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Light stubble, smooth skin or a mustache with a beard? For many men, this question remains unresolved dilemma. If in the last century men preferred to use the services of the barbers and the Barber, in the first place there is the universal technique, namely, the special razor for beards. With its help, you can gently and quickly freshen up, to tweak and even completely change the image. And things like the Soviet era as a razor, almost gone.

Man should regularly monitor their appearance

Going to work or going on a romantic date, it is very important to get in proper form as required by the elementary rules of hygiene and rules of common etiquette. Sticking out a beard, the beard or unkempt MOP of hair on the head is unlikely to appeal to others.

To your appearance was always impeccable, you will need a razor for beard, unless of course the hair grow profusely on his chin.razor for beards

Fashion beard

Today, men prefer to have facial hair. The form and length of its range. In other words, fashion a beard – is strictly individual. However, it should be noted that among the representatives of the weaker sex popular beard type "caret”, “square” and the so-called "skipper" (English). However, the vegetation on the face – is such a thing of which not a sin and to experiment.


Noteworthy is the fact that currently, some hairdressing salons are practicing the use of a tool such as a straight razor. It should be mentioned that we are talking about models with replaceable blades.


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Shaving the subject of hygiene has its benefits, and the most basic is that the risk of infection is minimal – the blades are replaced after each procedure. One way or another, but many men say that the best choice – it is a safe razor, because then the probability of injury is reduced to zero.straight razor

Selection Criteria

Of Course, today's buyer's eyes run from the abundance and diversity of razors designed to shave beards. There are models that work on battery and plugged in. Each certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Tools “male” hygiene differ in functionality: the presence of the floating heads, the speed, the slope of the teeth. Of course, modern man needs a safety razor equipped with several additional accessories.

Today, a huge number of men buy a special trimmer for grooming a beard, which visually resembles an ordinary comb. Again, the manufacturers offer a wide selection of the above products: there are models with rare and common knives, small teeth for a moustache, a few combs for beard and so on. In General, the popularity not only of men's razors, and trimmers for beard – everyone chooses what he likes.safe razor

Convenience and comfort

The Modern models of such tools is to provide maximum comfort and ease of use. Today it is difficult to imagine that the razor for the beard will not have the special compartment for collecting hairs, which is automatically cleared.

Choosing a particular product, it is necessary to focus attention on the case. It should be of a stylish design, be ergonomic to use, to provide an exceptionally comfortable shave. Do not be lazy to take in hand the device to assess whether it is easy.

Ask the seller to turn it on to check how noisy it is working. Also note that razor for beards should not slide in your hand. Also remember that to make shaving more quality help option of backlight. All of the above nuances is very important.Best shaver

The stiffness of the bristle has a value

There is another criterion to consider, choosing men's razor. We are talking about the stiffness and density of hair. If they are soft, fluffy and pliable, it is best to purchase the model that the discharge is below universal. The winner of tough, unruly and thick vegetation on the chin it's better to get a universal trimmer. It is possible not only to shave hair and to trim the mustache length, but also to eliminate vegetation at the temples, and to make pots. It is a mistake to think that the best razor – is a product of the promoted brands. However, you should not make a choice in favor of a no-name brand. In the first case, you overpay for the name, but in the second you may have difficulty with the warranty and service.beard trimmer

Most Popular models

One way or another, but most men made a rating of the most popular models of the means to care for a beard. Consider a few of them.

Today is a very popular beard trimmer with the name of Braun Cruzer 5 Beard & Head. However, it is designed not only to remove the vegetation on the chin, but also to simulate the hair on the head.The device works like a battery (lasts for 2 hours) and from the network. A special indicator signals the owner about the charge level of the battery. The head is perfectly cleaned under running water. Included is a replaceable nozzle, which can adjust the length of the hair on the chin (from 1 to 10 mm.). Is the above tool is 2,000 rubles.men's razors

A large number of representatives of the weaker sex prefers the model of Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+. This is a very powerful device, which is able to function in Autonomous mode for at least 4 hours. The kit consists of 22 accessories designed for the comfortable cutting the beard in a variety of stylistic solutions. The price of this model is about 2900 rubles.

It Should be noted clipper Panasonic ER-GB40, which includes two dozen nozzles, which allows to adjust the length (from 1 to 10 mm.). The kit also includes a special brush to clean the blades. The cost of this model is an average of 2,000 rubles.

In the list of credit rating is a universal machine 1574-0051 Moser, who works both from batteries and from the network. It has 7 controllers length (from 1 to 20 mm). Bilateral knives made of stainless material. Offline model can operate about 1.5 hours. In addition, there is the option of display, battery and wet cleaning. The model is 3000 rubles.beard trimmer

Well, recently developed an innovative apparatus for the care of the beard BEARDTRIMMER Series 9000 from a reputable manufacturer-Philips. This waterproof model has a unique laser guidance system, allowing you to accurately capture what a particular should to remove unwanted vegetation, thereby achieving precise symmetry line mustache and beard. Sharp knives safely located, during operation, they are tuned independently. The kit also includes a compact case in which to conveniently store the device. The price of the model varies from 5 to 6 thousand rubles.

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