The benefits and harms of Hematogen - truth or myth?


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The Benefits and harms of Hematogen

Do your kids Love Hematogen? Think you love. And we parents happily buy it. After all, it's useful! We still have our moms said it, and to them by their mom… And was told that it is made of bear blood. It was a pity to tears bears, but candy is still eaten without a trace.

the benefits and harms of HematogenLet's see what the benefits and harms of Hematogen, whether he is unconditionally desired by all, without exception? And what really made this delicious product?

She began to produce in the 30-ies of the last century. Then it was a life-saving product, as most of the population suffered from anemia due to poor nutrition, disease and other calamities. Hematogen made (and make now) from dried blood of cattle. The blood was processed by special technology to preserve the iron. Then added the syrup or honey, condensed milk, and cooked sweet tiles, somewhat similar in taste to butterscotch.

Currently, many specialists disagree about what the benefits and harms of Hematogen.

Some doctors prescribe it to their patients as a nutritional Supplement, while others believe that this product not only useful but also harmful.

Separately, Let's talk about the pros and cons of useful Hematogen

Use of Hematogen

This bar contains large amounts of iron, and this is a definite plus of the product. As iron, which can absorb our body, found exclusively in proteins. And if we get it enough from other products, there are all sorts of disturbances in the body associated with anemia. This sleep disorder, lethargy, frequent colds, prolonged recovery, loss of hair and splitting nails. In this case, the benefits of this bar are undeniable, as the iron contained in it is able to stimulate the formation of red blood cells and, accordingly, to increase the level of hemoglobin.


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Also Hematogen rich in vitamins, amino acids, fats and essential carbohydrates that are close to the composition of our blood. So it will fit as a substitute of traditional sweets and delicious, and there are benefits.

So far this product is used in the treatment of rickets in children. About the benefits of Hematogen, we talked, now let's focus on the dangers of this sweet medicine.

Dangers of Hematogen

She is forbidden to use for people suffering from diabetes and obesity as it contains large amounts of sugar and easily digestible carbohydrates. Also, do not eat it people who are prone to allergies. Prolonged consumption of the extract can cause stomach upset. Besides, it is very caloric, which should be considered for people with a sick pancreas.

Do Not give children or eat themselves whole tile bars: use iron in excess can also cause some disturbances in the body. Be sure to read the user manual.Hematogen calories

Nutritional value




354 Kcal

The whites

6 g




75,7 gr

In this article we have discussed what the benefits and harms of Hematogen. Eat it for health, but do not forget that too many are not.

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