Welcoming words for guests ' meeting at the kindergarten and at school. Welcoming words for guests at the wedding on the anniversary


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The Holidays are loved by everyone. It is a pity that adequately organize their can the unit! You need to take care about many things: food, decoration, entertainment, music and words of welcome for guests! These statements should Express the respect and gratitude that the guests visited your house. At the end of the speech, invite them to the table to enjoy a feast prepared with love.

Once a year

A birthday is the most awaited holiday of the year. The birthday boy in anticipation of gifts and good wishes. Invited also is not against to visit a fun party, especially if it is organized by the upper class. Consider the decor of the room. It can be done independently. The course will flowers, balloons, a piece of cloth. Turn on your imagination, show design skills. Make sure to prepare a welcome speech for guests at a birthday party. To pronounce them the honoree or presenter!welcoming words for guests

Hello, dear guests,

All dressed up like that!

Waiting for a long time we have, Oh, an hour,

And worried.

And the hero of the day

Waiting for you since morning.

Step right up

All sit down Comfortably

A holiday Soon we will start

Dance, sing!

Having Fun until the morning,

With us kids.

We eat and chat,

The Time to while away!

With These words, the facilitator may meet our dear guests at the door. They will feel comfortable and at ease. Try to speak it with emotions and positive tone! It is a universal welcoming words for guests. They come to the birthday of any family member, even the smallest.


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Anniversary – it's a special occasion! Usually this celebration is held pompously, in a restaurant or café. The birthday boy is worried as ever. Because the date of the circular to invite all friends, relatives and acquaintances. Be the center of attention like not all, but on this day, the celebrant will have a star of the party. Moderator will kindly greet you at the door, although this role may execute and the birthday boy! Well learn welcome speech to welcome guests at the anniversary. The main thing - not to strike in a dirt the person, to speak without hesitation and without haste.

Today is just wonderful,

On the thermometer indicator – beautiful!

Nature if alive,

After a year this day have been waiting for!

There is joy and gladness,

All mood!

And no need to explain why!

… anniversary once a year!

Five years, the event we waited for,

The Outfits and gifts picked up.

Welcome all guests!

We are pleased to see all my friends!

You turn to music, DJ,

And the master of ceremonies, let me pour the glasses and do not regret!

Have Fun,

Today say: “No” quiet!

Will prepare a great feast, carnival,

And the celebrant of the gift – a blockage!

Walk into a room, friends,

Follow you and me!

These cheerful words of welcome to the meeting guests will set the tone for the event.

words of welcome to meet guests at the jubilee

Toys, sleep, lunch

Kindergarten – this is the most wonderful place on earth. We understand it when you're working twelve hours a day and not enough time for anything. Games, sleep, delicious food and a favorite teacher – simply Paradise! Who doesn't want to get into an institution one day? Visit his various guests of the Commission sponsors, members, parents. So sometimes you just need a welcome speech for guests in kindergarten. Adult uncle and aunts will walk on groups, see the terms and condition of the room and then the guys will show them a concert.

The Honor of greeting guests, usually falls to the head of this institution. Although it can be done and talented little inhabitants of the kindergarten-children.welcoming words for guests meeting in kindergarten

Hello, long-awaited guests,

Today, We are a little strange.

They all were Nervous and worried.

Such respected people we waited for.

Dressed up to the nines

And went a little fear.

Come see

Our mansion rate.

We have fun here,

Everywhere beauty and comfort!

The Children fed and happy,

To meet the Guests always ready.

Sing and dance we will,

Compote And pour a hundred grams!

Pass in our beloved home,

It will be Good and you in it!

These words of welcome for guests in the children's garden will appeal to all without exception!

The School

The Best time in the life of every person – the school years. Friends, first love, a carefree easy life! Visit educational institutions in various instances, delegation, organization. Necessarily need to prepare a welcome speech for guests in the school. From the first minute you need to win sympathy and to accommodate them to itself. The Director welcomed the guests at the door and invites you into his abode.

“Good afternoon, dear guests! We are happy that you visited our humble temple of science! Walk through the corridors and marvel at his unforgettable childhood at least for a few hours. We have cozy, warm, the atmosphere has to visit us again! Make yourself comfortable, but the main rule is don't forget – be quiet!”

words of welcome to meet guests with bread and salt

Welcome speech for guests in the poems is also suitable to any occasion.

Today please Welcome our dear guests,

Once they came to our school, full of fresh ideas.

Share, don't be lazy, do not stay in debt!

We show in the best light school his favorite!

The School – home

Half a day we live together!

Here it is possible to develop,

Spiritual energy filled!

Pass without scruple,

This is the best thing in the world the school!

These words of welcome to the meeting guests can read high school students. And then independently came to the specified location. Thus children will show their hospitality and independence.

Ancient tradition

Since time immemorial, our dear guests were met with bread and salt! This tribute and love to the arrived visitors! The tradition has survived to this day. It's so nice to see happy faces greeting in beautiful costumes and with a fragrant loaf in his hands. Choose the girl with a sonorous voice. And be sure to prepare a welcome speech for a meeting of guests with bread and salt. Usually the way to welcome the newlyweds and their parents at the marriage ceremony, meet the ambassadors from other countries and most dear to the hearts of people!
the welcoming speech to welcome guests at school

Dear guests we meet

In his native Russian land

Bread and salt to offer you,

As the custom had told us.

The Most respected and awaited

We Present loaf

Come on, all together let's sing the song

We Greet you with joy,

A good mood

Step right up

Bread and salt help yourself!

These words of welcome to meet guests fit for any occasion. Wedding, anniversary or simply the arrival of relatives any will pleased to hear such kind words!


To Create a cell of society – a very important step. The happy couple and their parents having fun from the heart. Guests also delighted with what is happening. All in high spirits, rejoice in the loving young couple. When guests enter the room, they must meet the parents or Bridal host. Here and useful words of welcome for guests at the wedding. To hold a welcome meeting in the beautiful accessories.

A Miracle.

The Arch of love – decorated with flowers, coins, ribbons semicircle, under which guests must pass, holding hands. It symbolizes good luck, happiness and prosperity. All charged with positive energy from this action. But before to go into the hall under the arch leading speech:

“Hello, dear guests! Today is a wonderful celebration, two hearts have joined themselves in matrimony and fidelity. The Union will be strong and fruitful. We are glad to see you here and happy to invite you for smartly laid tables. Hold hands and walk behind the couples. Happiness will follow you from this moment on, every day! Look at the shining eyes of husband and wife, let's go to the hall and drink to the happiness of the young!”

words of welcome for guests in the verse

Winter wonder

Father frost, snow maiden, Snowman – favorite characters for adults and children. Everyone wants a moment to plunge in Christmas miracles. If you are throwing a corporate event or just at home waiting for relatives at the dinner table, a welcome speech for the meeting of a New year is simply necessary.welcoming words for a new year

Hello, my dear,

Frozen dear guests.

Go to a warm home

I'm good.

We are

Meat and mushrooms carcass.

Today we need to light

We sleep not to lie.

Having Fun until the morning,

I'm right, favorite relatives?

If Yes,

The Cup And miss out!

Make fun holidays more often. Let the home be full of guests all year round! Delight and surprise your loved ones and relatives, because life flies by like a moment!

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