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Almost every preschool in the fall held any sales fairs, exhibitions, competitions or just the autumn holidays, which kids and their parents are asked to bring autumn crafts kindergarten. Such forms of work, of course, useful in that it brought together child and parents because the child can't help himself with the manufacture of crafts, and it come to the aid of mom or dad, and sometimes grandparents. And here are a couple of workshops that will help you easily make autumn crafts for kindergarten.

DIY autumn theme

Crafts out of leaves

Autumn leaves is a favourable material for making all kinds of crafts. Collecting them brings unprecedented joy to the kids, and even adults can return to the world of childhood. During the collection you can pin children the names of trees, colors and even shape, to remember the poems about autumn and just a stroll to good use. To make autumn crafts for kindergarten from the leaves, they need to properly prepare. The proposed master-class on making a wreath from autumn leaves:

1. Different color leaves, wash and dry.

2. To smooth with the iron.

3. Of thin wire to make a ring.

4. Each piece of paper to make a hole and thread the leaves on a ring, firmly pressing them to each other.

5. Spread your wreath and decorate it with ribbons, beads, flat figures.

DIY autumn theme from vegetables

autumn crafts for kindergarten

Vegetables… That's where a real scope for the imagination! In autumn they ripen so much and they are all so beautiful that you just can't use in their works.
Autumn crafts for kindergarten can be very different: it is a farm with pigs and cows from potatoes, boats of zucchini, octopus, carrots. A pumpkin can become a mask for popular holiday “Halloween” or candlestick, and to serve as a basis for design flower meadows or basket filled with fruit, berries and flowers.

Master class manufacture crafts from pumpkins

1. The pumpkin, wash and wipe dry, cut off the stalk so that the diameter of the slice was equal to 10-15 cm

2. Pumpkin select seeds and pulp, the inner side of the handle with sandpaper until smooth.

3. Dry the pumpkin at room temperature or in the sun to speed up drying process you can fill the pumpkin with newspaper.

4. With a stencil to put on the outside of the vegetable pattern.

5. Cut a pumpkin better special tools for carving, but in their absence suitable sharp knife.

6. At the end of the product can be coated with clear varnish: this will preserve it for a longer period and give Shine.

Huge opportunities are open for those who knows the art of Carling. Using the tools remove from the middle of the pumpkin, cut out eyes and mouth patterns if not to make the mask. Inside you can insert a candle and light it. But unfortunately, autumn crafts for kindergarten, vegetables are short-lived, they deteriorate quickly, so they need to make before the festival or exhibition.

autumn crafts kindergarten

Crafts made from natural material

Autumn is not called generous, she truly gives us the material that you can use in your work that once to be surprised and sincerely thank her. In the forest Park together with the child to collect the cones of spruce and pine, acorns and chestnuts. They are perfect for decor or crafts directly for its production. Do not neglect simple branches, one can perform a large number of beautiful crafts. For example, to make autumn murals:

1. Fancy curved twig to clean of excess debris.

2. Using PVA glue to attach the branch to the sheet of cardboard.

3. On the twig to glue colorful autumn leaves.

4. Run a frame from natural materials: acorns, pine needles and so on.

Autumn crafts for kindergarten – a flight of fancy of the child and parents, and making them is an excellent pastime, which helps to bring together the whole family.

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