Gonorrhea: symptoms and treatment productive


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Gonorrhea in the vernacular is called gonorrhea. The symptoms of this disease not only cause the patient a lot of inconvenience and require timely medical assistance.

So characterizes gonorrhea sexually transmitted disease caused by the activity of the microbe of gonorrhea, which affects the mucous membranes of the genitourinary system. If we talk about the method of transmission is transmitted most often this pathology is sexually transmitted, but there is also a contact infection through household items, although this phenomenon is extremely rare due to the instability of gonococci in the external environment. In some clinical pictures of persons unaware of the presence of endemic diseases, having a strong immunity to gonorrhea, but this does not mean that it is not a source of infection.

Gonorrhea, the symptoms of which begin to appear after a couple of days in the affected body, needs timely treatment. Before curing, it is necessary to diagnose the disease. The incubation period in the female body continues from 5 to 10 days, while a man – from 2 to 5 days. After this period symptoms of gonorrhea become obvious.

If we talk about the male body, then the patient first experiencing sensations of heat, itching, and burning in the region of the penis, which especially intensified during urination. It's also possible sticking and redness of its external opening. Also in the early stage of the disease is accompanied by mild discharge from the urethra mostly gray. However, after a few days begins to rapidly progress the clap, symptoms of which are already causing great anxiety. So, once scarce, the discharge becomes more abundant and takes on a thick consistency and a greenish tint, and at night can occur painful erection. It is also necessary to mention the fact that the absence of timely treatment, can complicate the disease and lead to his chronic, which can trigger the development of diseases such as gonorrheal arthritis.

If to speak about the female body, the gonorrhea and its symptoms in most clinical pictures are invisible. So, purulent vaginal discharge, burning and itching in the perineum, cutting pain and frequent urge urination quickly and quietly disappear, and due to the lack of anxiety symptoms substantially increases the risk of chronic disease gonorrhea. The symptoms are practically not be concerned about a woman that contributes to the rising purulent lesions of the female reproductive organs. This pathological process is accompanied by the appearance of adhesions, resulting in fallopian tube sealed, thus becoming unsuitable for egg and sperm that leads to infertility. Accumulation of pus in the tubes causes pain in the abdomen and lower back, in addition, such pus formation is intensively absorbed into the blood, contributing to toxicity. Also break the menstrual cycle, distinguishing itself with the profusion of blood discharge and irregular arrival of the next menstruation.

In the event of suspected gonorrhea symptoms is pronounced, you should immediately contact a specialist, which through laboratory research exactly put the final diagnosis. After that, the doctor selects a special treatment, which must pass both sexual partner. It is important to understand that only a knowledgeable expert can productively eliminate the gonorrhea by intensive combination therapy, which involves the use of typical medications, including immunomodulators, as well as the performance of certain physiotherapeutic procedures.

Overall, in most cases there is a positive clinical outcome.

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