29 weeks pregnant: what happens with the baby and mom


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Started on 29 week of pregnancy. As the obstetric period is counted from the beginning of the first days of menstruation, is actually your embryonic period of pregnancy is 27 weeks. Given that obstetric month is 28 days prior to delivery 3 months left. Your kid is actively preparing for the birth. What changes will the woman at the 29th week of pregnancy and that happens with a toddler will tell you in the article below. We will also discuss the possible risks and share tips.

Fetal Development at 29 week of pregnancy

The Kid already has everything he needs for life outside the womb. He is now actively growing and strengthening. In size it is comparable to a small cabbage. Growth — 38-40 cm, and weight — about 1100-1250 grams. The shocks are becoming painful - improve muscle tissue and ligaments. Turning somersaults in the womb, as before, he can not, but kicks and elbow strikes are becoming more noticeable.

A Small body is already able to control the temperature of the body is the formation of a special subcutaneous fat is involved in thermoregulation. The immune system is working properly, and the blood of the baby has a stable structure.

Every day in the child's stomach through the mouth and nose enter the amniotic fluid and the kidneys remove up to 500 ml of urine. The digestive tract of the child is ready to digest real food.

Your child at 29 weeks pregnant is not only able to hear sounds, recognize the tastes and light, but also to focus on something. Hard to believe, but the baby at this period is learning to visually focus.


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With each passing day it is becoming more like a newborn, the skin becomes smoother and lighter, gradually disappears, lanugo. The genitals are perfectly formed, and you probably already know the sex of the baby.

29 week of pregnancy what happens

Feeling the expectant mother

The Expectant mother begins to feel that on 29 week of pregnancy changes occur in the movements of the fetus. Now he is not doing on its head and back, and more is in one position. That's just due to the fact that the arms and legs of the baby is well enough, and the tremors become more noticeable.

The Baby continues to grow and with it grows and the uterus, are all more pressing on the diaphragm and other organs. A pregnant woman is enhanced by the heartburn, bloating and constipation. Sometimes it may seem that not enough oxygen. Mom's heart has to work harder and can lead to increased perspiration.

It is Known that on the 29th week of pregnancy there is a shift of the center of gravity, so there is a possibility of a fall and dislocation. And against the background of low blood pressure and hemoglobin level it is possible dizziness and fainting, be careful.

Every day more and more difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep. Proper sleep is now necessary, as never before, so if you can't get comfortable, need to purchase a special pillow for pregnant women.

What pain are possible on the week 29

With the growth of the abdomen increases the load on feet, lower back, sacrum. There is still the most challenging 3 months, but my belly will only grow, so gentle treat yourself, follow the correct posture and if you haven't already, it's probably time to start wearing the brace.

In General, pain can have various causes some discomfort associated with the physiology of the pregnant woman, others require immediate treatment. For example, pregnant women often get sick and leg cramps, it is due to lack of calcium. And when there is insufficient hemoglobin or reduced pressure are frequent headaches. If the time to pass all the tests, monitor the pressure and adjust your diet, you can easily avoid such kind of problems.

But in cases when it hurts the back and loins, or painful urination, you should notify your doctor. The same applies to pain during defecation. Painful bowel movements is fraught with inflammation and prolapsed hemorrhoid.

On the 29th week of pregnancy, the body begins to prepare for the upcoming birth. Gradually diverge pelvic bones that can cause the woman unpleasant and even painful sensations. But if there is pain in the lower abdomen accompanied by vaginal bleeding — it's a reason to be suspicious and to ask for help.

29 week of pregnancy what happens to mom

What happens to the mother is 29 weeks pregnant

Most important, what is happening now with my mother it was something in her stomach growing child and, therefore, stretched and the skin on it. It is for this reason you may experience itching and burning in this area. In order to prevent the appearance of unsightly stretch marks now consider the hydration of the skin. In addition, the pharmacies can purchase a special cream designed for this purpose. But still the best way at all times is considered to be ordinary olive oil, it does not cause allergies and does not contain “chemistry”.

The Belly at 29 weeks pregnant vengeance rests on the ribs, and the center of gravity increasingly moved here. It seems huge and interferes with sleep, but that's not its maximum size. Many mothers come to the 29th week of pregnancy to the memory of the past difficulties.

Sometimes you may feel weak rhythmic jolts, they're more like wince —this hiccup. The baby swallows a small amount of amniotic fluid that was causing him hiccups. It is not dangerous and passes quickly.

belly at 29 weeks pregnant


By the end of week 29 of pregnancy the uterus rises above the navel on 8-10cm is large and heavy uterus with the baby inside continue to put pressure on all internal organs. Urge to the toilet become increasingly, more than half of all pregnant women at this time suffer from constipation. Do not underestimate such a delicate issue ahead of you waiting for delivery, which can cause a prolapsed hemorrhoid. So now take steps to alleviate the condition.

