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With age one becomes Mature and wise. But it was during this period of his life, he needs good attention to family, in recognition of his usefulness and in the expressions of love and appreciation. Too bad they don't always have a family, enough time and consideration to Express my gratitude to the most expensive ones – by his grandparents. And especially to raise in the eyes of society the wise of our priority “old”, the government declared a holiday - Day of elderly people.

And if someone suddenly asked: “the day of elderly people how many?”, even the kid he will answer: “Day – October 1,!” Because today, this holiday is celebrated throughout the country. In institutions for beloved grandma and grandpa are preparing tea party with a concert, in clubs there are special holiday feast, and district administrations allocate individual gifts to pensioners and greeting cards.

But do these expressions of attention comparable to those which our cute "ancestors" of the expect from his family in day of the elderly person? So let's try to give them a real triumph!

Is also very exciting home party “Our favorite" when, in addition to the holiday table and grandparents are some great humorous surprises and real good gifts. For example, it is good to arrange the newspaper in which you want beautifully to place the photo. It is recommended to use like those pictures, where the most senior names imprinted founders of the young and beautiful and last. Be sure to use pictures where taken the crucial moments of life of older people.  you Can also make your pictures interesting captions with humorous or romantic-nostalgic notes.

Next Day the older person involves an Amateur concert. One can begin with touching performances of the youngest-grandchildren. Well, if the number is written specifically for certain grandparents. You can use converted the well-known song. For example, here is the song «My neighbor” of the young grandmothers sang Edita, for new words.


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The Hymn our grandfather, family President, the head of the family, Generalissimo and simple – the finest of all men on Earth!

I Boast that it is not necessary

We solve a problem like Maria

And the family are all very happy,

We have the best grandfather!

It for the grandchildren no regrets

No warmth, no kindness,

Prigolubit and regret

And fulfill all the dreams.

Make a submarine with his grandson,

Losing his granddaughter in the movie.

Maybe archery

Let the Bubbles out the window.

In swimming, wrestling - grandfather the best,

The wins he always

The competition - no better!

And sings like Dzhigurda.

The Math is solved

We “keys” to anything.

He writes fairy tales –

This time he spit.

The Grandfather of our very talented

Much Like the grandfather we

And today, that's for sure

Want to Give flowers!

May there always Be healthy,

All the illnesses will say: “No!”

And let live for a long time

Our “family President”!

It – the head of our family,

Wound itself into their heads!

Grandfather called proudly:

“Our Generalissimo!”

Of Course, you can also learn and sing those who arranged the celebration. Good poetry is extremely decorate the day of the elderly person, as well as collections of recordings of popular songs about parental love and the love of children to their parents and grandparents. Some actively use media to congratulate – it also affects seniors the most positive effect.

An Important aspect of the celebration is a tribute to the relatives of the gift. The choice of the surprise should be approached with the utmost seriousness. Is to arrange everything in advance, remember what exactly are the dreams of grandma and grandpa. You may even have to develop a financial plan with all the other relatives to purchase the desired item for your beloved family.

And let this day be one of the best days of the elderly. Let him help become a mother dearer and establish rapport.

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