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In many countries all women, regardless of their social status and age, celebrated on 8 March. And people surrounded them there are women, strive to make this day even more enjoyable. So, congratulations to husbands wives flowers, brothers, sisters - little surprises, and the kids for their mothers and grandmothers make the application for March 8 with their hands. The gifts made by yourself, deserve the greatest respect, because the child invests in his soul.

Materials and tools

Before you start making any crafts or applique to 8 March, with their hands need to collect all the necessary tools and materials. Among the main it is worth noting the need for cardboard, preferably white and color, scissors, a pencil, colored paper, standard white paper glue and napkins for wiping hands and products. If you plan to produce bulk kids crafts for March 8, in addition to these materials you will need wire or wooden skewers for flower stems, green tape, plastic cups yellow and red colors, corrugated paper multiple colors-green, brown, yellow, red, purple.

appliques for March 8 with their hands

Of Course, use all these materials the child will not, but it is important that they be at hand in case he wants to make some crafts for a gift to my mother.

“8” DIY: template

Since we are talking about different applications, cards and other crafts that are preparing children for their mothers, grandmothers and aunts as a gift on March 8, no template for making the main figures of the festival is simply not enough. For this purpose it is best to use ordinary cardboard, and then trace the artwork with the contour, putting on a colored paper, directly during manufacture of the applique to 8 March. Templates eights don't have to be in the hands of each child, their quite a few on the group.


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To make “8” need to fold the cardboard in half, on one side from the edge, where the curve, draw a half digits, which must consist of external and internal contour. Next, cut out the pattern and flatten it. Thus, you get eight, which will facilitate further the work of children during manufacture of an application for March 8 with their hands. Already cut out of colored paper in the middle of the figure eight can be tied with ribbon, ready to hack look more interesting. This figure can be glued on a card, and a vase of flowers, and many other crafts on March 8.

applique to 8 March templates

Daisies for cards

Chamomile – this is one of the most delicate and beautiful flowers, which is why they are ideal for making applique to 8 March. Templates for a child is not difficult to do, because every kid saw this flower.

For the manufacture of flower will need a white sheet of paper, folded in half, draw a flower with lots of petals long and narrow, it is important that they do not touch. Then cut the Daisy in shape, having two blanks. These daisies will need five, preferably of different sizes.

Folding postcard 8 March

When applied on a postcard daisies will need to put each other to give the flower volume. In this case, more original will be ready to applique to 8 March. The card also requires eight, cut from bright paper on the above described template, 5 yellow circles for the formation of the center flowers and 5 leaves cut from green paper.

applique to 8 March postcard

Next, a sheet of colored cardboard should be folded in half, upper part of the stick in a figure eight around her from all sides, covering it a bit, chamomile, and it already leaves. To make the card look more interesting, follows the edge of the center and leaves a little to nadsech scissors.

Three-dimensional collage out of paper

Due To the fact that in early spring, yet all the beds in our latitudes, the “grey”, an excellent choice may be the application «March 8" paper presented voluminous flowers. To do this, from the colored two-sided sheets need to cut a lot of petals, round at the top and tapered at the bottom. Similarly it should look and leaves, only for their production, use green paper. For stems you need to twist the flagella of corrugated paper.

Each flower should consist of 5 petals. In order to make them look voluminous, each of them should be folded in the middle at the base and glue, and then place in the appropriate order on the basis of and stick. The middle of the flowers draws the contrasting paint. Stick the stems and leaves, pre-folded them similar to the petals. Here and ready to applique to 8 March! Card with volume flowers will love mother or grandmother of the child does not require too much effort.

applique March 8 from paper

Sprig of Mimosa: craft corrugated paper

A Great present for mom can be made by child applications of the corrugated paper sprig of Mimosa. This requires on the cardboard any color except green and yellow pencil to draw the contours of the branches. In order for children to be able to do it, you can show them a picture of a plant or draw it on the Board.

Further, from corrugated paper to cut three-centimeter strip of a length corresponding to the length of the drawn branches. Stripes should twist in the form of the stem. Then, each of them with one hand to spread the adhesive and to fix the contours of the drawn branches. We must start with the main, and to finish the smallest that are present in the applique to 8 March. Your hands need to cut out a paper yellow squares of size 4x4 cm that you want to shape it into balls. These will be flowers of Mimosa. Each finished ball is necessary to smear glue on one side and glue to the twig, forming composition.

applique March 8 senior group

What a Mimosa without leaves? Because then the unfinished work applications "March 8». The senior group of a kindergarten can easily cope with this task. After all, all you need is to cut the broad leaves, to make their edges notched and glued at the base of the branch. At the final stage, you need to make a frame. For this you need cardboard, a contrast as to which is the main background, colors, cut a two-centimeter strips and stick them around the perimeter of the finished pictures.

Hack on March 8: a bouquet of lilies

Children's crafts for March 8 can be represented in the form of not only flowers, glued to the base, but whole bunches placed in a vase. One of the most interesting and easy to manufacture are lilies. To get the petals of a flower, the child needs to place his hand on a white sheet of paper and a simple pencil to trace its outline and then cut. It is assumed that the bouquet consists of three flowers, respectively, these parts will need three. To obtain midway lilies follows from a yellow plastic Cup to cut out a long strip. It should be narrow in the middle and expand to the edges.

children's crafts for March 8

From green colored paper should be cut long and wide leaves. For each flower you will need 2 leaves, that is, there should be 6. To obtain the stem wire or wooden skewers should wrap teip-tape.

Folding lilies bouquet

Now, begin assembling the bouquet. At the upper end of the stem is necessary when using adhesive to fix a middle of lilies and wrapped up around her imprint her hands cut out of white paper. If you want to get lush flower, then these prints will need two. A little below the middle of the stem should be on both sides to glue the leaves. As a vase you can use a plastic Cup turned upside down. Lilies should be ready to stick to the bottom of the Cup. Thanks to this hack will be stable and will always please the eye.


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