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For a beginner in needlework to treat yourself to hand-made clothing - not an easy task. But for those who possess certain skills to sew a dress with their hands not quite hard. But the most important is desire and creativity. These qualities will be enough to compensate for the lack of experience in this field. Also important will be the patience for a gradual and correct execution of the task.

Where to begin?

sew the dress with your own hands

If you still decided to sew a dress with his own hands, the main thing is to get the original result that is different from what can be found in stores. Often want to choose clothes to your taste and style. A specific color, pattern, fabric and style difficult to find in stores. Here it is worth considering: ‘why not create it yourself?”. Should know, without which it is impossible to sew the dress with her hands. Patterns are an essential element of this process. If you will not, then nothing happens. You'll just mess up the fabric and discourage internal desire to create something. So you need to find a suitable scheme. Where to look - is not so important, it may be, for example, different magazines. After selecting a pattern you can define and style. Dress-transformers look original and I never cease to be fashionable. They allow you to change its appearance and very comfortable to wear. Moreover, stitching dresses with their hands such feature quite simple.


Sewing a dress with your own handsThis type of dress, as already mentioned, very simple to sew yourself. The main difficulty in its manufacture is to drape. The selection of the right fabrics is also important. The material should be easy to make a graceful drape. And sew the dress with his hands of these fabrics - just pure pleasure.

Materials for sewing

  1. Patterns and various drawings.
  2. The Selected tissue.
  3. Thread to match the material and a needle.

Sew the dress with their hands must be given the high quality processing of all seams. This will depend on the appearance and neatness of the result. Untidy seams will be given immediately that the dress was not only made with your own hands, but also tried on this absolute dud. Therefore, this stage should be treated with great care. The sewing process always begins with taking measurements. The girths of the chest and belt, the distance from the bottom edge of the dress to the knee and from knee to clavicle. Dress will consist of three parts: base, belt and, of course, ties. For the main part is cut a rectangle of fabric the pattern. He then folded in half and an incision is made along the fold to put back the belt. For this, you will need to take a strip of fabric equal to the circumference of the chest. Straps you need to perform from the core material width of 1.5 cm and length 3 m. Then you try on the result in front of the mirror and adjust how to best drape folds.


dress DIY dress patterns

Dress your hands with this method is the easiest. But the most fashionable. So if you have decided on your own dress, then this method is the most optimal.

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