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Drugs "APIs" are homeopathic drugs. The basis of their is the extract of honey bees. Currently, several varieties of medicines "APIs". APIs homeopathyHomeopathy includes candles “APIs-Plus" drops "APIs comp” and a combined form of drops and injections “APIs Homaccord”.

Impact body

The Drug causes in the human body the same reaction as a bee sting. It causes signs of swelling, redness, swelling and pain when touched. Like other homeopathic medicines, medicine "APIs" used in micro-doses for the treatment of various ailments. During treatment, you experience symptoms that are inherent to the action of the undiluted drug. When using the "APIs" homeopathy aims at treating skin pathologies, inflammation of the throat, swelling of different etiology, diseases of the genitourinary system.


Despite the drug "APIs" of homeopathy in some cases, however, prohibits the use of the drug. Do not use the funds to the people having hypersensitivity and allergies to bee products.APIs homeopathy instruction

Medicine "APIs": homeopathy. Instruction and readings

Homeopathic remedies are “APIs" it is recommended to use in different types of edema, including lips, tongue, throat and genitals. Well help medication angina heal rashes and skin lesions. The drug is prescribed to relieve edematous tumors. The tool is used for the treatment of dropsy and pleurisy; it is indicated when synovitis with painful symptoms in the joints. In some cases medication is prescribed for signs of meningitis. Drug “APIs 6” homeopathy, instructions for use recommended for use when problems with the bladder and kidneys. In this group of diseases include inflammation, diseases of the ovaries, incontinence, occurrence in bile of the small specks of blood. In addition to these pathologies, a drug prescribed for the affected eye, damage the cornea, scrofulous ophthalmia, detachment of the retina. Kinds of means "APIs" also help to get rid of most acute pain, which resemble the stings of bees or penetration of the needle.APIs 6 homeopathy instruction the Symptoms of these diseases are also characterized by changing locations, appearing in one or in another place.

Dosing “APIs”

Homeopathy for the treatment provides a meager dosage of medication. The specific amount of the drug is determined by the doctor. So, for the treatment of ocular pathologies and swelling need the thirtieth dilution of medication. For inflammation of the bladder some experts recommend the sixth dilution of the drug.

To assign means "APIs"

Homeopathy clearly defines the circle of patients, which should help the treatment. Tool to people who complain of frequent urge for stool or diarrhea is common. Shown the medication is a female half, at which menses occur with heavy bleeding or pain symptoms, as well as in cases of miscarriage at the third or fourth month of pregnancy. The main category of patients, which recommended the acceptance of the medication are children and women.

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