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The Birth of a baby brings a fireworks display early unfamiliar sensations of unbridled happiness and overwhelming tenderness. But along with that come and excitement, experiences. One of the problems is dacryocystitis or obstruction of the tear ducts in children. How to spot the disease and to help the newborn?

tear ducts in infants massage

The Causes of obstruction of the lacrimal canal

Nature has thought through every detail of the birth of the fetus, its development and emergence into the light. In the womb the tear duct baby is overlapped by a special thin film. It is necessary to protect the eyes from infections that may enter with the amniotic fluid. At the time of birth the child's first breath and cry tears through the film. And eyes begin to function normally. But it happens that the film remains. In this case doctors say that closed tear ducts in newborns. Massage in these situations is the most effective way to fix the problem. In addition, dacryocystitis may develop after birth as a result of injury, chronic diseases of the nose. Also the tear ducts may not function due to improper structure of the skull bones. But in these cases massage will be powerless.

massage the tear ducts in newborns

When to prescribe massage?

The Clinical picture in obstruction of the tear ducts is very similar to conjunctivitis. Therefore, doctors often first prescribe treatment for the disease. And only when it does not help, consider the option of obstruction. The baby fester eyes, eyelashes stick together. The impression that the eyes are constantly full of tears. In such cases, the toddler needed help. Massage the tear ducts in newborns should begin as soon as it becomes clear that medications do not help the situation at all. With it, the film will break, and the eye will cease to fester.


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How to massage the tear ducts in newborns?

The First phase of massage – preparation. You need to clean eyes. For this you will need a cotton swab, tablet “Furatsilina” or brewed chamomile. The procedure is simple. To start with you some chamomile or dissolve the capsule in warm boiled water. Moistened swab, carefully lead the eye towards the nose. Keep these simple movements, yet will not remove all the pus. You can then perform the procedure itself. How to massage the tear ducts in newborns with their hands, tell the ophthalmologist. As manipulation performed 5-7 times a day, mom and baby need to go to the hospital, if the parents want to entrust this mission to an experienced doctor.

how to massage the tear ducts in newborns

Massage Technique

It is most Convenient to massage your index fingers. First you need to find the seal at the base of the optic on and put your fingers just below. Spend a few times phalanges from the nose to the eye. It may get a little pus. This point is very important, as it allows you to clear the tear duct. Then change tactics and from the base of the eyes, slide your fingers along the nose down. Helps to see how to massage the tear ducts of the newborn, photos. One of them is shown below.

The movement of the fingers should be pointing downward nose. So is the lacrimal canal is inside. A little down along the wall of the external organ of respiration, it connects with the nasal passage. The diagnosis is made by an ophthalmologist after he inspected the tear ducts in newborns. The massage is prescribed in the first place. Ask him several times to show the technique. Try to perform the movement under his supervision. Feel free to be interested in all the nuances. It is very important to do everything correctly. Then the massage will be effective, and you will be able to avoid probing the tear ducts. Most importantly, not to hurry and to remember that to achieve a positive result quite difficult. You need to be patient.

how to massage the tear ducts in newborns with their hands

The Purpose of manipulation

Massage the tear ducts in newborns is required in order to remove the film inside. But to fully understand how to perform the procedure, you need to know some facts about the structure of the eye and functions of its components. So, lacrimal duct originates at the base of the sight. It passes down the wall of the nose and is connected with its cavity. Eyes are constantly moistened and cleansed with tears. Thus the visual organ, the tear goes along with the dirt by the lacrimal canal. But with no way out, it builds up. The objective of the massage is not only to penetrate the film, but also to facilitate the child's condition, until it happens.

how to massage the tear ducts newborn photo

Why not help the drops?

Unfortunately, many doctors do not notice problems. And time after time prescribed drops. What happens in this case? Drops clean a clogged mud channel, the antibiotic kills germs and comes "imaginary being”. Or in other words, it seems that the eye was cured. But since the channel is still closed, after a time again there is discharge. The parents appeal again to the ophthalmologist. The doctor laments the inattention of adults, their alleged wrong techniquethe manipulation. And again assigns drops. Constantly clean the symptoms and the cause of the disease remains.

Helpful tips

Massage of the tear ducts when dacryocystitis in newborns requires a special approach because of the number of features kids:

  1. Movement needs to be clear and strong enough, but at the same time careful. Remember that kids nose still no dice. In its place, just the wishbone. We must act carefully so as not to damage it.
  2. Don't be scared crying child. The procedure is not painful, just discomfort. Besides, while crying to break the film may be even easier due to the tension in the nasal passages.
  3. Be careful when cleansing the eyes. The kid shakes his head, and you accidentally put pus into the ear or eye health, which would entail new problems.
  4. When growing up, the child is more difficult to tolerate the procedure.
  5. If the effect is not observed within one month, remain closed tear ducts in newborns, massage useless. And continue it makes no sense. You should seek help from a doctor, who will prescribe sensing.

What is probing of the tear ducts?

When the massage and treatment drops do not help, start talking about the need for sensing. This procedure is much better tolerated by children up to three months, as they spent most of the day sleeping. The older children start to become anxious, nervous at the sight of strangers, etc. Very often parents are putting off surgery for fear that the baby will be hurt, the operation will cause him psychological trauma. But in fact the procedure takes only a few minutes.

The Baby swaddled so he couldn't have pushed the doctor's hand. Then to the eye drop 0.5% of the ‘Alchain”. It is necessary for local anesthesia. Next, place the probe in the channel. Film inside is broken. And begin to function normally tear ducts in a newborn. Massage is no longer needed, but once a month doctors are advised to monitor the baby's eyes and clean them. Assigned mandatory antibiotic therapy.

massage of the tear ducts when dacryocystitis in newborns

What consequences can be after probing of the lacrimal canal?

Immediately after the sensing, dacryocystitis, children have normal functioning of the eye. He no longer tear and not swells. Some days may still be present scanty purulent discharge. The worst thing that can happen to a child – crying. Doctors perform the procedure without the presence of parents, so the baby could get scared. But the baby back to the mother, he immediately calms down.

Is it Worth doing the sensing?

Doctors always give adults a month to think about after discovering that clogged tear ducts in newborns. Massage can always help, but do not experiment longer than necessary time. Don't forget that in the lacrimal canal is going pus. This indicates the reproduction of dangerous bacteria. The lacrimal canal is in close proximity to the brain. So dacryocystitis should be considered quite a serious disease. There is absolutely no reason to be afraid of the sounding. Surgery will only relieve baby's discomfort and parents – from the constant unrest.

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