Pattern textile doll in natural size. Manufacturer of textile dolls: a master class


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Sometimes you want to create something extraordinary, sensual, beautiful, for example, to sew a beautiful doll. But stops a little… need pattern textile doll life size.

And this article will help handy to solve this problem. Hence, in the Treasury of the master shift pattern textile doll in natural size the technology that impressed him. And then let the imagination help to create something that will surprise and captivate all around.

These different hand-sewn dolls!

The Child learns through play. Why on earth is a textile doll. They were toys for children from poor families and were created in the most primitive technique.

But gradually the manufacture of textile dolls as a separate type of creativity found its niche in the crafts. It can even be called one of the directions in art. Today there are dolls not only for games but also for interior decoration. Used as a variant of a warmer for teapot.

fabrication of a textile doll

Now allocate Waldorf dolls, tilde, liquorologic. Technology of their production is now in the lead in the rating of tailors-puppeteers. Although in its pure form to meet a specific doll quite difficult. The methods of fabrication are intertwined, complement one another. Yes, and every artist brings to the work something of his own.

Modern-wizard can find a variety of patterns of author's textile dolls to work. Starting from the templates, it has the ability to create your own technique of making original crafts in this craft.


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Features manufacturer doll-Tilda

The Most important thing for toys made in this technique, – is a seam that runs front. Although now more and more there of dolls that are called tildes, with side seams. But taking up the work, it should be understood that the author many years ago defined the canons of the techniques that must be followed when sewing.

The Second important condition is natural fabric from which sew crafts: cotton, calico, linen, fleece, flannel. It should be uniform! Tilda – female – has a tanned body. So if you have difficulty finding fabric the right color, it can be painted in advance or after sewing using special dyes and blush, powder, slate chips, a paste of instant coffee and white glue.

how to sew a textile doll

Tony, the Creator of the first Tilda, immediately won recognition from the masters how to sew a fabric doll in this technique is very simple. “Primitive” – so often determine the creation in this style. And it does not carry a pejorative connotation. Just for making such a cute toy master is not required special skills and talent. Enough to under the arms was a doll textile pattern in full size. Of course, you will need another piece of plain fabric for the body of the toy, fabric for clothing, yarn for hair, scissors, thread, needle, patience and diligence.

Patterns for the doll tilde

Will Help to ensure that the novice master turned out the real textile doll master class. The patterns presented here should be downloaded and printed on paper. Then they cut out and begin the most crucial part of the work.

textile pattern dolls life size

First, cut out the body along with head. For this pattern, textile doll life size is superimposed on the folded in half fabric and fortified with a. Cut out parts with scissors, making the seam of 2-3 mm. Should get two symmetrical halves.

patterns copyright tekstilnih dolls

Then tailor the details of the feet and hands. The fabric is also folded in half, but tracing the pattern twice. You should get 4 parts for arms and 4 for legs.

Master class textile manufacturing dolls

Sew the details you need in pairs, folded them face inward. You can make the seams by hand. But if you manage to stitch on the machine – great! For the tilde doesn't matter how is the stitching.

textile doll master class patterns

It is Important to leave a small hole in the workpiece through which it can then turn out to be evident. Gently with a pencil to spread its billet, its stuffed with padding polyester, wool or other filler. Then sew the hole hidden seam.

Arms and legs are sewn to the body in the right places. Some trepidation impose shovchik. Then tilde will be able to bend your legs. Not only is this case much fill detail.

The face of the tilde is not very developed. Usually the master is limited to small eyes, attaching buttons or embroidering small beads or “point”. But the hair should be pay more attention – this is an important part of all of this tilde.

Waldorf doll

Most Often, tilde – interior decoration. But valdovska doll is well suited as a children's toy. And all because the face of these lovely babies-designed with more precision than is done at the tildes.

Waldorf textile doll

A Distinctive feature of these dolls-their protruding nose. Doing it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Enough first run the billet head – to make a cloth ball and tightly fill it with filler. Then on the template, attach a bead or ball is smaller – he will mimic the nose. On top of the resulting blank is placed a thin layer of batting and pulled the main fabric. It is now clear that the spout rises above the cheeks.

embroidery face valdovska dolls

The face or carefully drawn with paints or embroidered by mouline threads.

master class run fingers from textile doll

Sometimes masters pay special attention to the fingers on the legs and handles dolls. This is true for those toys, which depict babies. Will help the master to these feet was a fabric doll, a master class.

Patterns tikvarovska

And of these dolls has their own techniques of manufacturing the most important part – the head. It is cut in the shape of four to six equal parts, resembling the petal of a flower. Here are the textile pattern dolls in natural size, whose head runs from 6 items.

pattern doll tikvarovska life-size

Arms and legs are sewn in the same way as the dolls, made in different techniques. But here's the problem with that rather large head of the toy rested on a thin neck, may occur before the master. Experts advise to decision to use wooden skewers. First skewer pierce the body of the doll, bringing the sharp end of 4-5 cm above the cut on the neck. Finished then filled with filler head-pumpkin prick at the tip. For insurance you can use a couple of or even three sticks. The lower end it is best to break off and remove the waist of the chrysalis.

doll tikvarovska

Every artist needs to understand that he has every right to make their own changes to the appearance of the product. It is only thanks to the creative imagination of the authors appear in the world the new technologies of the textile dolls and developing this type of creativity.


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