This week, a pregnant woman may feel some contractions of the uterus. If the discomfort does not cause serious pain and disappears after rest, not to worry — this is a training bout. That is, the uterus is actively preparing for the upcoming birth. But remember: the training bout different from the present painlessness and short duration. If the pain is increasing, and the interval between them is reduced, this may already be the real fight and should immediately arrive to the hospital.


Ideally, the allocation of the 29th week of pregnancy should be generous without color and smell, that is no different from last week. If you change the consistency, color or odor better to hand over a smear on flora and timely initiation of treatment. When you need to sound the alarm:

  • Selection of steel cheesy, lumps of mucus;
  • A peculiar smell;
  • If the discharge is green, gray, yellow colors;
  • There are streaks of blood or completely spotting;
  • The presence of pus.

It Should be noted that the most alarming signal for you should serve it spotting. It could signal the beginning of placental abruption. However, if you notice blood stains on underwear, it's possible that it's a symptom of hemorrhoids.

On 29 week of pregnancy can occur vaginal discharge, but discharge from the Breasts. In any case, don't squeeze the colostrum. If its too much, enough to wipe or slightly wet.


Perhaps this week you often have to pay a visit to the doctor. Techniques the clinic now occur 2 times a month. As usual, before the entrance to the office you have to be ready for the usual blood and urine tests. The midwife will make standard measurements of your abdomen, measure the weight and pressure.

At this time additional tests are appointed only on the testimony. And now, with 30 weeks you will have to repeat all the experts and pass all the necessary tests.

If the above allocations is likely, the gynecologist will direct you to additional ULTRASONIC examination and tests for infections.

29 week pregnancy photo


During the normal course of pregnancy, fetal ultrasonography at the 29th week of pregnancy is not assigned. In cases where there are risks or the doctor has reason, he may order further investigation. For example, if there is a threat of premature birth and you need to put the pessary, a necessary diagnosis of the cervical canal.

If the kid don't mind, you can see the sex of the baby. On the 29th week, all genitals are well formed and are clearly visible on the monitor. Also uzist will assess the motor activity of the fetus, location and check heart rates.

pregnancy 29 weeks development


You can completely abandon artificial vitamins, if you to eat properly and adequately. To say that the diet should be no colored drinks, fast food, a lot of fat, and must be present vegetables and fruits, I think, makes no sense. Everybody knows that during pregnancy you need to eat only healthy food.

Another thing is that on the 29th week of pregnancy on the development of the muscle tissue and bones of the baby from the mother's body takes in a huge amount of protein and calcium. If you for some reason do not eat meat or do not accept dairy products, try to compensate for the loss of plant food.

For the prevention and treatment of constipation should eat fiber, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. If you have become concerned about heartburn, eat small portions and exclude from the menu fried food.

Try to completely eliminate or at least greatly reduce the amount of salt. As you know, it contributes to the accumulation of water in the body, leading to edema.


To Control your weight you need throughout pregnancy, but especially in the third trimester. If until today you were happy that you've gained quite a bit, and some even managed not to get better, starting with the third trimester, your weight will skyrocket. The fact is that before the baby was formed organs, and now he can only grow and gain weight.

Sometimes pregnant women to raise the hemoglobin level or pressure are addicted to chocolate. Such high-calorie foods will not save you from anemia, but it certainly will lead to weight gain.

the fetus at 29 weeks of gestation


Sex life is prohibited when placenta previa, cervical incompetence, multiple pregnancy and other pathologies. If pregnancy proceeds without complications, sex on the 29th week is allowed. But you need to choose the most comfortable posture in which no pressure on the stomach. Despite the fact that the sex on the 29th week not contraindicated, is still not necessary to experiment, and at the slightest discomfort it is better to refuse from sexual life until a more favorable time.

Preterm birth

To the da for another 11 weeks, but birth can occur at any time. From premature birth no one is immune, and the reasons are many. According to statistics, 7% of all pregnancies end in premature birth. In addition, the artificial delivery at 29 weeks pregnant sometimes the only way to save the baby and mother. This need to know.

The Baby appeared on 29 week of pregnancy, are able to survive. Of course, only when skilled care and availability of modern equipment for nursing. Therefore, when the threat should be possible to extend the time of stay of the child in the womb.

The Factors that increase the risk of preterm birth:

  • Stressful situations at work and in the family;
  • Physical labor
  • Too young, or Vice versa Mature age of the pregnant woman;
  • Severe chronic disease of the expectant mother;
  • Placenta previa;
  • Anatomic defects of the uterus;
  • RH-conflict pregnancy.
29 week of pregnancy what happens to the kid

Helpful tips

Even if there is no threat of premature birth or any other deviations, the following tips will help significantly ease the condition and to deliver trouble-free pregnancy:

  1. Use special bandage which will support the abdomen and relieve back pain and lower back pain.
  2. Self-treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy is very dangerous. Leave it to the doctor.
  3. If you have varicose veins wear compression stockings.
  4. Fully review your diet. The menu should be more fiber, calcium and protein.
  5. Courses expectant mothers, you can learn a lot.
  6. Helps heartburn meals in small portions. If it doesn't pass, you don't need to tolerate it, ask your doctor to recommend a safe medication.

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