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Autumn ball, fair, festival, and just concerts - favorite events held in all educational institutions. It's simple: the children tell poems and receive gifts, and the school discos and competitions for the best cake or outfit. These boring scenarios fall holiday tired after all the celebrations are held from year to year according to the same scheme. Time to move on to a modern story that will surprise not only parents and kindergarten staff, but also children themselves!the script fall holiday


Parents probably are tired of long awkward verses their little Chad, which had to learn a few treasured lines of a few weeks. Our scenario of the autumn holiday is not made up of complex actions, which often drives young children into confusion. And it really is very difficult to explain to a child why you need to be sure to learn the verse through tears and resentment.

  • First, this celebration will be entirely devoted to children, not their parents. The main objective of the scenario of the autumn festival in the garden - leave a good impression and amuse kids, so you need to delight them light competitions and symbolic awards.
  • Secondly, children will have the opportunity to Express themselves, but they will not be ashamed, because their parents will still be able to see the fun kids in the hall.
  • Third, to improve the mood of children, the fall festival they will be waiting for a pleasant surprise! Imagine how the child will be happy, if you meet the vibrant character of the beloved cartoon.

The Beginning of the celebration

On the scene two educators, well-dressed. First, the Golden and wonderful Autumn, a bright makeup and decorated with leaves dress. The second buffoon, dressed in a Russian folk costume (pants and shirt-type trousers, cap askew, in the hands of the lute). The scenario of the autumn holiday action takes place in the auditorium. In front of the stage apart chairs, on which sit the parents and waiting for the appearance of their children.the script of the children's autumn holiday


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The Main feature of the scenario of the autumn holiday in kindergarten that involved all the kids that were dressed up in themed costumes, learned songs and dances. But we're not a standard event, so this script is very simple, but fun!

Welcome and opening celebrations

According to the scenario of the autumn festival, the minstrel runs out on stage and looks around in search of autumn.

  • Clown: "the Golden Autumn has come! This is your time! Where are you then, my beauty?!".
  • Autumn (stretching lazily goes on stage): "I awoke, only the forces already there. Tell me, doofus, why are you so dressed up?".
  • Clown: "I am, dear autumn, you came to meet. Soon guests descend, it is time to prepare and time no, no!".
  • Autumn: "And what month? Not really September? Really, because that's praise coming, and I'm absolutely not ready!".the script of the autumn festival in the garden

The Audience hears the sound of knocking, and the buffoon immediately suited to the Fall, and then sends it to the output.

  • Clown: "Quick get ready, and I while our guests amuse begin!".

As soon As Autumn is hiding behind the scenes, on stage the kids run in and loudly praise Golden time: "Hurrah! Autumn has arrived! Yay! Yay! Cheers."

First contest

According to the script of the children's autumn festival, a summer-camp gathers the children in a row and then announces that the holiday begins. To Fall quickly came to us and gave the heat all participants have to pass several tests.

  • Task number 1. Buffoon says that Autumn is beautiful and delicate, so it needs to protect. She is reborn in bright colors, like the Phoenix bird and Winter will soon swallow her up. Facilitator needs volunteers to prove his strength and skill. Selects a few participants-boys and then asks his assistants to bring a small plastic arrows with rubber tips. The main task is to throw an arrow as far as possible so that it fell into the basin.
  • Task number 2. this test will involve girls. They have to say, what Autumn is beautiful and as they were waiting for her. To this end, each girl was given the microphone and ask, what is for her the autumn period.

Autumn meets with children

The Modern scenario of the autumn holiday in kindergarten includes the creative work of all participants. So coming on the scene of a beautiful Autumn in fancy dress, which is decorated with a huge number of multi-colored petals.

  • Autumn: "My little and wonderful guests! Waiting for me? (the jester helps the crowd with the words "waited and waited!") I see their brave defenders, and beautiful girls. Thanks to you I long to be able to give the heat of the sun. That's why I brought the paint and glue. Help me to create a huge picture that will scare away the cold and harsh winter?".

The Children nod their head, buffoon is happy and claps his hands. Assistants bring to the stage a huge white drawing paper, brushes and cups of water. Autumn explains the rules, where kids need to create a bright collage using not only paint, but also leaves.the script of the autumn holiday in kindergarten modern

  • Clown: "But where do we get the leaves? Trees then no!".
  • Autumn: "Look at my dress! I like the tree. Kids, dig in! Carefully take one sheet of paper and attach to the picture. I want you to help?".

Autumn takes a few leaves, suitable for drawing paper, draw the contours of a female face and sticks accessory to a place where was supposed to be a gorgeous Golden curls.

Unexpected surprise

Children will definitely be delighted when they feast comes to their favorite characters. The main task of the animators - a fun and perky run on stage to the music, to say Hello to all participants, and then to teach them how to dance the autumn dance. Hero stands up front and asks kids to repeat after him and other animators to go in the crowd and tell you how to clap.autumn festival in the older group script

The buffoon and Autumn dance together, forcing parents to play along with the fun. In the end, the animators do not go and report that will remain with young kids a little more and if anyone wants, you can make pictures.

Features of the in the older group

In this group usually there are kids 5-6 years old. Therefore, they can be given more complex tasks and to organize challenging contests. To make the celebration fun and modern, kids have to unite in a single command.

  • Task number 1. The scenario of the autumn holiday in the older group includes several fun activities on the theme of autumn. For example, all children come to the basket and pick out unusual items (pot, spoon, plate, book, plastic bottle). Let the kids concert to the music, pretending to be real musicians in the orchestra.
  • Task number 2. Divide the children into two teams. On stage, you need to set small pots with water and put clean apples. Kids should take turns to come and mouth to try to catch the fruit, without using his hands. For security purposes, you can use a simple basket and put the apples without using water. The winner is the team that was able to pull teeth more fruit.the script of the autumn holiday in kindergarten

Features of the preparatory group

You Can create an interesting scenario of the autumn holiday in the preparatory group, after all, there are kids 6-7 years. They already understand the requirements of teachers and more disciplined, therefore, to carry out their activities - a pleasure. Besides adults, children are less shy and more curious, and any tasks they will perform with a special interest.autumn festival in the preparatory group script

A Competition "Fashion house"

All children Need to divide into several small groups and distribute one basket. Their contents are absolutely identical - will present a toilet paper, scarves, colored tape, paper and a few additional accessories. The main task for a few minutes to make a unique costume that will surprise Autumn. When the bell rings, all participants choose the right things from the basket and begin to create a fashionable image. They can make a mummy, sailor, grandmother. It all depends on their imagination and creative impulse. All winners will receive prizes.

Autumn festival can be an unforgettable celebration, because what kind of event you'll be such a riot of colors and interesting contests? Parents play an important role and can book the entertainment, to choose interesting gifts and choose unique costumes.

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