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Tom Ford is one of the most famous designers in the world, received great experience with accessories and clothes, collaborating with the Italian fashion house "Gucci". Just a couple of years after starting work, Tom became the creative Director of the company. The works of Tom sexy and luxury, with sophisticated and refined. Angularity, sharpness, brevity of lines and impartiality of the black - the favorite motifs of Ford, who brought unprecedented success to the brand. These preferences are touched and optics, which is developed under the brand "Tom Ford". Points of its production are just as expressive as the clothes, they go to read luxury and style. And they play a truly iconic role in the fashion world.

Sunglasses "Tom Ford"

Causing collection gave rise to a new trend in the fashion world of luxury. To create optics That began in 2004 after leaving Gucci Group and proclaiming to the world about creating your own brand. Available under the brand "Tom Ford" glasses and frames, accessories, men's clothing. First eyewear collection was released in 2006.

Advertising policy

Anything that advertises "Tom Ford", glasses including, can not be attributed to ordinary things. Advertising creations is always provocative Volume, filled with eroticism on the verge of vulgarity. But the Master feels great this line is, therefore, forbidden line never transgressed, and everything he does, remains subtle. Tom creates fashion, not for the masses but for the elite and does not hide it.

tom ford sunglasses

Technology create a masterpiece from the "Tom Ford"

Glasses created for women, elegant and delicate, sometimes retro, sometimes almost causing. Mens glasses expressive and characteristic. All ingenious is simple, collection of Tom and once again prove it. Woman is beautiful and feminine, male strong and reliable. And accessories from "Tom Ford" only emphasize the best features of their respective owners.


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sunglasses tom ford

A Bit of dry facts

It would Seem that such things as technical specifications, not have to worry about a famous fashion designer. But there it was! Ford not only cares about looks, but about the convenience and health of their fans. As expected sunglasses premium sunglasses from Tom Ford have quality glass and safe rims. In these glasses comfortable to drive, they do not interfere with the review, protect on the beach or in the open sea. Due to high-quality polarizing lenses that come with each model "Tom Ford". Glasses 2013 release presented with metal and plastic frames.

tom ford sunglasses 2013

New collection

What surprised That admirers of his talent in 2013? Interestingly presented the famous model "Aviator", version Tom it has an unusual jumper on the nose in the form of intersecting arches rims. Great attention when creating the last collection is paid to the shape of the frame with an elongated area - "the Fox" or "cat's eye". This rim is released in several bright colors and in addition sun lenses, and a transparent or anti-glare imidzhevymi. Unusual creative experiments couturier and round frames, these glasses because very few people go. But thick, almost round frames are so noble that attract the attention of many fashionistas. It is impossible to ignore and play on forms, "Wayfarer", according to Tom Ford, the frame is much thinner and sleeker than we used to see, and the lens is somewhat larger.

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