What is the best entertainment in Yekaterinburg for children?


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Founded in 1723, Ekaterinburg is at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, in the middle of the Ural mountains. It is home to almost half a million people and almost most of them – children. City officials and businessmen organized the city has many interesting places to stay kids.

Adventure Park

Among the many already popular places, there is a new – adventure rope Park for children in Yekaterinburg. The amazing diversity of rope-ladders, I wonder interlocking rope attracts every day more and more children, and, oddly enough, their parents.

The Park's Organizers have prepared various wooden obstacles, bridges and other tricks. There are even trails for the kids with three years (of course, with parental supervision).

Time to complete each intricate routes can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a half hour. Experienced instructors will advise a route according to the strength of the child. Parents are excited about the new Park: children, particularly active and restless, put your energy into interesting exercise. It develops the muscles, the vestibular apparatus, patience and endurance.

In addition, the Park is located in a clean natural area, equipped with safety systems. Facing route give special helmets.


A Favorite summer fun for kids big city – water Park “sacred”. A wonderful active holiday for the entire family.

entertainment in Yekaterinburg for kidsThe Park offers great slides and extreme, and calm for small children. Around the pools there are areas with mandatory children's menu, cold beverages and ice cream.


For ten years, the city opened a modern shopping center called "Greenwich" (Yekaterinburg). Entertainment for children is amazing. While parents go shopping, the guys can deal with very important things. For example, to visit the ‘Fantasised”. It is located on the third floor "Greenwich" of the centre and is open every day from 10 am to 10 PM. Organizers are calling the ‘Fantasised” interactive city of professions for children from two years to 14. It is completely unique.


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entertainment for children in YekaterinburgCame to this Park, be the inhabitants of the magical mystery of the city, they are given a passport, and they start a “work”, getting acquainted with different professions (such as wizards, bakers, mages, builders, etc). In addition, they are making money – “Fantini” and participate in magical events of the city.

The Main idea of the Park – having fun – learn! Parents can also visit the magical city but only to enjoy the architecture and lively activity “citizens”. There is a relaxation area with free wi-fi and room the magician (Museum of technology of the future).

“Heroes Park”

Other amusement Park in the Mall «Greenwich” called “Heroes Park”. It is a place of extreme experiences. And the rest in both children and adults. The organizers of the Park offer two packages of entertainment: for children 2 to 7 years and for adults from 8 to 99 years. Also here are available by special request to organize a child's birthday or school party.

Guests can visit the attractions (many of them unique to Russia), to experience the beauty of free fall on the hill-the slider (height 6 m), to intricate rope route, climbing on the climbing wall, jump on the trampoline with the rotating blades. For very young children have a special educational area with toys series U-kids.


There is an interesting entertainment in Yekaterinburg for children and adults at various exhibition venues. Children's photo schools and Studio exhibit their work in the salon GM Photo. Inquisitive children love to attend events offered by the nature Museum (a branch of the Sverdlovsk regional local lore Museum). These shows are designed for children of school and preschool age.

Often organized the exhibition dedicated to the holidays or themed days. Often these exhibitions raise social issues, for example, the problems of children-orphans or for the protection of nature, or a kind treatment of animals, etc. Work at exhibitions (crafts, paintings, embroidery, etc.) expose kids too. Older students in awe of the Patriotic exhibitions and expositions on robotics or the future of the cosmos.


There are eerie activities for children in Yekaterinburg? For example, the Maze of fear and Mirror maze. This is the place for the whole family. Both the Park and cheerful, and unusually fascinating. In premises with a specially designed illuminated mirrors are. Concave and convex. You can enter the Park easily, but to go out… Puzzles that you must solve, and mirrors, iskazuje reality, constantly knocked off the right path.


Entertainment for children in a completely different direction – interactive theatre. The actors decided to erase all boundaries between audience and stage. Every guest of the theatre can at times be an actor and participate in the show. These programs offer the holidays or performances, which are created by the audience who came-the children. Adults may be excited to watch.

Laser Tag

Entertainment in Yekaterinburg for kids who love movies from the fiction orfantasy, too. And if the child likes sports and all sorts of “shooter”, he just need to visit the laser tag. It came up with another George Carter III, inspired by the famous film by George Lucas. The tag rule is the same: to combat the enemy shot from a laser weapon. The fight is completely safe for “warriors” as it is located on issued gear sensors detect the beam.

The Fighting may take place in the arena or outdoors in the fresh air. You can fight the families because it is to their liking as a child and an adult.

Each Lacertae Ekaterinburg sure to have the paintball. These entertainments are available at the club “Safari”, laser tag arena «Portal-66”, the Paintball club “Dynamite" Educational centre "T-Game”, “Resident” and many others.

The Children of Yekaterinburg love to visit the numerous skating rinks. “iceberg" of carnival-skating rink, seasonal ice rinks, ‘snowflake" of the rinks in the centre of the “Mega” and the Park of culture and leisure. V. V. Mayakovsky. Those that operate year-round, maintain a comfortable inside temperature and provide instructor services for the training of skating.

HAPPYLON Jungle Park

The Best entertainment for children in Yekaterinburg for the weekend – it has long been a favorite of all amusement parks. Little kids and younger students call parents for a ride on the Children's railway in the Park.

entertainment in Yekaterinburg for children and adultsAn Interesting offer for the weekend - HAPPYLON Jungle Park In the shopping center «rainbow Park”. It offers a variety of attractions for guests of all ages, over hundreds of videosimulator and slot machines. Break from entertainment in the restaurant, which is famous for fine cuisine and special menus for children. HAPPYLON JunglePark offers the services of entertainers and entertainment for parties, birthdays and other festivities.

What is the entertainment in Yekaterinburg for children? It is a mysterious world of mysteries and adventures. It is another part of the Jungle Parka. It is possible to extremely fly, crawl on the neck of a 12-foot giraffe, ride the vines. You can try yourself in “wild races” or “Safari”.

The Little explorers and tourists enjoy climbing the high-rise complex labyrinth called the ‘jungle’.

entertainment for children in Yekaterinburg for the weekendThere are parks for children sports orientation. Such as the amusement Park "Five stars" of the Park wonders “Galileo”, “Sporter”, SPORTIVNO-DOSUGOVYJJ CENTR Nextbal and others. In any of them, you can always ride the Ferris Wheel, roller coaster and racing cars. You can wander around in the maze, ride on the rope ladders and meet a funny clown.

What is the entertainment in Yekaterinburg for children? For example, you can visit the Museum of radio named after A. S. Popov and the Planetarium. He has a wonderful equipment with a complex system of projection of the night sky and constellations. In the Planetarium frequently hosts scientific conferences, and lectures on space, astronomy and geography.

Greenwich Ekaterinburg fun for kidsYounger Children are happy to visually get acquainted with the structure of the celestial sphere, constellations, satellites and comets. The dome shows the movement of planets in our galaxy, the annual rotation of the Earth, meteors, eclipses, and even the Aurora.


And of course, a favorite entertainment in Yekaterinburg for children – circus "harlequin". It is always bright show program, always a treat. On views, fun clowns, show serious scenes with trained birds and animals. Fascinating rooms aerialists, surprise acrobats and strongmen. In the arena all clever, strong and brave, the room is always surprised, happy and laughing.

The circus Honors the traditions of its genre. It regularly hosts art festivals, parades, pageants, and theater and concert programs. Almost always, these activities included the numbers of tightrope walkers, acrobats, musical eccentrics, MIME and interludes.

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