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Autumn leaves gives amazing shades, provides them with whimsical figures. This contributes to the awakening of creative thought. Someone wants to immediately put the pattern from the leaves of trees, others will think to turn this natural material into a colorful painting.

Frame for pictures and photos

patterns of the leaves of the trees

For her, you will need a small leaves. Walking in autumn in the yard, in the Park, in the woods, gather a few leaves of ash, alder, Linden, aspen, oak. Pay attention to fancy colored. To get in the way, they are not deformed and do not lose shape, place them between the pages of the magazine in the folder that you brought especially for this occasion.

Arriving home, put the leaves between two layers of thin fabric, iron. Then they will have the desired shape. If at first the leaves are completely dry, repeat this procedure.

Now take a photo frame, put on its edge patterns of the leaves of the trees between the glass and the cardboard surface, place in the center of the photo, and the original thing ready.

Hammer to help

the pattern of fallen leaves photo

If you want to make an original pattern of leaves, appliqué work is extraordinary. For this you also need to collect the source material. Pay attention to nepodsohshimi leaves. They can be collected in summer, at the same time taking and flowers. It can be a sheet and color acacia, lime, tear some bright field of flowers. From all this you will make the patterns of tree leaves and other natural materials.

the leaf applique

Put a thick paper on the kitchen Board, lay on it the fragments of the future work. Having them match in size, colours. A simple pencil trace the outline of each leaf. Cover with a transparent cellophane. Postukivanie lightly on each leaf with a hammer. You will see that they started to extract the juice. It will stain the plants depicted in the color you want and the result you will get a natural picture.

Then carefully with tweezers, remove the rest of the flowers and leaves and cover the resulting creation acrylic spray. Allow project to dry, after which it can be enclosed in a frame and hang the original painting in the most prominent place apartments.

Wall Mat

The Patterns of the leaves of the trees will look amazing on a textile product. For this you need to prepare the leaves, as it was narrated in the first example. Still need white and coloured fabric.

patterns of tree leaves photo

Lay out a rectangle, cut from bright fabric. Tab on him the ribbon of the brown color to make squares, each of which will be a place for a certain leaf. Prompt how to make such patterns of leaves, trees, photos.

Now stick in every cell of the leaf. In this case the fabric should be placed horizontally. Wait until the glue dries. On the reverse side put the thick colored fabric, stitch the edges of both fabrics.


It is Possible to make panels of leaves “Autumn pattern” in a slightly different way. The finished product will be more durable, it is washable.

When you braid sewn on white fabric, attach each leaf to the fabric, similar in color, for example, the oak leaves to yellow, outline, cut to shape. Thus cutting prototypes in tree leaves on brown and green fabrics. Thereafter, each workpiece is put in his cell, edged with braid. Pristrochite with serger or overlock seam. Shut down, sew a color a hard basis and patterns of autumn leaves. Pics will help to understand how this is done. This Mat not only hung on the wall as a mural, but put under his feet.

Modern features

the leaf in the band

Looks Very stylish following. You will need thick cardboard black, scarlet dye for cloth, glue and maple leaves. May they be a different size. To find these, you can collect them not only under feet, but also to tear from the trees.

After you iron iron these natural materials, lay them on waste paper, coat the red paint and allow to dry thoroughly. Accurately reverse side of the sheet with adhesive, and place it on a cardboard. Thus try to adhere to size. Small leaves are put next to each other on one side. Large can skirt the top and bottom panels. Also prompt how to make such patterns of autumn leaves, photos from ourreview.

You can make the job a little differently, taking instead a black white thick paper, maple leaves, replaced by towering mountain ash, cover them with green, brown colors. It all depends on your preferences. Then you have a favorite pattern of leaves.

The Application in the form of a hedgehog and owls

This kind of work ignite imagination in children and adults. After you bring the leaves home, let's see, maybe one of them is like a prickly hedgehog, and the other should be lightly trimmed, as it will turn into an owl.

Draw on light-colored paper kurnosau face hedgehog, outline in pencil the place where his body is. Start to glue the maple leaves sharp edges upwards, starting from the back of the animal. The next sheet, place a little lower, then another, until you reach the abdomen of a hedgehog. You got a funny little animal with original spines. Their role can perform the leaves of other trees, most importantly – place them with the edge up.

Before you make the owl also outline the contours of its head and body on paper. Stick them on small sheets to symbolize the feathers. If the leaves are large, cut them with scissors. Glue the eyes out of colored paper, and a pattern of autumn leaves in the form of an owl can be considered completed.

Other applications

pattern of autumn leaves

The Pattern of the leaves in the band has a well-defined form. This takes the paper, unfolds horizontally. Now it is necessary to draw two parallel cut along the entire length of the canvas. The distance between these lines such that the inside of the band is fit with a large leaf, such as maple.

Now we need to look at as beautifully arranged natural material. You can alternate big with small leaves, or to do otherwise, placing first large, and between them put a small. As last there may be oak, alder, towering mountain ash leaves. When all the fragments of the panels will be laid out, turn each inside out, spread glue and apply in its place.

You Can locate fragments of an application in a strict geometrical order. This scissors cut them from squares, rectangles, glue them between two drawn lines. The band may be lined with a specific pattern. Cut out leaf yellow circle, glue it and place around the leaves of mountain ash, you'll have a colorful Daisy. You can make several of these flowers. Nice to look at the pattern of leaves in a strip, made in the form of snowmen. For this you need to cut three circles of different sizes and glue them one above the other.

It is Interesting to see the works, in types of several bands. Then the entire canvas will be covered with intricate patterns.

The Transformation of mountain ash, acacia Sakura

mural autumn leaf pattern

There are other methods by which you can lay out a pattern of fallen leaves. Pics will help to figure out how to do this kind of work. Collect small fallen leaves of acacia and mountain ash. Came home, put them between the pages of a magazine or Ironing. When they're dry, you can begin to work.

On paper, black paint draw a branch of cherry blossoms, let dry. In unnecessary capacity put a bit of PVA glue, add a gouache of a red color, mix. You should get the pasta pink hue. Now you will need tweezers: gently take hold of first leaf of mountain ash or acacia, dip it in the adhesive mass. Then, attach the painted Sakura. Next to this place 3 more impromptu flower, as a result, each of them should consist of four petals. Allow project to dry.

Pattern of leaves, appliqué work on fabric, window, paper

patterns of autumn leaves photo

There are many other ideas on an autumn theme. If you have a plain t-shirt, diversify it. Attach the maple leaf on the fabric of red, yellow and brown. Cut out the contour, place the items received on the front of the shirt, pin them with safety pins. Sewn along the contour of the serger. Will help to understand how to make such patterns of tree leaves, photo. To on application was more autumn accessories out of small scraps of beige and brown colors make the acorns. Dark fabric turn into their cap. You can now try on the new clothes.

If you don't want to part with the last echoes of autumn, winter, stick dried leaves on the window glass. Then every time, out of the house to the street, you will see not only snow, but autumn picture. On glass, paper, you can put the application in the form of the Firebird. Large oval leaf will turn her body the other, smaller, position it relative to the perpendicular, isyour neck is a peacock. The third round will be the head. The peacock's tail do in the following way. First, outline it on paper, then lay out the green leaves. When they are dry, glue on top of a few sheets of yellow and red.

This bright, cheerful pattern of autumn leaves will delight in the cold season and will mentally move into the fall, filled with bright colors.

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