. In addition, the majority of public service work through service in the savings Bank. Pensions, benefits, scholarships – this is only a small part of income, trust this financial institution. Most able-bodied citizens receives his payment for the work through the savings Bank. And what to speak about the contributions that people carry in the reporting institution for safekeeping and interest? Thanks to this confidence and high demand, the savings Bank is constantly improving its range of products for individuals and organizations. One of the new products listed gold credit card of Sberbank. Terms of use it provides to the holder a privilege. In addition, the product has a number of advantages.
gold credit card of Sberbank of terms of use

Quick feature

The gold card standard, but its design is different from the normal instance of its colors. Plastic-gold color. The front side contains all the standard information: card number, holder's name and time of the action.

Of all of the products offered by different banks, one of the most notable is considered the gold credit card of Sberbank of Russia. Terms of use it clear. The interest on the debt amount varies from 17 to 23. Accounts main currency is the Russian ruble.

This credit card to anyone a person just can't do that. It belongs to the category of premium class. The holder of this card – a regular customer, have earned the trust of the savings Bank, having high social status. At least for him and reduced the annual interest on the loan amount, it is still every year have to make a payment for the service card in the amount of three thousand rubles. The time this product is installed «Sberbank» for three years.


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gold credit card of Sberbank of Russia interest

Kinds of cards

The product in question is fairly new. But already today it is clear that gold credit card of Sberbank of Russia (the reviews of which mostly only positive) is becoming popular and almost an indispensable attribute of everyday life. The financial institution offers five types of credit cards in this privileged series:

  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • Aeroflot gold Visa.
  • “MTS MasterCard”.
  • Gold “gift of life” Visa.

Sberbank offers two classic maps. One-payment loan of the services of the airline «Aeroflot». Second – co-branded card with the mobile operator MTS.

The Product of "give life" is a unique offer with a charitable slant. Such a map does not produce more than one Bank. The purpose of introducing this product – not just a luxury consumer loans, but grants and funding of the charitable Foundation. On his account shall be transferred 50% of the amount for maintenance and 0.3% of the amount of each purchase.

gold credit card of Sberbank of use terms grace period

Benefits for the holder

Become a holder of the product in question may not every borrower. To obtain a put forward specific requirements. Significant financial prospects await those who will get a gold credit card of Sberbank. The advantages are obvious.

  1. Product Visa easy to pay for goods and services in any foreign country. Also quite easy to make payments on the Internet.
  2. With these credit cards you can withdraw cash at any ATM not only the savings Bank, and other financial institutions on the territory of Russia and abroad.
  3. When calculating a gold credit card at partner stores of Sberbank (and other outlets) are significant discounts and bonuses.
  4. Permanent, complying with all conditions to card a secured revolving limit on the amount of the loan from 15 to 600 thousand rubles.
  5. Product allows you to check the transactions online.
  6. The Map is equipped with connectivity to the billing systems via the Internet to PayPal.

Fixed issue

Regular customers, who cooperate with the organization in good faith and have financial provision in the accounts in considerable amounts, often offered a gold credit card of Sberbank. Conditions of use of this product do not seem to have significant differences from the operation of the other proposals. But also they give the card holder a number of privileges.

Most Often for credit card, the customer goes to the Bank yourself. Application should be submitted at the nearest branch of the savings Bank or on its website. On the issue of the card shall be considered within two days.

Personal offer savings can make holders of payroll cards and debit accounts, the depositors and the borrowers, except for customers having other credit cards. Usually the offer you receive in the form of a phone call or e-mail notification. You can go on their own initiative in the nearest structural unit and ask if you have qualified for a gold credit cardSberbank. Reviews have reported that the offer to become its owner, together with the limit amount displayed on the ATM screen.

gold credit card of Sberbank reviews

Basic requirements

To obtain the Golden card in the savings Bank need to know about the mandatory requirements for the borrower. This:

  • The presence of permanent registration in the territory of the Bank, and the citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • Account age limit (not less than 21 years and not more than 65 years);
  • Total work experience of one year.

There are additional requirements which will be communicated at the place of registration cards. In accordance with the borrower all of the selection criteria and the presence of favorable factors such as positive history and the presence of the contribution at the request of the client is issued a gold credit card of Sberbank of Russia. Conditions for its issuance depend on the internal rules of the organization. This also applies to use of the product.

gold credit card of Sberbank of Russia reviews

Gold credit card of Sberbank: conditions of use the grace period

This issue of interest to clients in the first place. Among the many products special is gold credit card of Sberbank. Terms of this offer are considered to give the holder certain privileges. All of this creates unobtrusive him the status of client premium.

On the issue of repayment, you need to know to make payments best cash at ATMs or cash desks of the savings Bank. Today there is another payment option – through the online system.

The Grace period, i.e. the time when no interest on the offer amount is 50 days. However, it should be noted that this period does not apply to the return received via the ATM money. If it is not possible to return all used cards to the limit, you have to make certain parts. A one-time payment shall not be less than 5% of the total amount.

It is best to be aware of the conditions of debt repayment if you received the gold credit card “Sberbank of Russia». The interest on the card can be charged not only under contract but also for breach of the terms of payment. They will be 36% per annum.

gold credit card of Sberbank of benefits

Practical application the card

Having been a gold card, can be daily safe to use the product in various situations:

  • To pay for meals in restaurants and cafés (especially in partners of the Bank, which you can get a discount of up to 20%);
  • To pay the bills for utilities;
  • To pay for the services of many organizations that have established their offices in the terminal;
  • To repay debts for medical, repair services, etc.;
  • To pay for travel documents.

gold credit card of Sberbank of Russia terms


To assess the premium advantages of a gold card it would be best to compare its characteristics with similar products at other institutions.

Alpha Bank offers annual interest of 18 to 33. While the grace period on cards from that institution is 60–100 days. Maximum limit-the amount of 300 000 rubles. And payment of annual maintenance varies from 1500 to 3000 rubles.

VTB 24 has a clear interest rate under the loan at 22 %. The maximum amount for the cash – 600 000 rubles, and the grace period is 50 days. Service credit card «VTB 24”, the client will cost from 2000 to 3500 rubles.

Raiffeisenbank offers an interest on such credit card from 24 to 27. The maximum amount – 600 000 rubles, and the payment of annual maintenance will cost the customer in the amount from 1,500 to 28,000.

Summing up, I would like to mention that many citizens appreciated the advantages of a product such as a gold credit card of Sberbank. Terms of this offer allow you to make best purchases in stores both at home and in other countries. Moreover, the card has a feature – is not provided payment for annual maintenance.

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