A toast on the anniversary of the man. 60 years is the best age!


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Everyone waits for his birthday with a sinking heart. Gifts, fun, noisy company and delicious food – the key to a good holiday! But no celebration is complete without toast. Every guest wants to Express their birthday greetings and warm attitude towards him. A toast on the anniversary of man say usually quite dry and with a bit of humor. But women pick up exquisite words, more tender and sentimental. But whatever was toast, the main thing is the sincere and kind words.

The Word material

The Toast was said by the ancient people. But then the ritual seemed a little different. In the glass, which was raised by the speaker before to speak, was water. He was charged with this liquid in your own words, energy. Many years later, the water was replaced with alcohol, but the purpose of the toast is not changed. That wished the man was usually true. A toast – is a powerful message, setting. So you need to think carefully about every word before you raise a glass. Toast in verse appeared relatively recently and has gained immense popularity. As soon as you start to sound like rhymes, it becomes clear that people were prepared in advance. A toast is nice to hear the birthday boy and guests.toast on the anniversary of man 60

Important – not to get lost

To make a toast – a must for every guest. Giving a gift, be sure to say a few words. But not all people are eloquent. Yes, and shyness takes over. Confused thoughts in my head, some of us begin to falter, jump from one to another. A toast on the anniversary of the man of 60 years need to think in advance, not to be in funny situations. There is a way not to get in an awkward position. You can burn your toast to a beautiful card and with expression to read at the table. The birthday boy will remain a memory this is a work of art, and pozdravitel will be pleased. But there is a category of people who love to make toasts. They just don't stop. All necessary measure, so one or two of congratulations will be enough.toast to the anniversary


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Kind words

Not so easy to pick up the toast on the anniversary of the man. 60 years – a great age retirement begins a new phase in life. Tranquility, vacation, travel, favorite country. Some members of this age plunge headlong into the upbringing of grandchildren. So much to need a whole lot!

You are now a total of 60,

The Man just snapped!

I raise my glass

With me and the whole room.

For the grandchildren and the wealth they drank,

For growth in career, Finance,

For longevity, for the bucks.

What to wish you, I don't know

From the life everyone wants his

I wish you good luck,

That was a lot and all!toast to the celebrant 60

If there is no desire to read the poem, you can pick up the words that are coming from the heart:

  • "Some believe that life ends 60. This is absolutely not true. Every year people are getting smarter, gaining confidence, making progress. Let's drink to our hero of the day made it all 60 times."
  • "I raise this glass of dry wine for sweet jubilee! Let your life be as sweet, but not dry! As eventful and exciting as the wine!"
  • "my Dear friend, in your life has everything you can dream of. Family, wealth, home. I wish you to preserve them and grow! Because not everyone in life have to face such happiness. Keep it all and don't get old!"

Such toast on the anniversary of the suitable and best friend, and colleague, and brother.

Wishes and instructions

An Adult male is usually nothing to be desired. 60 years in humans, as a rule, have a family, wealth, housing and a car. Of course, there are exceptions, but most men of this age already has all of the above. Wishing for health – it's corny. Better to pick a neutral wishes and toast to the celebrant. 60 years – it's just mid-life.a toast in verse

In the snowy lands they say: “10,000 km – it's not the distance of 100 deer – it's not a herd, 50 degrees – it's not frost, for 60 years – not age. It is really so! Even in 60 years, we are naive and believe in miracles. Stay the same person she is in the shower 18 year old boyfriend!”

Collective holiday book

Festival – it is a day of surprises! Arrange with you in advance and prepare a collective toast. Learn each stitch and chain say a few nice words to the birthday boy. Get something like small scenes. All guests will be involved, and the hero of the occasion this greeting will be doubly pleased. Pick up a simple toast on the anniversary of a man 60 years old, better if it will be poetry. So everyone quickly remember one line.

Happy birthday we congratulate you!

Rang the bell sixty,

The years medal of honour

At your powerful chest glisten.

Never mind that whiskey silver glitter

The Spirit of youth and full of vengeance.

We Congratulate you all cordially,

Respect your entire family!toast on the anniversary of man 60

Be Sure to prepare your toast in advance, and if you want to add something else, do not skimp on the words. It is so important to hearyour holiday is warm, sincere words.

Let the sound perfect toast on the anniversary of a man, 60 years old – this is the beginning of a new, exciting life!

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