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Once in the human body, alcohol tends to be absorbed through the mucous membrane of the stomach and the intestinal wall. If the stomach is empty, absorption of alcohol occurs in about an hour. When filled with this time is doubled. Therefore, if the alcohol content in blood is the same for two people, you get drunk faster is that, which at the time of taking alcohol stomach was empty. The organs of digestion do not affect the absorption of alcohol and a full stomach at a time slows down the process. Intoxication one way or another will still come, but only a little later, and will probably be sharper.

After conducting many studies have found that if the alcohol content in the blood of the same person male and female, the effect of alcohol on the woman in this case is faster than man, and sobering, on the contrary, is much slower. The reason is that the female body contains less of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase that breaks down alcohol. Due to this blood alcohol concentration is raised.

Another important factor influencing the degree of intoxication, is the weight of the human body. The share of the blood accounts for about eight percent of total body mass. It is eighty milliliters per kilogram of weight. Therefore, the content of alcohol in the blood will have a lower percentage of people with higher body weight, assuming the same drinking a dose of alcohol.

It is believed that alcohol is – one of the ways of relaxation. For example, the driver while driving sometimes experiences various kinds of loads or stresses. Therefore, a small dose of alcohol helps the body to some extent to cope with such phenomena. With these statements is debatable. There may be both supporters and opponents of such statements. Anyway, while the allowed amount of alcohol in the blood was equal to 0.2 ppm. But with the entry into force of the new law, this figure may change.

The Rate and degree of intoxication depends on the dose consumed an alcoholic beverage, as well as its fortress. Quality alcohol also plays an important role. Carbon dioxide, for example, promotes rapid absorption into the blood of alcohol. Therefore, the faster the body will be susceptible to intoxication after drinking alcohol, which contains carbon dioxide, and even mixed with sodas.

There is a perception that the content of blood alcohol after drinking beer is negligible, therefore the drink can be consumed while driving. For people who can afford such a statement, it should be noted that one liter of beer contains as much alcohol as one hundred grams of vodka or four hundred grams of wine. And beer pernicious influences on the body than other alcohol. And in General, higher doses of alcohol cause the body irreparable harm. Even if you dilute an alcoholic beverage, such as water, the amount of alcohol in the blood is reduced by this, and his influence will remain the same on the brain and body in General.

The Release of blood from the dose of alcohol occurs by its oxidation. Ninety percent of the alcohol removes the liver. The remaining share falls on the kidneys, lungs, sweat glands. Deeply mistaken people who claim that the process of alcohol elimination from the body can be affected by drinking strong coffee or tea, a cold shower or fresh air. To free the body from alcohol takes time.

By the Way, some harmless products can also increase the level of alcohol in the human body. These include chocolate, over-ripe bananas and oranges, cakes, juices, which long time were out of the refrigerator.

Ironically, non-alcoholic beer is at the forefront of this list. Therefore, when buying goods, you should carefully examine the label. If it even in small quantities alcohol is specified, then the purchase should be abandoned, and drivers this applies in the first place.

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